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TESA is the leading Spanish manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions and access control technology for the residential and institutional markets. TESA has a wide and complete range of products including panic exit devices, cylinders, security locks, knobs and handles, door closers, access control solutions with electronic cylinders, electromechanical and electromagnetic solutions and armoured doors. TESA exports to markets such as Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and the North African countries. TESA is an ASSA ABLOY group brand.

SMARTair™ is a powerful access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. SMARTair™ is the cost-effective alternative to a full high-security system. SMARTair™ contactless, smart card technology is easily incorporated into existing systems, with multiple management solutions. No bells, whistles, or wires, just sleek, reliable security.

TESA news

SMARTair™ equips new co-working offices in Alicante with real-time access control and modern design

At one of Spain’s newest co-working spaces, the founders’ vision incorporated using the latest in security, accessibility and design to create a 21st-century business centre. Flexible and wire-free, SMARTair™ from TESA delivers real-time access control that can accommodate both regular daily traffic and busy one-off events at ULab’s dedicated events area. SMARTair Wireless Online management SMARTair™ Wireless Online management now enables access to the building and individual offices to be controlled in real time. ULab’s SMARTair™ system securely manages regular daily traffic of approximately 100 people, and has the flexibility to accommodate many more temporary visitors when their event space is full. “In addition to regular daily traffic, weekly traffic can almost multiply by 10 if an event is held,” says Enrique Burgos. “We needed an access control system as flexible and convenient as SMARTair™.” Also — and critically for ULab — SMARTair™ escutcheons and wall readers complement the ultra-modern design aesthetic of this new workspace. With SMARTair™ Wireless Online, ULab’s facility manager can monitor the building’s security status from a single control point and in real time, controlling who enters and when. The installation permits remote opening of any door at ULab, enabling easy access in cases where users have lost or forgotten their credential. Remote access can be granted from the SMARTair™ Web Manager software, which works on any device inside a standard browser without software installation, or from the SMARTair™ admin app for Apple and Android mobile devices. Individual access rights for user profiles It’s also easy to schedule individual access rights for different user profiles — allowing, for example, site managers to access all doors, but offering occasional users more limited entry to common areas. Changes in status can be made instantly from the Web Manager. And because SMARTair™ locks are operated with RFID smartcards, there’s no security problem if an employee loses their credential. With the SMARTair™ admin software, a simple click cancels the credential’s access rights — a much quicker and cheaper process than replacing a mechanical lock. With contemporary, low-profile design, user-friendly operation and flexible, real-time security functionality, SMARTair™ wireless access control has captured the spirit of ULab.

Securing student accommodation with SMARTair™ access control

Given the choice, would you rather run security at a bank vault or at a student halls of residence? At least the bank job is straightforward: Keep the money inside, and everyone else out. If only protecting hundreds of young people was so easy.   Securing student accommodation Student accommodation blocks are usually large, with high traffic moving from bedrooms to common areas, canteens and libraries. A single resident travelling between her room, a study area, the gym and a couple of trips offsite would use secure doors 15 times a day. In a residence housing just 200 students, that’s 3,000 daily events for the access system to handle. Rapid student turnover puts a further admin burden on facility managers. Imagine, among hundreds of students living at the halls, just a handful leave or arrive each semester. That’s a couple of manual key handovers to schedule every week, and to chase if a key-holder fails to appear. If keys are not handed in, is a room really secure for its next occupant? And how can you know if one has been copied? With physical keys and mechanical locks, security lacks flexibility, and it’s impossible to get a site overview without a time-wasting manual key audit. Today’s students, tomorrow’s secure solutions Mechanical security is not the answer, because mechanical locks don’t offer the control or flexibility managers need. There’s no real-time monitoring, and you can’t generate detailed audit trails for locks or users, meaning there’s no easy way to track unauthorised access — in cases of a theft, for example. The current crop of students — so-called “Generation Z” — were raised as digital natives. They expect convenience as a standard feature, not a mechanical solution first used in Ancient Egypt. In Europe’s increasingly international, marketised higher education system, attracting these tech-savvy students and keeping them satisfied with the campus experience are critical.A wireless access control system like SMARTair™ solves admin problems with a combination of control and cost-effectiveness The SMARTair™ wireless access system is built to meet the challenges of securing a student residence: A system needs the product and software robustness to handle so many users, high traffic, and fast resident turnover. SMARTair™ has it. A system should make student life easier with cards, rather than keys. SMARTair™ does. A system should secure more than just doors, including cabinet locks and devices to protect secure areas like car parks. SMARTair™ does. A system must be easy to upgrade in the future, both adding new doors and upgrading the functionality of the devices already installed. SMARTair™ is; it future-proofs your investment. A system should be able to handle additional student services like the vending machines and canteen on the same credential card as the room door lock. SMARTair™ can. Swapping mechanical for wirelessA wireless access control system like SMARTair™ solves admin problems with a combination of control and cost-effectiveness. It is based on battery-powered locks and is easy to retrofit wirelessly to existing premises or incorporate in a new-build. Installers simply swap the existing mechanical lock for a wireless device and link the door to the management software. Slim, robust SMARTair™ devices can secure almost any opening. Escutcheons (with optional keypad for added security) are ideal for student bedrooms, and fit wood or glass, emergency exit and even fire doors. Available with or without PIN entry, SMARTair™ wall readers can filter lift, main door or car park access. The SMARTair™ knob cylinder is easy to retrofit to management offices; you just replace an existing mechanical cylinder with the SMARTair™ device. For storing belongings, SMARTair™ cabinet and locker locks are configurable in the same system without the need for an extra module. With SMARTair™, students come and go using programmable smart cards, tags, or even the secure SMARTair™ mobile app — not a cumbersome, easy-to-lose key. SMARTair™ devices support all major RFID technologies. Plus, students only need carry one credential to open their door and access additional onsite services. A single card to unlock their room, secure their belongings inside a locker, enter the library, pay for photocopying and buy lunch makes sense for them. It’s another step to boosting resident convenience.Because SMARTair™ devices run on standard batteries, the system is also cost-effective for accommodation providers And because SMARTair™ devices run on standard batteries, the system is also cost-effective for accommodation providers. Already trusted by students all over Europe SMARTair™ is already making life easier for student residence managers all over Europe, including at Mezzino’s Rialto Court in Middlesbrough, UK. “We are so pleased with the result. We are already looking to adopt the access control system for the other student accommodation properties we manage nationwide,” says James McGrath, Mezzino’s co-owner and director. At Funway Academic Resort in Madrid (www.funwayresort.com), student rooms are locked with SMARTair™ escutcheons. Energy-saving wall devices inside rooms regulate electricity use, and students have an individual safe fitted with a SMARTair™ cabinet lock. Students and staff open all their authorised doors with the same access card: the Funway gym, study rooms, games rooms, swimming pool and changing rooms, spa and staff areas are also locked with SMARTair™ escutcheons. “The system meets the expectations we had and offers very easy maintenance,” says Mario Arias, Facility Manager at Funway.  To discover how SMARTair™ can upgrade student security and put you in total control of your halls of residence, visit www.tesa.es/smartair-students

SMARTair™ advanced wireless access control utilised by the Casa de la Misericordia care home in Pamplona

When it comes to securing a residential care home, there are no second chances. You need access control you can trust. In Pamplona, the Casa de la Misericordia care home put its trust in SMARTair™, advanced wireless access control from ASSA ABLOY. Caring for elderly residents Caring for vulnerable or elderly people presents a unique set of security challenges. Crucially when it comes to access control, residents may find it difficult to adapt to new or complex technology. Yet at the same time, an advanced system can hugely benefit this client group. Access control that feeds back to site managers in real time can directly impact quality of care, enabling staff to respond to incidents as soon as they arise. Residents aren’t the only ones that use a care home’s access system. Staff, volunteers and visitors must also be kept safe And, of course, residents aren’t the only ones that use a care home’s access system. Staff, volunteers and visitors must also be kept safe. What’s needed is a system that is both easy to operate and equipped with advanced access control features — a system like SMARTair™ Wireless Online. Flexible and expandable system To assist in the day-to-day care of over 500 residents, Pamplona’s Casa de la Misericordia had a specific set of demands for its new access system. Real-time control over the premises was essential in giving the residents the care they need, 24/7 and 365 days a year. “In a residence like ours it is critical to have real-time management that allows us to interact with a door at any time,” explains Ernesto Serra, Facility Manager at Casa de la Misericordia. The system also needed to be flexible and expandable, so it could be installed in 2 phases, starting with a new build before moving on to a building dating to the 1930s. Advanced wireless technology suited to retrofitting in an old building was another must-have: the older building has large doors and walls up to 1m thick. The new system needed to be flexible and scalable, so staff could manage access to 2 separate buildings from the same control point, amend access rights instantly, and tailor access privileges to the profiles of a varied set of site users, including staff, residents, volunteers, visitors and emergency workers. In a care-home environment, SMARTair™ upgrades security and convenience for both administrators and residents. SMARTair™ Wireless Online SMARTair™ Wireless Online met every requirement. With the 2-stage project complete — including 650 additional SMARTair™-enabled doors in the old building — access to the whole Casa de la Misericordia is managed from one control panel. Because SMARTair™ battery-powered components are fitted without the need for electric cabling, installing the system in a building with thick walls and doors was no problem. Installation was also quick, and minimised disruption to the day-to-day operation of the home. “A wireless solution that allows us to install access control without wiring up the buildings is a big advantage, the system has adapted to our present and future needs,” says Ernesto Serra. Remote management In a care-home environment, SMARTair™ upgrades security and convenience for both administrators and residents. With SMARTair™ Wireless Pro Online, system administrators can open any door remotely, without even being present at the premises. So, if there’s an on-site emergency, a security manager can open a door for any member of staff, even doors for which staff don’t usually have access permissions. It’s also easy to configure the system to detect use of an internal escutcheon handle. If a resident operates their room handle, the SMARTair™ system registers an event in real time, and can send an alert to security or care staff. With this feature, residents have the independence to come and go as they please, while those responsible for their care remain updated on movements. If a SMARTair™ card is lost, it takes a couple of click to cancel it. The costs, risks and inconveniences a mechanical key system have been eliminated A SMARTair™ Wireless Online installation also allows administrators to amend access rights on-the-go, so users can update their permissions without having to visit an access control point, cutting wasted staff time. SMARTair™ enables administrators to tailor fine-grained levels of access to the main entrance, drug and medicine rooms, residents’ private rooms, and any other configuration needed, for any individual. Practical advantages SMARTair™ practical advantages include battery-powered escutcheons and cylinders to fit wood, glass, emergency exit and fire-resistant doors, barriers, elevators, and more. The escutcheons can all be delivered with an antibacterial coating, for improved hygiene. Plus, there is a wide range of credentials, allowing every individual to open doors in the most convenient way. So, patients can carry a bracelet and tag for easy door opening. Managers can use the SMARTair™ app to open doors instantly from any Apple, Android or Windows smartphone. For staff, a standard RFID smart card is often the most convenient solution. The system also supports PIN and card+PIN multi-authentication, for an extra layer of security. At this Pamplona care home, SMARTair™ has provided a major security upgrade on mechanical keys. If a card is lost, it takes a couple of click to cancel it. The costs, risks and inconveniences a mechanical key system have been eliminated. For more information on how SMARTair™ access control is helping to protect the care homes of the future, visit www.tesa.es/smartair-residentialcare