SMARTair: Protect all your important internal doors with PIN-code security

Product Profile

This wireless locking device is easy to install and maintain, and gives small businesses, education, medical and retail premises a simple way to filter access through any door, without the expense or complication of a complete electronic access control system. 

A slim, modern design and capacitive keypad makes the SMARTair™ Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon well suited to securing collective areas such as common bathrooms, storerooms and maintenance cupboards; staff, changing or copy rooms in schools, colleges and universities; and clinics and other private areas in hospitals or dental surgeries. The Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon is ideal for securing any door or site where a full access control system is unsuitable, unaffordable or unwanted. 

It’s easy even for non-technical staff or contractors to install the SMARTair™ Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon: there’s no wiring or drilling, and no software to configure. Simply replacing the current mechanical lock with a SMARTair™ Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon adds electronic PIN security to a door equipped with a standard lock. 

Keys can be lost, copied or stolen; the SMARTair™ Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon provides a convenient, modern solution. User PINs can be added quickly at the door without the need for software installation, just by using the programming card. It supports up to 100 different 4- to 6-number PINs, and has an audible buzzer to confirm permission. The device also supports standard RFID cards up to 500 cards per device which offers the possibility to choose between the most convenient authentication option.  

Like every SMARTair™ product, the new Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon is available for Euro, Scandinavian and DIN profiles, and fits wooden, glass and narrow doors. Power is supplied to the keypad by a standard lithium-ion battery — meaning maintenance costs and workload are minimal. 

For premises looking to trial the benefits of access control, the Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon can also be a first stepping stone to a more integrated, software-powered system. The new device can be upgraded to work as part of a modular, fully scalable SMARTair™ system which provides real-time access control and audit trails. With an upgraded system, users can open doors with contactless smart cards using a range of standard RFID technologies, or remotely using a secure smartphone app, and administrators can issue or revoke keycards in an instant using a secure online tool. 

SMARTair™ access control is the affordable, intelligent upgrade to old-fashioned mechanical keys. And with the new Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon, it’s easier than ever to boost security at any small or medium-sized business, medical, education or retail premises with SMARTair™. Because, if what’s most valuable is on the inside, you don’t want just anyone opening the door. 

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer TESA
Model code SMARTair Standalone KeyPad Escutcheon
Programmable Yes
Additional info
  • Easy and quick to install – no wiring
  • 100 different 4- to 6-number PINs
  • 500 User cards can be set
  • Easy to manage, no software is needed
  • Convert it to a complete SMARTair™ access control system in the future
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