The CoVi EVQ-1000™ : Delivering HD for High Quality Security Video
The CoVi EVQ-1000™ : Delivering HD for High Quality Security Video

CoVi Technologies showcased the industry’s only High Definition surveillance solution available for deployment with existing video security infrastructure.  The CoVi EVQ-1000 delivers the best video quality, usability and unrivalled feature set, including:Exclusive MultiView™ with Electronic PTZ The MultiView feature of the EVQ-1000 allows the camera to emulate four cameras from a single source image.  The main NTSC or PAL output provides a widescreen image plus three additional ZUP™ (Zoom Under Picture) images, which may be targeted at a specific areas of interest within the widescreen source image.Electronic PTZ functionality – available on the second NTSC or PAL output - allows the EVQ-1000 to emulate traditional pan-tilt and zoom functions entirely within the camera, providing significant cost savings.  Electronic PTZ provides smooth pan and tilt in the area of the widescreen high definition source image, and also features up to 4X zoom with no apparent loss of output resolution.High definition videoBy utilizing a progressive scan High Definition sensor, the EVQ-1000 captures details traditional cameras miss.  The naturally widescreen source image delivers a broader field of view, which reduces the number or cameras required to cover a target area.Flexible DeploymentThe camera employs a motorized IR filter for dual mode Day/Night usage and features 16-bit processing to faithfully capture details even in high contrast situations.  No other camera on the market offers this combination of resolution and image quality, across diverse lighting situations.

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