Real-time video encoders from artec technologies AG
Real-time video encoders from artec technologies AG

With the new video encoders, you have at your disposal powerful real-time encoders for the easy integration of existing analogue cameras or other video sources.  When connected directly to an IP network, remote locations can be incorporated into the surveillance and managed and recorded.  This integration reduces costs as well as securing your previous investments. The VE have been especially conceived for combination with MULTIEYEHYBRID/NET or HYBRID recorders, but they can also be utilized as separate solutions for IP-based video transmission.  The encoders offer MPEG-4 transmission with up to 25(PAL) or 30(NTSC) images per second in the 4CIF format - per input. According to the model, 1, 2 or 4 video inputs are available.  In addition, the devices also provide RS232 / 485 interfaces, bidirectional audio as well as alarm inputs and switch outputs.  The encoders are configured using a standard web browser. Highlights include: Real-time network transmission of up to 4 simultaneous video streams in D1 resolution (720x576 pixels) MPEG-4 compression for high-quality video streams (DVD quality) and individual images Variable image size, image rate and bandwidth Serial interface Optimally tuned for use with MULTIEYEHYBRID/NET systems Easy integration into third-party systems via http, API Multi-casting and Internet streaming CIF up to full D1 resolution at 30 / 25 fps per channel Digital time code embedded per channel Hardware motion detection per channel Two-way audio supported per channel Isolated digital input and output supported per channel Serial ports for each channel

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