LEGIC card-in-card solutions combine physical and logical access

Product Profile

LEGIC card-in-card solutions combine the world of cards with the one of applications.  Proven LEGIC technology is integrated as virtual transponders in third party providers' smart cards.  PC access with access controls to be combined on one single medium.

Well-known contactless LEGIC credentials such as cards, key fobs or wrist bands are used in business and leisure areas for typical applications such as physical access control, time & attendance or cashless payment.  Separately, additional media such as USB tokens or contactless smart cards are used for logical access to PCs and Networks.  Up until this point two separate worlds, which can now be combined onto one single chip with the LEGIC card-in-card solutions.  The media for PC access can thus be extended to be simultaneously used for contactless access control; or an NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled mobile phone can be used as a ticket or a credit card for member access to a gym.  These are just a few examples of the convergence of technology worlds.

In order to make this possible, the LEGIC transponder is now also available as a virtual transponder, which is emulated on the respective smart card.  This results in countless possibilities to combine proven contactless LEGIC applications with third party products.  The new prospects are endless, hence securing end-user systems for the future thanks to open smart card architecture.  Combinations such as these generate huge saving potential through the use of a one-chip-solution.

At IFSEC, LEGIC presented a great variety of new possibilities in concrete applications as well as the processes for a flexible appliance of the LEGIC functionality on a third party smart card.

Initial products from third party providers, which combine physical access control based on contactless LEGIC technology with logical access to PCs, are already available.  The German chip card manufacturer and IT access solutions provider WINTER AG, a long-term licence partner of LEGIC, has already included a one-chip-solution such as Dual Interface Chip Cards and USB Tokens into its product portfolio.

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Technical Specification

Manufacturer LEGIC Identsystems Ltd
Model code Smart Chip
Accessories All-in-one card solution for dual-interface smart cards
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