The new powerful iSTAR eX Controller broadens the control panel offering from Software House®
The new powerful iSTAR eX Controller broadens the control panel offering from Software House®

Powerful, IP-enabled control panels for enterprise and government securityiSTAR Pro - supports up to 16 readersiSTAR Pro is an intelligent, modular controller designed to integrate various event management applications on one controller, providing ease of installation and interoperability among vital applications.  It is a highly dependable, cost-effective solution for enterprise-wide access control.iSTAR eX - supports up to 4 readersiSTAR eX is a four door Ethernet-ready controller that provides a FIPS 197-validated 256-bit encryption algorithm.  This is ideal for government applications or for any enterprise looking for the highest security available in the industry today. For large corporations with smaller facilities around the globe, iSTAR eX works with the scalable C•CURE® 800/8000 system and other Software House controllers to provide the most demanding customers with a solution they can use across their entire corporation. Features that make a difference:iSTAR eX controller features onboard FIPS 197-validated AES encryption, eliminating the need for external encryption boxesSupports redundant backup of configuration dataReliably backup your database to non-volatile flash memoryLCD provides important controller status and diagnostics informationEquipped with LEDs for each output, Ethernet and serial communication and onboard "heart-beat" monitor to ensure consistent operationDHCP support automatically assigns IP addresses for easy installationSupports multiple cards per cardholder and multiple formats for a highly secure, flexible solutionFully compatible with CCURE 800/8000 with full support of features such as government threat levels and event clearance filtersEmbedded Windows®  CE operating system

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