SightLogix Visible SightSensor: Accurate outdoor detection for perimeter security

Product Profile

The SightLogix Visible SightSensor is an intelligent day/low night video analytic detection camera for large outdoor perimeter and buffer zones.

The Visible SightSensor, which leverages a high degree of on-board image processing for high Probability of Detect (PD) and low Nuisance Alarm Rates (NAR) in all weather and geographic conditions, consists of a visible imager, complete with lens optics, electronic stabilisation, video analytics software, camera control, and geospatial target tracking within a ruggedised, NEMA 4X nitrogen-purged housing.

Extended range drives greater savings

With their higher level of imaging processing, each SightSensor camera can cover as much as three times the distance of other surveillance cameras. This means that SightLogix systems require fewer cameras, reducing the supporting infrastructure (poles, trenching, networking, power, etc.) and associated costs. As a result, SightSensor cameras lower installation, infrastructure and overall project costs significantly.

Visible SightSensor Feature


Multiple digital signal processors (DSP) integrated with the camera imager

Analyses all detail of every video frame for increased accuracy and extended range

Image processing for 3D Image Stabilisation (translation, rotation and zoom)

Eliminates video shake induced by wind and machinery (trains, airplanes, construction equipment) to eliminate nuisance alarms

Image processing for dynamic lighting correction

Reveals objects in varying and low-light conditions

Image processing for accurate detection of small objects in a background of environmental movement (leaves, reflections, wind-blown objects)

High probability of detect with low nuisance alerts

Operates in the visible spectrum to detect objects that violate a site's alarm policies. Specifies the GPS position for up to 64 simultaneous targets

Accurate intrusion detection over large outdoor areas

Optical zoom lens (18x)

Supports various field of view/detection distances

Detects inbound vehicle-sized objects up to 1,230 meters (4034 feet) and human-sized targets at distances up to 500 meters (1640 feet); requires no more than sixteen (16) scene pixels for object detection

Accurate intrusion detection over large outdoor areas

GPS-based analytics determine object location, size, and velocity with real-time display onto geo-positioned topology map

Accurately filters objects based on size and velocity; provides situational awareness

10/100 Ethernet with support for satellite, cellular, wireless (802.11a), and full broadband communications; AES 256 bit encryption and SSL protocol

Flexible and secure communications

Seamless integration with third-party Video Management, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Access Control Systems.

Open-system design supports leading industry systems. Refer to SightLogix Third Party Compatibility List for details.

Dry-nitrogen pressurized enclosure (NEMA-4X); rugged, multi-contact sealed Mil-C electrical connector

Built to withstand outdoor elements (rain, snow, humidity, sand, temperature extremes) for extended life

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Technical Specification

Make SightLogix
Manufacturer SightLogix
Model code Visible SightSensor
Chip Inch Size " 1/4 inch
Colour Type Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL 640 x 480
Digital (DSP) Yes
Sensitivity lux 0.7 @ F1.4 lux
Electrical Specifications Voltage: 24 V AC ~ V DC, PoE
Power Consumption: 18 W
Focal Length mm 2.8 ~ 48
Picture Elements HxV 640 x 480
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB >50
Physical Specifications Dimension mm: 473 x 162 x 168
Weight g: 6,800
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature oC: -30 ~ +60
Operating Humidity %: 0 ~ 100
Additional info The SightLogix® Visible SightSensor® is an intelligent day/night visible detection camera for large outdoor perimeter and buffer zone surveillance. The Visible SightSensor is designed for high Probability of Detect (PD) and low Nuisance Alarm Rates (NAR) in all weather and geographic conditions.
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