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  • F17, 1703, Headquarters Economic Center Building, Zhonghaixin Science & Technology Park, Bu Lan Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518112, China
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CIVINTEC Global Co., Limited Overview:

CIVINTEC a leading OEM/ODM designer and manufacturer of smart card terminals and devices, established in 2006 with a focus on R&D, and exporting to over 100 countries and areas.

 CIVINTEC is a leading technical service company in the world for design and manufacture of smart card reader devices. It provides cost effective OEM/ODM technical services for product customisation, based on a technical platform designed to support all kind of RF-ID and interface technologies. CIVINTEC technical platform includes state of the art technologies to cater to clients’ requirement and to make them competitive and advanced on the market.

CIVINTEC opened the first branch office in Europe, Stockholm Sweden in January 2016. CIVINTEC Europe AB will focus on Europe and North American market for big project OEM & ODM customisation business development.

CIVINTEC business

OEM Service: To screen print clients brand logo on standard products
ODM (Customization) Service: Customise new features/functions in firmware and/or integrate client’s own protocol on our standard product. Customised design a complete new device, from PCB Hardware design, ID housing design, prototype production, to function implementation

Values to clients in CIVINTEC OEM/ODM technical service:

Cost effective customisations
Customisation can be provided in different levels and will be based on CIVINTEC’s independent hardware and software platform.

Short time to market
CIVINTEC's technical platform will cover up to 80% of the whole project construction that will shorten the time to market.

Quality and Certification
CIVINTEC is experienced with all kinds of quality certification e.g. ROHS, CE, FCC .

Quality Control System
CIVINTEC established an internal complex of Quality Control System, from R&D to final production. CIVINTEC has its own independent purchase team and strict components supplier evaluation system.

NDA protected
Professional and compliant with international business rule, NDA protected.

ID design houses
Several good partners around the world to collaborate to provide ID design for housing/casing.

Big project customisation business development (OEM & ODM)
Smidesvagen 12, 17141 Solna, Sweden

CIVINTEC product range includes: Proximity 13.56MHz/NFC/BLE OSDP access control readers, OLED/touch screen smart card readers, access control & time attendance terminals, handheld terminals, general purpose Android intelligent terminals and systems, and embedded OS with professional software such as Linux and Android +. 

  • Products
  • 13.56MHz & NFC OEM module/readers
  • Access Control & T/A terminals and systems
  • Handheld terminals and systems
  • Multi-purpose smart terminals and systems
  • Biometric terminal and systems
  • Embedded OS with professional software, Linux, Android +

CIVINTEC Global Co., Limited news

CIVINTEC releases new generation smart wall readers and smart terminals at ISC WEST 2017

At the ISC West 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas, CIVINTEC released new generation smart wall readers and Android|Linux smart terminals, which are newly designed with NFC+BLE (Bluetooth low energy) and RS485 OSDP protocol. CIVINTEC uTouch management platform uTouch is a programmable and versatile Android smart terminal management platform able to work with NFC and Bluetooth smart phone and biometric technology for multi-application integration. With a highly sensitive 7.0-inch touch screen, uTouch provides an intuitive and comfortable user experience and includes an embedded web server with 3G Wifi TCP/IP to enable easy network and data transfer for IP-based multi-application management. CIVINTEC Crystal reader Crystal reader is a 3.5” touch-screen Linux-based terminal that is IP65 rated in terms of weatherproof and waterproof standards for outdoor applications. With a 125KHz/13.56MHz RFID reader, the Crystal Touch features a mobile key application through ISO18092 NFC and Bluetooth technology, and even more data transmission options are available such as Ethernet, RS485 OSDP protocol, and WiFi, GPRS, USB which are also supported. Civintec's unique technical platform and experience in this field makes cost-effective OEM & ODM customisation possible and the ability to deliver customised new products in an efficient time to market manner.

CIVINTEC exhibits newly designed touch screen smart card reader at TRUSTECH, Cannes

Peter Bergstrom, the CEO and CTO of CIVINTEC Europe, will introduce CIVINTEC company technical service and CRYSTAL new smart card reader and terminals at TRUSTECH 2016 in Cannes. CIVINTEC company strategy CIVINTEC have over 10 years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of smart card-related products. CIVINTEC’s company strategy; to provide more than just standard, good-quality products with customising and modification; has been an ambition for a couple of years now. The result of this ambition is the technical service concept based on CIVINTEC’s unique technical platform which includes both hardware design and embedded software design. CIVINTEC technical service The technical service is a concept made to provide cost-effective market customisations. CIVINTEC’s ambition is to be able to provide different levels of customisation for clients. The technical service provided can include a brand logo on a CIVINTEC standard product, or even a unique client product design. The process takes the customer’s future product all the way from idea to a manufactured product. All software components are independent which make it easy to design products with different ranges of functions and features included The technical platform is very carefully made to provide the highest level of product performance and quality and includes electronic hardware design, embedded firmware software and SDK command library. All software components are independent which make it easy to design products with different ranges of functions and features included. The technical platform supports almost all standardised chip technologies and communication interfaces. Together with additional technologies like NFC, BLE and biometrics, CIVINTEC have created a platform that covers the majority of customers’ requirements. CIVINTEC Crystal reader and uTouch terminal CIVINTECE has designed a concept reader called Crystal, which is based on the technical platform. The aim for the Crystal reader is to provide something new; for example, CIVINTEC designed a version of the reader with a touch screen display that replaced the mechanical keypad and the traditional LEDs. The Crystal reader supports a combination of different technologies such as RF 13,56MHz, 125kHz, NFC and BLE in the same design. The Crystal reader range will be available as a standard product, but will also be available for customisation. The popular smart terminal uTouch is also an outcome of the CIVINTEC technical platform. The uTouch terminal combines RF, NFC, BLE and traditional interfaces alongside wi-fi and 3G. Biometric is also available as an additional choice.

CIVINTEC Global Ltd opens new European office

CIVINTEC’s strategy has always been to provide quality products and technical services to the security industry, based on the highest level of knowledge. CIVINTEC new European office “Our aim is to become the number one Company in the world on smart card reader devices”, says Sally Fang, President of CIVINTEC Global Ltd. “The strategy is to be every company’s first choice for OEM/ODM RF-ID devices. We must design products with state-of-the-art technologies to cater to clients’ requirements and expectations to make them competitive and advanced in the market.” New CEO Peter Bergström CIVINTEC has also opened a European office and has hired Peter Bergström for the role of CEO; and also the role of CTO for CIVINTEC Global Ltd. Peter has extensive experience in product management and product development. With nearly 25 years in the security industry and with RFID and access control as areas of expertise, Peter is the right person to join the company's management and take CIVINTEC to Number One. With the experience that Peter possesses and the background he has as product manager director at ASSA ABLOY and Nexus ID Solutions, CIVINTEC will now be able to offer both existing and future customers professional project management and development resources for customised product development projects, with a result that is cost-effective and meets the highest level of quality product-wise. With a new Europe office, CIVINTEC will be closer to some of its key markets; such as Europe, Canada and the United States.