TDSi announces new MIFARE Programmer tool

Product Profile

Access control specialist TDSi has launched its new MIFARE Programmer, which offers users the ability to specify their own sectors and keys on their MIFARE access cards. Together with the ability to re-configure TDSi's standard sector readers to any desired code (without the need for any other parties to be involved), the MIFARE Programmer ensures confidentiality of security data and access control.

To make sure it doesn't inadvertently become a weak point of security itself, TDSi's MIFARE Programmer uses a highly secure user login to protect the ability to programme user cards from unauthorised users. Having control of MIFARE security details also offers a number of other key benefits:
  • Use pre-assigned sequential numbers - The MIFARE Programmer provides an effective method of card programming which eliminates potential duplication problems,
  • Read and identify existing cards - users can identify existing cards and sector usage before migrating existing system cards,
  • Log all cards issued - The MIFARE Programmer provides a history of cards which have been issued (for future reference),
  • Multiple card number options - The user can utilise a unique number, custom number or CSN to program a sector, providing increased flexibility,
  • Dual decode options - The MIFARE Programmer allows users to decode the new 7 byte UID using TDSi's format or NXP's format, for increased flexibility,
  • Check which sectors are used - This built-in function allows users to check which sectors have already been used. This is ideal if you want to migrate existing MIFARE CSN cards that may be utilised for other aspects (such as cashless vending) to a more secure sector operation.

TDSi's John Davies comments on the MIFARE Programmer, "For companies that need the highest levels of protection; the ability to protect your security codes across the board is a very attractive proposition. Being able to programme your own MIFARE cards and readers means you can close a potential gap in security that comes from pre-programmed systems. We believe this is a unique solution that offers real peace of mind. It has been developed from feedback we have had from installers and users, who advised that it would be highly desirable choice for both security and convenience."

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Technical Specification

Make TDSi
Manufacturer TDSi
Model code Mifare Configuration Tool and Programmer
Reader Types Mifare
System Requirements Operating System: Windows
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