Compare DINION IP starlight 8000 MP with FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
True Day / Night
True Day / Night
1.5 MP
Digital (DSP)
Specialist Type
Sensitivity Lux
Auto Iris
12 V DC
12 V DC
Lens Mount
Motion Activated
Wide Dynamic Range
Picture Elements HxV
1312 x 1069
Back Light Compensation
White Balance
Electronic Shutter Range
1/30 [1/25 ~ 1/15000s
1/30 (1/25) ~ 1/15000s
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
> 50
Signal Mode
Focal Length mm
Image Frame Rate
30 ips

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Latest IP camera case studies

Bosch FlexiDome IP and AutoDome Junior HD Cameras offer visual feedback for martial art centre
Bosch FlexiDome IP and AutoDome Junior HD Cameras offer visual feedback for martial art centre

Dojang seeks visual feedback system for students Master Seung’s Taekwondo teaches the martial art to a wide range of students – from children under the age of seven to older students who participate in competitions, even partaking in the Junior World games. The dojang sought a way to better analyse the skills of students and to provide visual feedback that would help them understand and improve their performance. Problem: Dojang looks to enhance coaching tools Dojang coaches understand the importance of visual feedback when instructing students in the art of Taekwondo Video cameras would require adjustable shutter speeds to clearly capture fast motion of students in action Software must enable easy viewing and annotation of student actions Solution: Bosch FlexiDome IP and AutoDome Junior HD Cameras with Dartfish TV and TeamPro Software Progressive scan technology keeps images sharp and prevents motion blur IP cameras offer automatic or selectable shutter speeds to accommodate a range of scene settings HD PTZ camera enables coaches to zoom in to any part of a scene to examine specific details without losing clarity  Video is easily exported to Dartfish TV and TeamPro software for annotation, analysis and effortless sharing with students Results: effective coaching method helps improve performance  IP and HD cameras with Dartfish TV and TeamPro software enable dojang coaches to capture live video of sparring or pattern exercises and provide direct, visual feedback to students  Video support of verbal direction helps to improve students’ skills  Solution enhances the student experience and helps to set the dojang apart from other local facilities

Bosch’s 120 FLEXIDOME IP cameras monitor Dallastown Area School District
Bosch’s 120 FLEXIDOME IP cameras monitor Dallastown Area School District

Bosch VIP XD Decoders transform the digital signal to analogue for viewing on monitors End user: Dallastown Area School District Dallastown Area School District is located in York County, 34 miles south of Harrisburg, in the south central part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The district serves nearly 6,000 students in five kindergarten through fifth grade elementary schools, a sixth to eighth grade middle school, and a grade nine through twelve high school. The district employs 417 instructional staff, 277 support staff and 30 administrators. Business objective: The school district's IT department sought a flexible IP video surveillance system that would allow administrative staff and the school's resource officer to easily search and playback recorded video to determine the events surrounding incidents at the schools. Secretaries also needed to view video of the entranceways from their desks, in order to see a person requesting access to the school before unlocking the doors. Solution: Nearly 120 FLEXIDOME IP cameras monitor the hallways and cafeterias in the district's high school and middle school. Day/Night cameras provide an extended dynamic range and mechanically switching IR filter to capture video in areas that have low light or that are near windows with excessive light. For recording video, the cameras stream signals across the district's separate security IP network for storage on five RAID arrays For recording video, the cameras stream signals across the district's separate security IP network for storage on five RAID arrays. Video Recording Manager (VRM) creates a virtual pool of storage using all of the RAID arrays, divides the total capacity into one gigabyte blocks and allocates storage for video recording to each of the IP cameras as needed. With cameras that stream directly to RAID arrays, the district avoids using NVRs, which would have required extra time and funds to support. The district's streamlined system design and use of VRM software made installation easier. For example, recording settings were programmed in less than a day, compared to the five days needed for an NVR-based system. The system design is extremely flexible, allowing the IT department to adjust frame rates of cameras in important locations without stopping the system from recording, reallocating storage disk space or reformatting the storage. The district uses video management software to search and playback video. Bosch VIP XD Decoders also transform the digital signal to analogue for viewing on monitors. Result: The school district reports that the system helps administrators more quickly identify which students were involved in incidents that happen in the schools. The students are more likely to be truthful about the role they played, when they see themselves on recorded video. In addition to the cameras already installed, the district's IT department plans to install AutoDome IP cameras around the exterior of the school buildings and in and around the five elementary schools in the district to help protect the younger students from external threats.

Bosch equips Thailand's premier conference centre with integrated security management and communication system
Bosch equips Thailand's premier conference centre with integrated security management and communication system

End-userPrince of Songkla University International Conference Centre was established in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's accession to the throne. Prince of Songkla University International Convention Centre is Thailand's newest convention centre in this vein and the largest in the country's southern region. It is situated within the Hatyai campus of Prince of Songkla University and located just nine kilometres from Hatyai International Airport. The conventional centre is also in close proximity to the full spectrum of modern amenities and features splendid southern style architecture. Prince of Songkla University International Convention Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art multi-media technology. Thus, this excellent convention centre is the pride of the south.Business objectiveThe southern star convention centre provides an international scale convention centre which is capable of hosting the full range of leading-edge local and international events. Hence, high quality technology products including outstanding security and communication systems were required to be installed within the centre.SolutionIn conjunction with the Bosch partner Libra Network and Security Co., Ltd. the persons in charge of the PSUICC decided to rely on Bosch Security & Communication Systems. Thus, CCTV, Congress and Prosound systems were installed around the centre.The purpose of the CCTV system is to observe, recognise and identify everybody sojourning in the area. Therefore, recorded images are relayed to the control room, where they are finally shown on the video wall for the people who are in charge of the technology. The system provides a complete overview of what is going on in the centre with the help of 19 Dinion IP cameras, 27 Dome cameras as well as 47 other cameras which are supported by 2 DiBos digital video recorders and 2 AutoDome controllers. The Bosch solution consists of cameras, DVRs, and wireless communication systems  Moreover, it makes it possible to zoom in on specific situations or areas in order to discuss what measures should be taken. Full control of meetings and discussions without being dependent on any operator is provided by DCN wireless systems consisting of 8 Basic Central Control Units, 80 Concentus Basic Units as well as 8 Concentus Chairman Units in every conference room. The system can be easily extended and provides ease of use for every of its various functions, its unique features as well as its state-of-the-art system.With the help of Electro Voice (EV) Prosound systems the ideal solution for each required situation is provided. Thus, PSUICC could benefit from EV's technical expertise and long years of experience in this area yielding a product portfolio that is at the same time comprehensive and of uniform excellence.ResultPSUICC is very pleased with the benefits of this flexible and easy-to-use conference and CCTV system. It helps a lot to facilitate the numerous meetings taking place in the centre nowadays. PSUICC trusted in Bosch's high quality products, its experience and competence. PSUICC acknowledges the reliability of the products and the excellent work of the Bosch dealer Libra Network and Security Co., Ltd.