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OPTEX Overview:

For over 40 years, OPTEX has been designing and manufacturing high-performance sensing devices with a mission to make people’s life and society more comfortable, safer and more secure. Founded in Japan, OPTEX is a global company with regional headquarters in Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA) in America (North and South) and Asia Pacific (APAC).

For security applications, OPTEX’s provides a wide range of intrusion detection sensors including passive infrared (PIRs), active beams, laser and fibre optics sensors that help any site from the perimeter and approach, to the roof and building. Unaffected by variable lighting and most weather conditions, OPTEX sensors provide extremely reliable detection, designed to integrate easily with any other security system, from alarm panels and DVRs to most Video Management Software and PSIM platforms and trigger an event when an intrusion or presence in the area of interest is detected.

For high security-controlled access areas, OPTEX provides tailgating detection and reverse detection sensors that adds a layer of security onto existing access control systems to detect and prevent authorised access. To improve operational and business efficiency, OPTEX offers a highly reliable real-time multidirectional people counter that provides office buildings, museums, retail stores and venues with footfall and occupancy level information.

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OPTEX news

Unified approach with OPTEX sensors and Genetec RSA Surveillance module to enhance airport perimeter security

One of the key problems in airport security is the sheer size of the perimeter and a large number of incidents are in fact linked to unauthorised access onto the airfield, either runways or where aircrafts are being loaded or refuelled posing an extremely high risk. Most airports will combine multiple sensors and technologies to protect the actual perimeter fence and even beyond the perimeter fence, to warn of potential threats. OPTEX LiDAR sensor integration with RSA module Some airports have found the level of information generated by the perimeter security systems quite challenging to deal with and they wanted to decrease the number of events so operators could focus on what was critical. The Airport development team at Genetec integrated the OPTEX LiDAR sensor into their Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance module, an extension of the Genetec Security Center platform with the purpose to unify data from the sensor and camera to present more meaningful information to the operators.  Restricted Security Area Surveillance module The RSA module has been designed specifically with a view to providing wide area protection The RSA module has been designed specifically with a view to providing wide area protection and integrating with wide area surveillance technology, including radar, fibre optic and laser detection devices. The solution allows security staff to determine the level of threat for each area, map them, and utilise OPTEX technologies to identify and locate quickly and precisely the point of intrusion. For instance, with Fibre optic fence sensor, zones can be 100m-200m long and will identify people cutting through a fence, crawling under or climbing over. Newer fibre technologies provide point location. Another way to pin-point exact intruder location is with OPTEX LiDAR technologies or with Radar. ‘Fuse’ data into a single event A particularly intelligent feature of the system is its ability to ‘fuse’ data (known as ‘target fusion’) coming from multiple sources and confirm an event as a single (i.e. the same) activity rather than a multiple threat. For instance, using the X&Y coordinates provided by OPTEX REDSCAN sensors, RSA allows to map exactly the path of the intruders or moving vehicles, fuses the path from one camera to the other and considers it as one event, one target and tracks it precisely on the map. Intelligent tracking and event categorisation This gives a more meaningful picture to the operator and presents events in a unified and intelligent way. This helps support the security team in making the right decisions. The deeper integration of OPTEX’s technologies into Genetec’s RSA platform enables intelligent tracking and event categorisation, making it a very precise security system for airports.

OPTEX announces its REDSCAN PRO LiDAR sensors now fully integrated with Genetec Security Center to offer enhanced perimeter protection

OPTEX, the global sensor manufacturer, has announced its award-winning REDSCAN PRO LiDAR sensors are now fully integrated with Genetec Security Center, to provide enhanced perimeter protection for the highest security sites. OPTEX - Genetec partnership The announcement follows a long period of engagement between the two firms, even prior to the launch of the latest OPTEX sensor series, to ensure the data and algorithms could be fully integrated and interpreted by the Genetec Security Center platform. By integrating the two technologies, a series of advanced features, exclusive to Genetec, have now been unlocked. Genetec is the only company to leverage the live X&Y coordinates, provided by the REDSCAN LiDAR, to create critical area mapping and video tracking, including advanced intelligent features, such as automatic target path fusion. This feature automatically merges single targets detected by multiple sensors, together as one, to help reduce the number of events presented via the Genetec Security Center platform, to the security staff and make them more relevant. REDSCAN PRO LiDAR and Genetec Security Center integration The integration of the OPTEX REDSCAN PRO series into our Security Center is a game-changer for perimeter security" David Lenot, Critical Infrastructure Practice Lead at Genetec, said “The integration of the OPTEX REDSCAN PRO series into our Security Center is a game-changer for perimeter security. With detection, tracking and video verification, all in one device, it’s not only more efficient and cost-effective, but also customers can expect higher levels of security and surveillance than ever before.” Automatic tracking of targets and camera handover is also enabled, providing a complete, visual audit trail of events through a single interface. Additionally, the REDSCAN integration with Genetec can be used specifically in vertical mode, to precisely map areas on a virtual wall. It could be mapping each window of a building façade, for instance, or each painting on a museum wall, to enable any intrusion or alarm to be quickly located and visualised. Strong working partnership Tomohiro Tsuji, General Manager at OPTEX, said “The shared beliefs and principles between OPTEX and Genetec have helped to build a strong working partnership. At OPTEX, we like to work in close collaboration with our partners, to deliver the very best solutions.” He adds, “We have worked closely together with Genetec for a number of years, with a clear focus on innovation and integration of technologies to provide enhanced security solutions for our customers. Our latest collaboration enables a deeper level of integration between our technologies, delivering a truly advanced, secure and agile perimeter protection solution.” REDSCAN Pro series The REDSCAN Pro series, which includes two models, the RLS-3060V with a range of up to 30x60 m (approx. 100 x 200 ft.) and the RLS-50100V with a range of up to 50x100 m (approx. 165 x 330 ft.), provides highly accurate detection outdoor and indoor, without any ‘gaps’ or the detection reliability ‘fading’ with range. The rectangular detection patterns provide excellent coverage for virtual wall applications and for virtual planes to cover open areas, ceilings and roofs. Its innovative panoramic camera module means detection can be visually verified, through pre- and post-event images, as well as video stream footage.  

OPTEX launches a new twelve channel Visual Verification Bridge for larger sites with constant monitoring facility

OPTEX, the global sensing and detection manufacturer, has expanded the offering of its range of award-winning Intelligent Visual Monitoring Solution with the launch of a new 12-channel Visual Verification Bridge in Europe and Africa. The new 12-channel Bridge, powered by CHeKT, enables up to 12 ONVIF-compatible cameras and alarms to be managed through a single device, making it ideal for larger sites such as major depots and warehouses with constant activity 24/7. The choice of a four and now 12-channel device gives greater flexibility to customers managing multiple sites with multiple devices. Visual monitoring solution The Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution gives the ‘power of sight’ to monitored alarm systems, meaning triggered alarms can be visually verified within seconds and responded to accordingly. The OPTEX Bridge is the hardware device (gateway) that is physically connecting the indoor and/or outdoor intrusion sensors or the panic buttons with the IP cameras on site. It can work with any legacy equipment as well as new systems. It provides a complete audit trail of activity and can detect when a camera is not working (i.e. when it has dropped out of the network), and report the fault, thus ensuring security is not compromised. Cloud-hosted platform Monitoring stations have the ability to provide an easy-to-install and cost-effective visual verification service It communicates via a gated Cloud portal with the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or monitoring station in the appropriate ‘language’, having integrated with all major monitoring software platforms. It will, in effect, work with virtually any intruder alarm technology, or any alarm device with a relay output and any ONVIF camera to deliver one seamless visual verification solution. Monitoring stations have the ability to provide an easy-to-install and cost-effective visual verification service to residential and commercial sites; the Bridge can be installed and working within the hour. The Cloud-hosted platform also allows a stronger collaboration between the ARCs and the home/business owners by having the ability to share video clips to confirm the alarms while respecting any privacy guidelines through its bespoke privacy feature that only end-users can release. Monitored alarm systems Ben Linklater, Commercial Director at OPTEX Europe, says the new 12-channel Bridge gives more options to both installers and monitoring stations: “Since launching our Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution last year, the demand for visual verification has continued to grow.” Most monitored alarm systems are ‘blind’, so the ability to add video and see exactly what is going on has significant benefits. “The 12-channel Bridge complements the four-channel Bridge and gives more options to installers and operators to suit monitored security systems of different sizes and configurations.”