Introducing the new American Dynamics Illustra 600 series cameras
Introducing the new American Dynamics Illustra 600 series cameras

American Dynamics' new Illustra 600 Series High-Definition IP cameras deliver four essential qualities in an HD camera: exceptional video quality, easy installation, differentiating features, and reduced cost. Both the indoor and outdoor models come in resolutions of either 720p (1MP) or 1080p (2MP), and are available in white or black. Each camera has an IR illuminator with anti-reflection technology. This technology keeps the light from shooting into the lens where visual distortions occur. The patented Theia lens avoids "barrel" distortion, providing clear views and delivering superior video quality even at the farthest angles of an image. With superior low-light performance, the Illustra 600 Series cameras provide images clearly at .04 lux, especially at night or dawn when events are more likely to occur. Installation is simple and easy. The cameras include three integrated mounting options: hard surface, electrical box and recessed mounts (indoor mini-domes only), ensuring fast installation with no additional cost or hardware. The Illustra 600 Series offers superior low light performance, face detection, and onboard motion-detection. With unique face detection functionality, the Illustra 600 Series cameras provide clear facial images, while reducing the bit rate in the rest of the scene. This reduces bandwidth and storage costs, and provides a powerful tool for applications such as stairwells, ATMs and POS cash registers. All cameras come with the free Illustra Connect software tool, offering time-saving camera configuration. The Illustra 600s work with the American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR and HDVR as well as with other ONVIF-compliant NVRs and hybrid recorders.

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