TDSi’s TIMEgarde and DIGIgarde Plus offer reliable and easy to use Time & Attendance

Product Profile

Traditionally Time & Attendance and access control systems were completely separate entities, each one performing a vital role using a silo of data that could only be cross-referenced manually. However, the move towards integration, which has largely been facilitated by the ubiquitous use of IP systems, is offering exciting new ways to link previously disparate systems to provide truly joined-up information that can be useful to businesses of all sizes.

TDSi’s access control and Time & Attendance systems are designed to be fully integrated, each offering separate functions that can be combined to provide reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions. At the centre of TDSi’s Time & Attendance offering is TIMEgarde, a web-based software system that provides logging and reporting against specific work patterns. With the ability to create and assign multiple working times, as well as controlling absenteeism, TIMEgarde provides a flexible and reliable solution together with a wealth of management information and is ideally suited to SMEs (by holding basic HR information) and contract businesses (allowing absences to be booked and authorised). Reports are fully configurable (they can be exported to Microsoft Excel for example) and individual employee’s access rights can be enhanced or restricted at the log-in stage, as required by business and security needs.

An ideal way to make the most of TIMEgarde’s flexibility and reliable reporting, is TDSi’s DIGIgarde Plus reader, which combines a compact and versatile fingerprint reader (which can store up to 9,000 user templates), PIN keyboard and Mifare Card reader to offer full three-factor authentication.  Integration with DIGIgarde Plus, means staff cannot be clocked in by colleagues and ensures that only the correct person can successfully register against the Time & Attendance records. Featuring a high-resolution optical sensor and an extremely quick matching algorithm, DIGIgarde PLUS gives maximum usability and is suitable for control of most access points (particularly those that require control of a large number of users and are subject to high a throughput of traffic). The backlit tactile keypad, white-on-black display and dual-colour LED give user of the product excellent feedback and an easy to operate local programming interface. With this flexibility, DIGIgarde PLUS can also be used as a stand-alone reader as well in conjunction with Access Controller. It offers a bypass card capability (granting access for those with badly damaged fingerprints for example) and uses a highly accurate high speed matching algorithm which means it can deal with busy access areas.

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Technical Specification

Make TDSi
Manufacturer TDSi
Model code TIMEgarde
Reader Types Biometric
Visitor Management Yes
Time & Attendance Yes
Import/Export of Information Yes
System Requirements Operating System: Windows 2000/XP PRO SP1/SP2
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7
Additional info

Time and attendance software. Normal and flexitime shift patterns. Multiple reports pre-defined. Basic HR functionality. Fingerprint clocking / manual clocking. Configurable departments. Secure login. Export facility to Microsoft Excel. Database: SQL Express.

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