Compare SNC-CH280 with SNC-VB600  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
600 TVL
Sensitivity Lux
12 V DC, 24 V AC, PoE
12 VDC
Focal Length mm
3.1 ~ 8.9
2.8 ~ 8 mm
Image Frame Rate
30 fps
60 fps
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter Range
1 ~ 10,000
1/1 ~ 1/10,000 s
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
> 50
Signal Mode
Digital (DSP)
Specialist Type
Lens Mount
Motion Activated
Wide Dynamic Range
Picture Elements HxV
1280 x 1024
Inclusion DVR/ Web Server

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Sony networked video security solution protects people, buildings and valuable equipment at Serbian agricultural company Backa Sivac
Sony networked video security solution protects people, buildings and valuable equipment at Serbian agricultural company Backa Sivac

Sony SNC-VB600 and SNC-XM632 IP cameras as well as SCA-S30 outdoor speaker were installed Sony video security cameras maintain a watchful eye over efficient farming operations and employee safety at agricultural specialist company Backa Sivac in the Republic of Serbia. Controlled from a central network monitoring centre, SNC-VB600 and SNC-XM632 IP network cameras play a central role on the busy farm. Protecting people, buildings and valuable equipment, the cameras have also driven a significant increase in employees’ daily productivity. Background Located 165km from the Serbian capital Belgrade, specialist agricultural business Backa Sivac is a major food producer serving Serbia’s domestic market. Employing over 60 permanent members of staff, the company produces a wide range of crops including wheat, barley, beets, soybeans, sunflower and corn. Farm workers' safety Spread across 1450 hectares of privately-owned land, the extensive site features many warehouses, grain silos and mechanical workshops together with arable land and a pig farm. The safety of farm workers across such a large site is of prime concern for Backa Sivac. As is the security of the farm’s valuable inventory of mechanical equipment, fuel, fertiliser, seed and other materials that may be at risk in unattended buildings. Just as importantly, Backa Sivac needed to keep a close eye on the operational efficiency of farm processes to ensure that employees are performing adequately. Sony solution To help Backa Sivac streamline the efficiency and safety of its farming operations, Sony proposed a networked video security solution that provides round-the-clock monitoring of buildings, machinery and employees. Provided and installed by video security specialist and integration partner Star Master, the network of cameras gives farm management a detailed overview of activity across the extensive site – in all weathers and under any lighting conditions. HD video from each camera is transmitted wirelessly to Star Master’s centralised network monitoring and control centre in the Serbian town of Kula. Here, images from each camera are viewed on a large ‘video wall’ of 24 screens. This provides network operations staff with an at-a-glance overview of activity in all areas the Backa Sivac site, day and night. "With the help of our technology partners Sony and Star Master, we’ve been able to increase commercial efficiency in many areas, reducing illegal activities and also enjoying better visibility of assets and farming processes" A total of twenty SNC-VB600 cameras keep a watchful eye over employees and valuable equipment in warehouses, workshops and vehicle garages. The compact ‘all-in-one’ network camera delivers crisp 720p HD video coverage via its wide-angle lens. Its built-in movement sensor can trigger an alarm event or switch on the cameras’ integrated LED illuminator, a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves. With the addition of Sony´s SCA-S30 Outdoor Speaker, the camera’s built-in microphone allows two-way voice communication between employees in outbuildings and network operations centre staff. Four farm tractors have each been fitted with a pair of SNC-XM632 minidome IP cameras. Boosting employee safety, the compact cameras monitor activity in the cabin and at the rear of the vehicle. Developed specially for in-vehicle use, the rugged SNC-XM632 captures crisply detailed Full HD images via its wide-angle lens and sensitive, high-resolution Exmor™ CMOS sensor – even in low-light conditions where other cameras struggle to see clearly. Video is recorded directly onto removable SD memory card while the tractor’s in use. At the end of the working day, footage is automatically transferred back to base wirelessly for later analysis as required. Increased commercial productivity The arrival of Sony´s networked video solution has transformed commercial efficiency at Backa Sivac. The farm’s management team report better visibility of day-to-day operations, from accurate assessment of employees’ activities to monitoring of crop levels stored in warehouses. It’s estimated by the company that overall productivity has been increased by the equivalent of one hour’s additional labour per employee each day. More efficient deployment and monitoring of farm vehicles’ movements has also contributed to major savings in fuel costs. Further benefits include heightened safety and security for farm staff, with the discreet presence of cameras across the site helping safeguard valuable buildings, plant and machinery. In total, Backa Sivac estimates that its investment in networked video security across the farm estate has been repaid in just six months. Why was Sony selected? Sony network cameras offered an ideal solution for Backa Sivac, providing detail-packed video images with high sensitivity and low noise – an essential factor for efficient monitoring at dusk or in in dimly-lit conditions. Fitted in agricultural vehicles, specialist cameras like the SNC-XM632 offer the extra benefit of reliable operation in hostile outdoor environments where rain, extremes of temperature and mechanical vibration are encountered daily. Customer quote "Growth in our business has previously been impeded by problems like theft and poor productivity. With the help of our technology partners Sony and Star Master, we’ve been able to increase commercial efficiency in many areas, reducing illegal activities and also enjoying better visibility of assets and farming processes.” - Miladin Acanski, Director, Backa Sivac. Product list: 20x SNC-VB600 cameras 10x SCA-S30 Outdoor Speaker 8x SNC-XM632 minidome IP cameras

Sony IP cameras help secure 2014 TCS New York City Marathon
Sony IP cameras help secure 2014 TCS New York City Marathon

The Sony HD bullet cameras provided race coordinators with uninterrupted views, regardless of lighting conditions Background The New York City Marathon is a tradition held sacred not only by New Yorkers, but by people from around the globe who come to take part in the yearly event. Participants from more than 130 countries vie for a select number of spots to run the 26.2 mile course. Meanwhile, the whole city unites as spectators to cheer on those undertaking one of the most gruelling feats of physical stamina and endurance, which in 2014 took an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes to complete. The 2014 New York City Marathon — held November 2, 2014 — was completed by more than 50,000 runners who ran through all five boroughs ending in the scenic embrace of Central Park. Furthermore, over one million spectators crowded the length of the course for hours to cheer on runners on. The Challenge When large crowds gather in confined areas for many hours, the topic naturally turns to security. As a result of this spotlight on safety issues at large-scale and widespread events, like a marathon, a comprehensive plan is put in place to keep the race runners and spectators secure. This year, the New York Road Runners (NYRR), the running club who organises the annual race and their medical team chose New York City-based networked technology and systems integrator, Virsig, LLC to spearhead and execute their security plans, and to provide technological assistance and direction to increase safety. Sony Solution Sony was chosen by Virsig to be the IP camera of choice to securely monitor the world’s largest marathon, along with support from several other global technology partners including: Firetide, Inc.—a Division of UNICOM Global; Milestone Systems and Network Video Technologies. Sony’s cameras were required to perform multiple functions ranging from situational awareness at all entrances and exits, to threat assessment, and personnel management. In excess of 50 Sony security cameras were installed along the route, including SNC-HM662, SNC-XM632, SNC-WR632C, SNC-CH260 and SNC-CH280 ; which includes fixed cameras with on-board video analytics, dome, bullet, 360 degree and pan-tilt-zoom style cameras. Additionally, the marathon coordinators required a camera that would provide situational awareness to monitor the activities inside the emergency and medical tents. Because these were temporary structures, they were unable to take advantage of multiple camera views. For those areas, the SNC-HM662, a 5MP camera capable of providing 360 degree views from a single sensor, was selected. From this one camera, race organisers were able to know exactly what was going on in each tent, at all times. Results Sony’s IPELA ENGINE security cameras, which were also installed at the 2013 New York City Marathon, were coordinated through Milestone Systems XProtect Corporate, a powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale and high-security deployments. Meanwhile, Sony’s new, ultra wide dynamic range IP surveillance cameras were placed throughout the last mile of the race in Central Park and around the finish line. The camera allowed images that were far more detailed and expansive than anything used in the past The innovative SNC-XM632 IPELA ENGINE camera was used in multiple locations for a broad overview of the areasaround the entrance and exit points at the race. The camera has a 113-degree wide angle field-of-view and a hi-res, full HD imager, allowing for images that were far more detailed and expansive than anything used in the past. Why Sony Was Selected Sony’s reputation as a reliable provider of security solutions made it a clear choice for Virsig. Having a system that necessitated quick and efficient set-up was essential to the proposed solution. Although the marathon takes place during the day, the setup occurs over the course of several preceding days, and Sony’s cameras needed to be able to perform reliably during day and night-time hours. The Sony high-definition bullet cameras that were used come equipped with infrared illuminators that provided race coordinators with uninterrupted views, regardless of lighting conditions. The weather leading up to the marathon was very challenging, including freezing cold temperatures and rain, so it was important for Virsig to use cameras that were durable, reliable and self-sufficient. Sony’s security cameras automatically adjust to meet requirements in lighting and environment, and hold up to the unpredictable demands of the weather. This ensure that race managers can deal with unforeseen circumstances and medical emergencies and rest assured that the cameras will perform their functions without the attention of a team. Quotes “We selected Sony for multiple reasons; first and foremost because of the quality of the picture, and secondly because of the ease of installation,” said Glenn Taylor, Executive Director, Virsig. “We have a very short window to get the equipment up and running and we don’t have a lot of direct access to the cameras during the actual marathon. This is particularly why we relied on the photo framing and auto focus that’s built into the electronics of the Sony camera.” “To help ensure the safety of the biggest marathon in the world is no small task. Sony is pleased that we were able to be an integral part of the security process for the second year in a row,” said Phil Coppola, Northeast Security Manager, Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division. “Virsig worked day and night to get their system up and running and they had to contend with some terrible weather leading up to the race. With their experience in wireless transmission and video surveillance system design and installation, Virsig allowed the Sony cameras to operate to their fullest potential and play a pivotal role in helping to secure the marathon participants and spectators.”

Sony's HD PTZ camera secures casino roulette games
Sony's HD PTZ camera secures casino roulette games

The solution has the ability to enable casino operators and the responsible financial authorities to obtain detailed documentation Sony security cameras play an important part in the new monitoring system designed specifically for casino roulette tables developed by Stuttgart-based installer and certified Sony Gold partner BHS Böhm. Background BHS Böhm is a casino equipment manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany that aims to provide casinos with a secure solution to prevent theft, fraudulent behaviour and payment disputes within the casino environment. With almost 20 years of experience, BHS Böhm aims to push for security and fun with tailor-made requirements for each customer; from Blackjack to Roulette, there’s a solution for any type of game. These systems help to eliminate any criminal activity on the tables and grants customers with peace of mind. BHS Böhm puts an emphasis on building all of its own systems on a continuous basis, in order to keep up with the evolving technological landscape.    Challenge The intelligent PEye Table Management System –developed by BHS Böhm- has been on the market since 2007 and an update to the system was desired –one that could accurately detect the timing and results of a roulette spin. From the speed of the ball to predicting where it would fall, every facet of the game’s process needed to be meticulously monitored in order to ensure legitimacy of play. The PEye system is an integration of hardware and software, so versatility and application were two factors that needed to be considered when choosing an image acquisition solution, as this would need to be integrated into the new Roulette Table Monitoring System.   ISS table: new PEye table management system The ISS table is a new addition to the intelligent PEye table management system. The combined hardware and software solution takes just a fraction of a second to determine the number which the ball lands on in the roulette wheel, thanks to a Sony SNC-VB600 fixed networked camera. This is combined with the high-resolution Sony SNC-EP580 PTZ camera at the heart of the ISS table solution, which captures every chip, note exchange or cash box withdrawal. The video management system then transmits a signal to the Sony SNC-EP580 PTZ camera, which uses its powerful pan-tilt-zoom functionality and 20x optical zoom to reliably and quickly send the winning number to the billboard display. Thanks to the full-HD picture quality (1080p), the camera can capture a high-quality, close-up image of all chips, thus preventing payment disputes. The camera’s high image resolution makes it possible to easily identify how many chips are stacked on top of each other. The integrated Exmor CMOS sensor also provides an excellent level of detail with minimum noise via its specialised analogue/digital conversion technology. Why Sony was selected "We use the SNC-EP580 PTZ camera from Sony because it delivers very high picture quality in full HD even in poor lighting conditions", says Christoph Böhm, owner of BHS Böhm It was important that a system capable of monitoring the sporadic, unpredictable movement of a roulette ball was used so a highly accurate and reliable imaging solution would be essential for this goal to be achieved. BHS Böhm, Owner comments "We use the SNC-EP580 PTZ camera from Sony because it delivers very high picture quality in full HD even in poor lighting conditions", says Christoph Böhm, owner of BHS Böhm. "Using the window-area zoom features, it’s possible to configure well over a hundred pre-sets for all manner of events on a roulette table. This can be done much faster than with cameras from other manufacturers which include only a centre-zoom function." Helps detailed documentation The solution has the ability to enable casino operators and the responsible financial authorities to obtain detailed documentation. The PTZ camera monitors all activities on the game tables, such as money exchanges, cash box withdrawals, roulette results as well as the casino doors opening and closing. The system saves tamper-proof reports with picture evidence and supporting information about all of these activities. The ISS table is already in use in certain casinos in northern Germany.