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Anviz Global Inc. Overview:

Anviz Global is a leading provider of intelligent security products and integrated solutions. Anviz is at the forefront of innovation in biometrics, RFID, and surveillance technologies. By continuously innovating our core technology, we are committed to providing customers with the best-quality products along with a full-range of intelligent security solutions.

Anviz holds a number of patents in software, hardware, and industrial design. We provide customers with fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, access control, RFID LF / HF / UHF, video surveillance devices, and multi-platform software products. Anviz designs its products with the strict adherence to FCC / CE and other electrical standards. The highly reliable nature of our products makes them ideal for use in a variety of residential and commercial installations.

To face growing, global security concerns, Anviz strives to provide customers with a unified, convenient, friendly, and comprehensive integration solutions.

Anviz, founded in 2001, is a global company that is headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company maintains 5 offices worldwide, including R&D centers and regional branch offices throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe to further facilitate growth. With approximately 1,000 employees worldwide, we deliver fast, efficient, comprehensive, professional service to our partners.

We continue to cooperate with third-party partners, and have established strategic partnership agreements with leading companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Milestone, HID Global?ALLEGION, and other manufacturers. Through these agreements with top-companies, we are providing customers with one-stop solutions for intelligent security.

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Anviz Global Inc. news

Mexico Government's SEMARNAT branches select ANVIZ biometric solution to control building access

Anviz OA1000 Mercury Pro provides fast, accurate verification of fingerprint and Mifare card SEMARNAT (Mexico Government institution, Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources) Mexico's environment ministry is charged with the mission of protecting, restoring, and conserving the ecosystems, natural resources, assets and environmental services of Mexico with the goal of fostering sustainable development. DR Security is a company highly recognised in the field of solutions, integrations and services in the field of security technology, concentrating on new technologies, achieving and maintaining the highest quality. It is always maintaining an ethical interaction between customers, companies and employees within it. Solution offices SEMARNAT has 40 branches and 2000 employees nationally. The principal office is located in Mexico City that manages 40 branches in other cities. And more than 2000 users need to access their different branch buildings everyday, so there are two identification modes required on the integrated system consisting of the visitor only with card identification mode and employee with card and FP identification mode. Every two OA1000 Mercury Pro controls one Single Lane Flap Barrier. When employees punch card and place the FP to get access granted, the single lane flap barrier will open. OA1000 Mercury Pro with FP identification function increases the security level, and makes it the ideal choice to build intelligent and secure Access Control Application System. Anviz OA1000 Mercury Pro DR Security integrated Anviz OA1000 Mercury Pro after strict testing and evaluation with ANVIZ R&D professional support team. Due to its highest quality and performance of OA1000 Mercury Pro with very fast, accurate verification of fingerprint and Mifare card, also high quality Mercury Sensor from Lumidigm USA, finally they chose this solution as the best solution. OA1000 Mercury Pro is one of Anviz fingerprint flagship models, based on the Linux operating system, with features of dual-core high-speed CPU; large memory support; and 1: 30000 matching high speed in less than 0.5 seconds. Multiple communication modes are available: TCP/IP, WIFI & 3G optional. Its built-in webserver allows fast, easy access to the device settings and record searching. Benefits of the Anviz solution After the installation of OA1000 Mercury Pro integrated with the single lane flap barrier, Mexico government SEMARNAT had received users’ positive feedback and realised real-time monitoring the employees or visitors’ entry/exit buildings, improved office security level, saved labour cost to maximum. Meanwhile, other institutions of Mexico government are interested in this and wish to apply this security system.

Anviz showcases SecurityONE intelligent security system at ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas

Anviz also introduced a new generation of device-P7, the smallest PoE fingerprint pin and RFID standard alone access control The International Security Conference West 2016 (ISC West) event was a tremendous success for the organisers, exhibitors and attendees held from April 6-8 at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas. Anviz announced the latest innovation at the show with an Intelligent Security System SecurityONE, which provides a building with the functions of access control, video surveillance, fire & smoke alarm, intrusion detection and visitor management. Anviz new technologies and products Anviz also introduced a new generation of access control device-P7, which is one of the smallest PoE fingerprint pin and RFID standard alone access control in the world. IP cameras were also showed, and one essential part of Anviz surveillance system. TopView series is a vandal-resistant high-performance fixed HD network camera, up to 5MP. The embedded RVI (Real time Video Intelligence) algorithm ensures the functions of behavioural analysis, anomaly detection, intelligent recognition etc. It is suitable for monitoring indoor or outdoor areas. For Anviz, the exhibition provides not only a platform to present new technologies and products, but also a chance to exchange experience with peers and experts. Anviz expresses deep thanks to all those who stopped by its booth. Save

ISC West 2016: Physical security industry focuses on incorporating audio, video and other safeguards in an integrated approach

Access control now includes a strong focus on the data integration side ofthe business, as showcased at this year’s ISC West When the category of physical security emerged many decades ago, it was literally all about locks, hardware and creating barriers such as fences to keep people out. Fast forward to ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas this week, where the focus is on intelligent solutions, smart data, cloud-based access control and incorporating audio, video and a wide range of safeguards in a total, integrated approach. LE-802 Intelligent Audio Analytic System Louroe Electronics, Van Nuys, California, is one of the original pioneers of audio technologies, and as systems continue to merge and converge, the element of sound provides a much-needed added dimension to fortifying physical security applications. Louroe Electronics is unveiling the LE-802 Intelligent Audio Analytic System, offering a robust and easy-to-install application for unattended audio monitoring on specific events analysing the presence of gunshots, aggressive speech, glass breaking and car alarms. The system is a complete hardware and software solution housed in a weather- and vandal-resistant enclosure for outdoor applications. It also integrates with most video management and monitoring systems and works as a standalone edge solution analysing sounds in real time, according to Chris Gaunt, Manager of North American Sales. Connecting audio to video surveillance “Audio security gives you another piece of the puzzle and makes what was a silent movie come to life,” he says, adding that the bread and butter for the company is tying audio to video surveillance, as an attachment to cameras or nearby as an enhancement to surveillance. “For example, in schools, some 80 percent of verbal encounters lead to something aggressive, and now we can do something with preventative audio software,” he says. The company partnered with an analytics company to build the additional audio capabilities into its product, which also fits markets such as public safety, commercial and law enforcement, in addition to education. It also brought to market the Verifact® a gunshot detector for active shooter incidents. Louroe Electronics demonstrated the Verifact® Gunshot Detector at ISC West Data builds intelligent processes A common theme of data and added intelligence was front and centre at the show – getting more from physical security. Vanderbilt Industries, Parsippany, New Jersey, introduced Vanderbilt VI Connect at the show, a custom-configurable data management system that integrates Vanderbilt’s security management system (SMS), with third party, disparate systems of any size to automate business workflow. Automation for error reduction Mitchell Kane, President of Vanderbilt Industries, says the process of access control has changed and now includes a strong focus on the data integration side of the business. “Automating workflow makes the process less labour-intensive and eliminates user error in programming permissions and schedules. The entire process is automated and performed through web interfaces and hosting. Everything we automate means one less thing to do and one less chance of doing something wrong.” VI Connect establishes rules engines and also can provide the systems integrator with detailed security audits and reports for the end user. For example, the solution can be used in higher education environments where student data — demographic information, enrolled courses, housing information and badging settings — can be processed and manipulated through the VI Connect system, ensuring that a student is only allowed to gain access to campus buildings that are relevant to that particular student’s major. CrossChex time attendance and access control management system Anviz, an intelligent security provider with roots in biometric and RFID applications, is making its move to the cloud with the CrossChex Time Attendance and Access Control Management System. The company offers three different levels to expand the scope of specification possibilities: Desktop for small and medium businesses; Professional designed for enterprise web-based management; and Cloud for global enterprise applications. Brian Fazio, Director of Global Sales, Shanghai, China, says the three different versions provide a full solution for every type of user and their specific time and attendance applications. “CrossChex satisfies the time and attendance and access control requirements in different, complicated environments,” he says, and it also provides report management and a mobile application function that can be applied and accessed via smartphones. The lines of typical product categories continue to blur. The focus is on integrating a wide range of solutions to meet the challenges and issues of the end-user customer.