Significant growth trends are emerging in the Middle East video surveillance market and IDIS will be driving the sector forward at Intersec, Dubai 20-21 January 2019, with a number of targeted technology innovations for end-users and integrators.

The company, which is the largest manufacturer of surveillance technology in South Korea, has reported double digit sales growth year-on-year since opening its Dubai office in 2015 and the last year has been its fastest growing yet.

Rigorous standards

The Middle East is a particularly important market, says Harry Kwon, General Manager of IDIS Middle East and Africa. This is due to a convergence of factors including strong demand for greater operational efficiency and lower on-going costs combined with the need for compliance with more rigorous standards in jurisdictions across the region.

The sector has definitely moved up a gear over the last 18 months, both in how much users expect from their video systems"

The sector has definitely moved up a gear over the last 18 months, both in how much users expect from their video systems and in what integrators are able to offer.” Value is important, adds Kwon, but there’s also a clearer understanding of where value actually comes from: easy to install, secure, low-maintenance systems that offer more features – including AI, automation and analytics – allowing users to drive operational efficiency across the extended lifetimes of their systems.

Agile object detection

Fully in tune with these market drivers IDIS has confirmed important product releases for the show, with hands-on demonstrations for integrators and end-users on its stand S1-I28. The biggest draw for Intersec visitors will be the latest version of IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA), which is an exciting advance in video analytics that is more accurate, faster, and more scalable than existing offerings.

IDLA provides agile object detection and classification (for example people, cars, and bicycles), intrusion and loitering detection, and intelligent search—all adapted to fit a 16:9 ratio. The IDLA offers unrivalled accuracy, thanks to its advanced deep network architecture. To deliver the power of the IDIS deep learning to a wider range of customers IDIS will also introduce its DV-2116, AI in the Box at the show.

Compact solution

The new DV-2116 is a cost-effective, pre-built device that comes with the graphical and processing power to handle up to 16 channels. AI in the Box eliminates the need to upgrade processing power. It is simple to set up and use, with no calibration required: users simply set the region of interest and sensitivity. The DV-2116 lets users benefit from both standard and advanced analytics through a simple licence fee.

A new camera range, the 4000 series, will also be showcased, offering important extra value and features

A new camera range, the 4000 series, will also be showcased, offering important extra value and features compared to the popular Compact Solution but still maintaining competitive pricing. The new 4000 range includes domes and bullet cameras, all benefiting from IDIS Smart Failover protection against data loss, two way audio, alarm in and out and low light enhancement.

Traditional dome cameras

The new 4000 series is attractively designed and very robust, giving more product choice for our customers,” says Mr Kwon. Further extending the Compact Solution range, a new Fisheye 5MP camera, the DC-Y6513RX, offers new value pricing. It provides the same coverage as three or four traditional dome cameras in most applications, without blind spots. The neatly designed camera comes with the benefits of Smart UX Controls, dual-side de-warping, built-in IR, wide dynamic range, and H.265 combined with IDIS Intelligent Codec video compression technology which delivers up to 90% bandwidth savings.

IDIS will also demonstrate its new Edge VA series of cameras which offer the benefits of flexible, bandwith-saving analytics functions. By performing key analytics on board the camera, the new range, which includes domes and bullet cameras, provides a cost-effective solution for surveillance automation.

System-building flexibility

Other innovations include: a Panamorph lens option for the best selling 12MP Super Fisheye, improving resolution on the outer edge of images; IDIS Dynamic Privacy Masking; ruggedised mobile NVRs ideal for public transport and prisoner escorting; and new advances in IDIS Mobile that allows smartphones to record directly to IDIS Solutions Suite.

Together these advances offer the Middle East’s end-users, installers, consultants and distributors new levels of system-building flexibility

Visitors to the IDIS stand will also learn about end-to-end solutions for banking and retail applications, the flagship plug-and-play offering DirectIP and IDIS’s choice of video management software (VMS) including the totally cost-free IDIS Center and the award-winning IDIS Solution Suite. Together these advances offer the Middle East’s end-users, installers, consultants and distributors new levels of system-building flexibility, along with significant cost advantages and enhanced security, says Harry Kwon.

Cost-effective AI solutions

There is also much more awareness about the vulnerabilities around network security, Mr Kwon adds, “Cybersecurity and hacking continue to make headlines across the world. And customers are justifiably asking more questions when it comes to network security. At Intersec we expect visitors to be looking for a video partner they can rely on and one that has cost-effective AI solutions that can be applied to real world challenges in a way that delivers tangible benefits.”

Since our first appearance at Intersec 2014, IDIS technology has grown to be recognised as a trusted, premium brand. We are working closely with customers across the region and, thanks to our partnerships with leading distributors, it’s easier than ever for integrators across the Middle East and Africa to deliver advanced video surveillance projects”.

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