ASSA ABLOY publicly launches the RITE Slide, an integrated opening assembly where all individual door components are included to create a complete door system. RITE Slide is engineered for a wide array of applications and industries, specifically where sound control and space are critical to the design, such as medical exam rooms, patient rooms, offices and hotel meeting spaces.

Drawing on years of experience and expertise in building acoustically rated door systems, RITE Slide is an innovative opening solution that enhances privacy, saves space, and is aesthetically designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers and end-users,” said Stacey Callahan, ASSA ABLOY Door Group’s Vice President of Marketing and Innovation.

Ensuring privacy and quiet operation

RITE Slide’s unique, integrated assembly design includes all of the necessary door components

RITE Slide ensures privacy and quiet operation with sound seals, automatic door bottom, and soft-close operation to minimise slamming, and wear and tear on the door and hardware. Offering both acoustically rated and non-acoustic options, the sliding door has a perimeter seal that blocks out light and sound, and operational door hardware for passage or privacy with locking applications.

The acoustically rated series has been third-party tested to an STC 34 utilising a flush wood door as a complete assembly according to ASTM E90. A barn-style sliding door, RITE Slide’s unique, integrated assembly design includes all of the necessary door components including the frame, door, operating hardware, track hardware and accessories.

Traditional swing doors

RITE Slide’s design also saves space by occupying a fractional footprint compared to traditional swing doors. The aluminium frame and track has a narrow 1-1/2” face frame profile for a sleek aesthetic design.

Adding to the modern design, RITE Slide comes in 11 veneer species, 5 door stain colors and 6 cut-out options as standard, with further custom capabilities available. The door also incorporates built-in three axis adjustability for ease of installation and operation.

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