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HID Global®, a provider of trusted identity solutions, will be at the ICAO TRIP 2017 Symposium next week showcasing its portfolio of end-to-end electronic identification (eID) and ePassport solutions which were expanded earlier this year with the acquisition of Arjo Systems, a provider and system integrator of physical and digital identities for secure government ID applications.

Counterfeit-proof security

“Our theme at ICAO TRIP 2017 is the transformation of traveller identification to include newly enhanced, counterfeit-resistant security features, while preparing for future innovative credentials such as digital identities,” said Steve Warne, Director of Solutions Marketing with HID Global. “We will be demonstrating numerous ways that governments can enhance security by using new technologies to verify and authenticate the identities of their citizens, regardless of where they are in the world.”

HID Global is exhibiting its solutions on stand15 at the ICAO headquarters facility in Montréal, Canada, October 24 through 26. The showcased products all support citizens’ growing desire for easier, faster, and less costly ID solutions, while fuelling innovative new capabilities for the company’s government-to-citizen ID customers and the integrators who serve them.

Exhibits and demonstrations

  • ePassport datapages and eID prelaminates, including unique security features that have been implemented in leading government ID programmes around the world.

  • Mirage™ personalisable, laser-engraved, on-card security feature which protects document structure integrity and information through the combination of a see-through window with a customised watermark and contour shape.

  • HID goID™ platform that enables government agencies to issue driver’s licences and other ID credentials over-the-air to citizens’ smartphones, which become all-in-one devices for receiving, presenting and authenticating mobile IDs with the highest level of privacy protection.

  • Multitech Optical Stripe Media (OSM) Card which enables information to be embedded in different parts of the credential via laser engraving a unique optical media strip on the back of the card stripe as well as encoding the cardholder’s credentials on to a chip inside the card. Together, both technologies make it virtually impossible to counterfeit someone’s credentials.

Advancements in card security

Additionally, HID Global will be featured as a presenter on the latest advancements in card security for government programmes. Presentation details are:

  • “Windows in Polycarbonate Documents: Futile or Not?” – Presented by Vincent Gourmelen, ID Card Solutions Product Manager, on Wednesday, October 25, from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., as a part of ICAO’s new Sky Talks series. 
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