Suprema BioStar 2.1, open security platform, offers improved usability and expandability for users and developers
Suprema BioStar 2.1, open security platform, offers improved usability and expandability for users and developers

The new Suprema BioStar 2.1 includes number of software and hardware that further improves usability and expandability of the platform. The release includes BioStar 2 API, BioStar 2 Device SDK, and BioStar 2 Cloud Solutions. Additionally, the platform expands its product portfolio to include BioStar 2 Mobile App and DM-20 multi-door control module. The platform offers number of different integration options via its API or Extensions Framework. The new device SDK enables other security solutions to directly manage Suprema devices. Along with mobile app and DM-20, the enhanced built-in access control functionality allows system designers to configure complex systems and have users to easily maintain the system.  Development support The comprehensive line up of software tools give developers wide range of development options for BioStar 2. BioStar 2 API is a set of REST APIs, which uses JSON formatted data for requests and responses for easier understanding. The API is designed to manage complex operations so that developers can focus on developing customer access control system or integrating biometrics into 3rd party systems. If developers wishes to use BioStar 2 as the basis of development platform, they can use extension framework to incorporate additional functionality into BioStar 2.  BioStar 2 functionality is built with concept of modularised application. The enhanced access control feature is offered as an additional module to the core platform and it is developed using BioStar 2 API. The API itself will be available as an open source software for developers to use it as a reference for custom development. Furthermore compact BioStar 2 server requires minimal system resources and provides flexibility to be installed in multiple hardware such as Time Attendance terminal, NVR, NAS or IoT Hub.  Extended usability BioStar 2.0 offered high user convenience such as automatic user synchronisation, device discovery and update notification. The 2.1 release extends user convenience and combines new enhanced access control features to extend usability of the platform. The new features include ability set anti-passback and fire alarm rules to provide more comprehensive solution. User convenience is also extended through user import/export feature to manager large users quickly and efficiently.  The DM-20 accessory can be connected to Suprema master device to be used to replace traditional legacy controllers and use 3rd party Wiegand readers to configure the system. BioStar 2 Mobile App that has been developed using BioStar 2 API gives access freedom by utilising connection through BioStar 2 Cloud to control the system and perform multiple operations. It can manage users on the fly, control doors remotely, and receive notification even when the operator is not monitoring a stationary client window.

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