SightSensor thermal cameras detect intrusions and auto-steer PTZs using SightTracker

Product Profile

PTZ cameras deployed for site perimeters and outdoor areas are often pointed in the wrong direction when an event occurs. The solution is a hands-free, auto tracking PTZ controller that automatically zooms a PTZ to follow an intruder in real time.

With the SightLogix Outdoor Video System, a fixed Thermal SightSensor is used to locate a target, never taking its eye off the perimeter, while automatically steering a PTZ camera to zoom in on the event in real time.

The key is the SightSensor’s use of GPS technology. SightSensors are calibrated to map their field of view to the GPS coordinates of all points in the scene so every object’s location, size and direction is known. This information is used by the SightTracker to direct a PTZ camera to the precise location of the intrusion, providing detailed information for making fast response decisions.

The result is a new dimension of accuracy to your security operations, ensuring “eyes on until hands” capability over your entire facility.

SightLogix SightTracker Product Details:



Automatically steers PTZ cameras to zoom and follow targets using their GPS positions as determined by SightSensors

Solves the challenge of manually locating a detected alarm with a PTZ camera over large outdoor areas

Interfaces with PTZ cameras using Pelco™ D extended protocol via a physical EIA RS-422 interface

Enhances the functionality of new or existing PTZ assets with automated target tracking

Detected targets and PTZ camera Fields of View are also shown on SightMonitor® topology map moving in real time

Quickly identify the location and movement of security violations, even over large outdoor areas

Configurable for tracking priority, including first target acquired, newest target, closest target, fastest moving target, and largest target

Automatically track the most relevant targets for your application

Adjustable optical zoom setting automatically enlarges or reduces target magnification within the field of view 

Continual up-close view of tracked objects provides sufficient detail (minimum 10% of the screen) for identification and forensic analysis

A single SightSensor can control multiple SightTracker/PTZ cameras

Detect and follow multiple divergent objects within a large scene 

10/100 Ethernet with support for satellite, cellular, and full broadband communications; AES 256 bit encryption and SSL protocol 

Flexible and secure communications

Seamless integration with third-party PTZ cameras.

Open-system design supports leading industry systems. Refer to SightLogix Third Party Compatibility List for details. 

Ruggedized (NEMA-4X) enclosure; rugged, multi-contact sealed Mil-C electrical connector

Built to withstand outdoor elements (rain, snow, humidity, sand, temperature extremes) for extended life

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Technical Specification

Make SightLogix
Manufacturer SightLogix
Model code SightTracker
Accessories Automatic PTZ Controller
Additional info

The SightLogix® SightTracker™ is a GPS-based PTZ controller that automatically positions a PTZ camera to zoom and follow a detected target using the geo-registered target and tracking information provided by Visible, Thermal, or WideView SightSensors®.

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