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We are committed to being an innovative, customer-oriented, and global supplier of security and communications products and systems, offering high quality solutions and excellent service to customers.

Bosch Security offers CCTV, Intrusion systems, Congress, Public Address, Social Alarm, Paging and IP Network Video to meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.

Bosch Security Systems also offers application support for architects and engineers specifying our products.  Our helpful technical support experts are always available to provide assistance should there be a need.   We offer Training in our demonstration suite covering the entire product range and offer Short ½ day courses for staff in sales and support including help desk personnel, project team, consultants etc.  Longer 1-day courses give more in-depth product training for specifiers, installers, project management teams and other specialists needing to know how to design, install, configure and support systems. 

At Bosch Security Systems, we proudly offer security you can rely on.

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Bosch Security Systems news

Integration of surveillance and video management solutions for safer cities

A deep native integration of Bosch cameras with software from ISS proactively catalyses the best in security and surveillance, while providing advanced intelligent video tools. ISS SecurOS provides intelligent enterprise video management solutions with emphasis on providing scalability and flexibility to meet the customer’s needs. Deeply integrating built-in video analytics from Bosch cameras improves operator efficiency and situational awareness to manage complex environments. ISS SecurOS maximises camera performance for license plate recognition, face recognition, and container/train carriages recognition. The cameras meet the performance needs for advanced analytics, ensuring the success of projects and saving time, resources, and cost. The partnership has delivered multi-thousand-camera safe city deployments, industrial analytics solutions, and systems for large-scale transport providers. The usage of roads and parking lots can be managed more effectively by knowing the whereabouts of each vehicle License plate capture The usage of roads and parking lots can be managed more effectively by knowing the whereabouts of each and every vehicle. Operations managers are accountable for efficient logistical flows and effective use of roads and parking lots. Knowing the ins and outs of the transport infrastructure and what’s going on at all times provides the knowledge required to ensure operations are running safely, efficiently and in compliance with the rules and laws. An important part of this comes from monitoring which vehicles are entering an area and ensuring they are allowed to be there. Capturing license plates of every vehicle moving in an area provides knowledge of traffic flows and usage patterns. Such a solution should also allow a customer to easily configure and manage monitoring preferences and permit easy data exchanges with other operational management systems and services to manage an infrastructure and logistics as a whole. Reliable license plate data Robust mechanical design of cameras ensures reliable 24/7 operation for many years even in harsh environments As transportation infrastructures are often operating around the clock, reliable vehicle identification data is required 24/7. This means that the cameras capturing this data should work in all lighting and weather conditions, for both slow- and fast-moving vehicles. Cameras must be built to produce usable images 24/7 in all weather conditions. For quality license plate recognition in both day and night, the cameras make use of supplementary infrared light. A special License Plate Recognition (LPR) mode, developed in collaboration with LPR software, delivers readable license plates even with glaring headlights and with fast moving vehicles. Robust mechanical design of cameras ensures reliable 24/7 operation for many years even in harsh environments. License Plate Capture solution The SecurOSTM AUTO system of ISS, when used with Bosch cameras, provides easy to deploy solutions for all of these requirements. It recognises license plates from many countries, manages and matches white, hot and blacklists and notifies the operator either in the GUI or through a messaging interface to other management systems. Additionally, the system can be used and managed as a standalone or embedded in other management systems on the premises.

Bosch installs integrated access control solution at the Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon

The Mall of Switzerland, located in Ebikon in Lucerne Canton, has a total floor space of 65,000 square meters. It is the second largest shopping centre of Switzerland. Visitors to this ultramodern building complex can take advantage of about 90 stores, 18 restaurants, a multiplex cinema with 12 auditoriums, a large indoor playground and multiple exercise facilities. The Mall of Switzerland is expected to receive up to five million visitors a year. This poses considerable challenges for building security, for which it is relying on Bosch’s experience and expertise. “These days, trends and customer needs change faster than ever before. Buildings have to be able to adapt easily – although this of course also poses new challenges, for instance with regard to security,” explains Jan Wengeler, who manages the mall. “But with Bosch as our partner, we know that we can handle whatever comes up.” Enhanced guest safety For the Mall of Switzerland, Bosch’s building experts implemented a tailored security solution for controlling access to restricted areas. At its core is the MATRIX access control system, which features a combination of electronic cylinders and door fittings plus readers, terminals, controllers and software. A management system with a customised user interface visualises the states of more than 100 doors to let staff very quickly and easily monitor and control them. This significantly enhances the safety and security of guests and personnel, also in complex situations with large crowds. The operators are now facing the future with confidence, since additional parts of the Mall of Switzerland can be quickly and flexibly integrated in the overall system as required.

Bosch Building Technologies & ISS implement SecurOS video management platform for traffic monitoring

To provide a practical solution to the monitoring of transportation infrastructure, where maximum situational awareness is paramount, Bosch Building Technologies has combined the innovation behind its video security cameras with the video management expertise of Intelligent Security Systems (ISS).  ISS is a global developer of video management and video intelligence solutions. The video management platform, SecurOS, focuses on securing large mission-critical applications, such as industrial and manufacturing sites, transportation systems, banks, sports arenas, retail locations, and campuses and office complexes. ISS’ differentiating video intelligence and image analytics solutions, whether it is Face Capture & Recognition (SecurOS FACE), License Plate Recognition (SecurOS AUTO License Plate Recognition), or Container Character Recognition (SecurOS CARGO), provide effective monitoring solutions to the transportation sector. The capabilities stretch to large-scale entry and exit points such as ports, borders and airport car parks  Surveillance challenges Transportation security provides surveillance challenges in varying degrees of situation and scale, so effective license plate recognition is crucial. From tunnels and bridges, where a situation can change in seconds, to regulating traffic flow into a city and capturing a profile of each vehicle, Bosch and ISS can provide answers to the questions that matter. Has a particular vehicle been permitted access to a specific area? Has that vehicle been stolen? What’s the insurance or toll subscription status? Has that vehicle been authorised to operate as a taxi? The capabilities even stretch to large-scale entry and exit points such as ports, borders and airport car parks.  Vehicle monitoring Monitoring which vehicles are entering an area, and checking their legitimacy to be there, has never been more critical. Having the capability to capture license plates of every vehicle moving in the designated area gives users complete awareness of traffic flows and usage patterns, allowing them to configure and manage their monitoring preferences efficiently and permit secure data exchanges with other operational management systems and services for efficient infrastructure alignment.  If driving conditions were perfect all-year round, the job of an operations manager, for example, would be quite straightforward. But the reality is quite the opposite. That is why the ISS certified Bosch cameras responsible for capturing this data are incredibly robust and built to produce usable images 24/7 in the harshest conditions, including after dark by employing a supplementary infrared light. The selected cameras have a special License Plate Recognition (LPR) mode which is developed in collaboration with ISS to deliver accurate information even when faced with the challenges of glaring headlights and fast-moving vehicles. Interpreting video data directly at source helps to improve levels of security substantially and can also offer clear business advantages  SecurOS AUTO license plate recognition High standards are applied to the quality of the images captured. By incorporating the SecurOS AUTO License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) solution, Bosch and ISS can provide several unique benefits for users, including the ability to accurately capture license plate information at 210 km/h (130 mph) in all kinds of weather conditions, including light fog, rain, and snow. Furthermore, utilising advanced algorithms results in a level of accuracy that can distinguish letters from numbers (so an “8” is not mistaken for a “B,” for example) which is a crucial advantage, particularly in emergency situations. The partnership with ISS supports Bosch’s belief that the logical next-step for security is to enable customers to repurpose the vast amounts of video data that they now can capture. Interpreting video data directly at source helps to improve levels of security substantially and can also offer clear business advantages.