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Global security manufacturer, Gallagher has announced the introduction of a new team that’s poised to service the growing market in Sweden and the surrounding Nordic countries. 

As a global security pioneer, trusted to protect sites in 138 countries, and with over 13,000 customers worldwide, creating a team in Sweden was a logical choice for Gallagher due to the parallels between the UK and Sweden’s business cultures and the country’s adoption of cutting-edge cyber technology.

New Swedish team

Synergies across the vertical alignment of Gallagher’s established business in the UK and the business opportunities for the company in Sweden also played a role in the decision, with key focuses on critical national infrastructure, military, and complex environments.

The new team, led by Håkan Björkman and including Daniel Groth (Technical Account Manager) and Johan Reich (Business Development Manager), are experts in the Nordic market for access control, perimeter, and intruder detection solutions, and are tasked with building lasting partnerships for Gallagher across Sweden and the Nordic region. 

Cyber resilience, operational continuity

Gallagher is in a position to solve business problems to meet the concerns of companies throughout mainland Europe"

Regarding expanding Gallagher’s on-the-ground support in Europe, Gallagher’s Regional Manager for the United Kingdom and Europe, Richard Huison said, “We are delighted to welcome this new team of highly experienced individuals to grow the Gallagher brand throughout the Nordics."

He adds, “Gallagher is in a very strong position to solve business problems to meet the needs and concerns of many companies that operate throughout mainland Europe. Cyber resilience and maintaining operational continuity are key to protecting what matters most, whether with energy generation or manufacturing."

Security system supplier

Richard Huison continues, “We are excited to see our European journey start with a team and country that mirrors our values, culture, and appetite for growth and success.” 

Gallagher Country Manager for Sweden, Hakan Bjorkman said, “My colleagues and I are thrilled to become Gallagher’s team in Sweden and the Nordics. Coming from a Swedish security industry background, each of us recognised that Gallagher was more than just another security system supplier."  

Unique features

Gallagher’s product portfolio offers features the market demands and it’s also impressive to witness the company’s culture"

Hakan Bjorkman adds, “Not only does Gallagher’s product portfolio feel unique and offer the features the market demands, but it’s also impressive to witness the company’s culture, the respect extended to everyone no matter whether they are an employee, channel partner, or end customer."

He continues, "Everyone is welcomed and valued in team Gallagher. We look forward to representing Gallagher in Sweden.” 

Business value and brand reputation

Hakan Bjorkman has over 25 years of experience in the security industry and has a background in building relationships with some of the biggest organisations in Sweden.

Johan Reich and Daniel Groth join Hakan Bjorkman in creating a strong channel and consultant network, capitalising on Gallagher's vertical market strength in critical infrastructure, corporate and multi-tenanted buildings, and high-security verticals. Both are highly motivated to deliver compelling business value and brand reputation.

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