Compare DS-2CD2635FWD-IZS with DS-2CD2032-I  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
3 MP
Digital (DSP)
Specialist Type
Sensitivity Lux
0 ~ 0.0089
Auto Iris
Direct Drive
12 V DC, PoE
12 V DC
Motion Activated
High Speed
Focal Length mm
2.8 ~ 12
4 mm
Wide Dynamic Range
Picture Elements HxV
2048 × 1536
2048 x 1536
Image Frame Rate
25 ~ 30 fps
30 fps
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter Range
1/3 ~ 1/100,000s
1/25 (1/30) ~ 1/100,000 sec

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Latest IP camera case studies

Hikvision IP security video solution protects new Islamabad shopping mall development
Hikvision IP security video solution protects new Islamabad shopping mall development

A building development can fairly be described as ‘iconic’ when it changes the very skyline of a city. That was the case in Islamabad, Pakistan, for Centaurus, a three-skyscraper complex –the tallest buildings in the city – all linked by a prestigious shopping mall. When the four-storey mall housing over 250 shops needed a powerful and effective surveillance system, they turned to Hikvision for high quality IP security video. Centaurus is a mixed use real estate development project designed by British architectural firm WS Atkins. The three 41-storey buildings house offices, a 5-star hotel, and residential apartments, with the luxury Centaurus mega mall running between and connecting the towers. The interior design of the residential building and the shopping mall was courtesy of renowned firm ODEION-Turkey. The striking complex was built at an estimated cost of US$350 million. All public spaces, particularly those that attract thousands of visitors every day, pose a security risk. As a major shopping hub, the Centaurus mall needs to be able to protect its customers and provide a safe and secure shopping environment. Ensuring customer safety The mall’s management tasked Islamabad IP surveillance specialist installer Digital Links with providing a comprehensive video security system. The Centaurus security team was facing issues such as garbage being thrown in stairways and emergency entry/exits. More seriously, security staff were regularly receiving reports of thieves, shoplifters and pickpockets hiding in stairways to avoid detection. They would be detected once video was reviewed the following day – but by then, of course, it was too late. The new system had to monitor in real-time the key entry and exit points, the interior of the mall, and its emergency access points, as well as providing ongoing alarm monitoring. Hikvision’s cameras were deployed to cover these crucial zones, as well as providing standard overall security views of malls and walkways. Security staff were regularlyreceiving reports of thieves,shoplifters and pickpocketshiding in stairways to avoiddetection Digital Links project manager, Khuram Chohan, says, “The solution we devised included 400 Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I 3MP Infrared IP Bullet Cameras and 80 DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP IR Cube Network Cameras, which send video images back to eight 64-channel DS-9664NI-ST high-end NVRs. The whole system is managed using Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Professional Video Management Software.” Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Pro is a centralised video software management system that allows users to manage all of their business security subsystems in one platform. This single platform can control surveillance, access control, license plate recognition, business intelligence, and control room video wall. Effective real-time monitoring “The cameras plus the NVRs and the software provide a real-time live view for the Centaurus mall’s security staff,” says Chohan. “This enables them to monitor the mall effectively and efficiently. Powerful recording and remote playback mean video evidence is easily located and exported. “The iVMS-5200 software provides a smart alarm handling mechanism which helps operators quickly locate and identify alarm incidents – and react quickly and decisively to prevent security incidents occurring. The system’s alarmfunctions have resultedin the apprehension ofshoplifters and attemptedthieves “The system allows the entire mall to be monitored from the control room, where operators can proactively identify security risks. They are also able to ensure that emergency gates providing important access to the mall and skyscrapers are unobstructed and clear for emergency vehicles.” The system’s alarm functions, including motion detection, intrusion, video tampering and designated zone line crossing, have resulted in the apprehension of shoplifters and attempted thieves, and have solved the problem of unauthorised waste disposal in emergency exit staircases. The 480 IP surveillance cameras employed in the system send high resolution images to the control room for both live monitoring and recording – in order to investigate any incidents or suspicious activities. Operators are alerted to incidents via the iVMS-5200 Pro software’s built-in video analytics capabilities, allowing resources to be immediately directed to any troublespots. The 64-channel DS-9664NI-ST network video recorders offer up to 6 megapixel resolution recording, and output at up to 1920 x 1080P resolution in HDMI and VGA formats. They provide up to eight SATA interfaces, dual gigabit network interfaces, and HDD quota and group management, which ensures long-time recording continuously without failure. The result is a shopping experience unlike any other in Pakistan, and a level of comprehensive security which is, for the mall’s thousands of visitors, both reassuring and highly effective.

Hikvision IP CCTV system secures perimeter and enables remote monitoring of workshop for GRW, South Africa
Hikvision IP CCTV system secures perimeter and enables remote monitoring of workshop for GRW, South Africa

GRW is one of South Africa’s leading providers of sophisticated road transport trailers; designing, manufacturing and servicing a wide range of bespoke vehicles, each configured to provide a solution to the unique transportation needs of an individual client. GRW has now invested in a state-of-the-art IP CCTV system to protect its premises against unauthorised access and monitor the large, modern production facilities, and is already reaping the benefits from the integration of analytics with the IP cameras. GRW transport operations Founded in South Africa in 1996, GRW’s operations have always revolved around the transport of commercial goods. Whether it’s carrying petroleum, chemicals, temperature-controlled perishables, FMCG, pallets or bulk general cargo, the trailers manufactured by GRW are specifically designed to meet the individual transportation requirements of customers throughout Southern Africa, the Middle East, Australia and the UK. All the company’s products emerge from its large, ultra-modern manufacturing complex in Worcester, in South Africa’s Western Cape. As well as housing the extensive production facilities and spare parts department, the facility is also home to GRW Services and GRW Financial Services, which are responsible for worldwide customer care and after-sales contract servicing and the supply of rental units. Surveillance of the perimeter of this large facility and protecting the plant from unauthorised access was a key security concern for the company. However, manned patrols of the perimeter proved ineffective and Sensor Security was tasked with designing a solution that would automate the process of securing the boundary and eliminate the possibility of human error. At the same time, GRW recognised that an intelligent camera infrastructure might enable remote monitoring of the production process and Sensor Security was asked to investigate.Surveillance of the perimeter of this large facility and protecting the plant from unauthorised access was a key security concern for the company Integration of analytics with IP cameras “From the outset we knew that the proposed CCTV system should successfully serve a dual purpose, helping supervisors and managers monitor the workshop operations during opening hours and securing the perimeter 24 hours a day,” says Edmund Casaleggio, Sensor Security’s Sales Executive. “There was also a need to make the combined system as simple and easy to operate as possible, ensuring that operations staff had unrestricted access to the workshop video feeds while not being distracted by the security cameras and vice versa for the security officers, who are best served by complete concentration on securing the premises.” Following extensive consultations with GRW staff, the final design of the dual-purpose system involved a total of 18 Hikvision cameras, eleven on the perimeter and seven in the workshop area, all feeding in to a 32-channel Hikvision NVR at GRW, and to Security Sensor’s control room. “GRW was actively involved in the whole consultation and design process, right from day one, with suggestions on key sites needing monitoring and protecting and information and advice on the flow of work and personnel around the workshop area” continues Edmund Casaleggio. “This was hugely beneficial and one of the main contributory factors in the successful installation. In my experience it is always more challenging, risky even, to install any security-related system without sufficient input and collaboration from the end-user client.” A smart perimeter Perimeter patrolling with guards having proved ineffective, GRW was also keen that the introduction of cameras did not mean that an individual would have to be assigned to constantly manage the CCTV system around-the-clock. Therefore, the Hikvision DS-2CD4012F-A Smart 1.3MP low-light box camera was selected to monitor the perimeter of the plant, with active use of the cameras Smart Analytics intrusion flags ensuring that GRW’s security officers and Sensor Security’s control room are pro-actively notified of any unauthorised movement around the premises.  According to Edmund Casaleggio, “The integration of analytics with the Smart IP CCTV cameras is a significant added advantage, flagging alarms only when intrusion occurs within the specified range. We do not have to use alarm inputs and outputs to connect passives and actives on the DVR/NVR, which saves significantly on maintenance of the system. It also reduced installation time significantly. What’s more, the accuracy of these Smart cameras with analytics is far better than beams, as long as the cameras are correctly calibrated when installed. In this regard, the Auto Back Focus on these Smart cameras greatly assists the installation technicians to achieve the best possible viewing quality.”  As well as the Smart Intrusion Detection, the Hikvision DS-2CD4012F-A also features Smart Codec, Smart Focus, Smart VQD, Smart Face Detection and Smart Audio Detection. They also benefit from 3D DNR and Digital WDR, and the Day & Night IR cut filter allows successful video operation down to 0.001 Lux. Remote monitoring of perimeter and workshop Seven Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I 3MP Mini Dome Cameras keep watch over all operations in the workshop area, assisting the supervisors and managers to remotely monitor processes on the floor. This process is made much easier and more efficient for these staff due to the integration of the Hikvision DS-9632NI-ST 32-channel NVR with a PC, ensuring that operational staff are only presented with images relevant to the production area.GRW is already reaping the benefits from the integration of analytics with the IP cameras and is set to continue for many years" “The full HD, 1080p real-time video is a huge asset for the supervisory staff and the camera itself, protected within its IP66 vandal-proof housing, has withstood the rigours of a harsh industrial environment really well,” continues Edmund Casaleggio. “True day/night operation thanks to its 30m IR range and Digital WDR and 3D DNR also contribute to the high-quality video at all times.” A real success “This newly-installed state-of-the-art IP CCTV system automates the process of protecting GRW’s premises against unauthorised access and monitoring the production facilities while eliminating the possibility of human error,” says Edmund Casaleggio. “GRW is already reaping the benefits from the integration of analytics with the IP cameras and is set to continue for many years. “At the same time, they are benefitting from the user-friendly nature of Hikvision’s technology. This deceptively “simple” platform helps GRW staff to operate the software easily with minimal training while Smart features, such as ABF, aids our technicians to achieve the best possible video quality. “However, the quality of Hikvision’s hardware and software does not come with an unaffordable price tag. In fact, since Hikvision’s iVMS-4200 software allows for the integration of analogue and IP cameras free-of-charge, this serves to increase the affordability of their products. What’s more, the free Hikvision software allows the feeds from analogue and IP cameras to be integrated on one screen. “In conclusion, Hikvision’s huge range of cameras, NVRs, DVRs and software allows us to propose unitary solutions to their security needs and to more successfully back-up and service the installation over many years. Quite simply, it is easier to provide post-sales service and support with a single, reliable brand.”

Hikvision IP CCTV system secures Ghana’s International Airport
Hikvision IP CCTV system secures Ghana’s International Airport

Levels of security inside the Aviation industry have never been higher; mainly due to increased terrorism threat levels across the globe, combined with a worldwide rise in smuggling activity. No airport is immune from these pressures and Ghana’s ‘Kotoka International’ can now claim to meet ACC3, the highest accreditation in the aviation industry, thanks to their recent investment in the latest generation of IP CCTV systems from Hikvision. Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport Established in 1994, Aviance Ghana Ltd provides a range of ground handling services at Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport, situated just outside the capital, Accra. The airport itself is Ghana’s premier international flight centre and is capable of accepting large aircrafts, such as the latest generation of Boeing 747.Aviance Ghana is one of eight companies making up the Aviance Alliance, which operates at more than 100 airport locations across 4 continents It occupies more than 650 hectares, with two large terminals for domestic/regional and international/long-haul operations that are connected by an internal walkway. Terminal 2 is the principal international departure terminal and includes restaurants, duty-free shops and two Executive lounges for First and Business Class travellers. There are also two smaller terminals dedicated solely to diplomatic flights and military operations. Aviance Ghana is one of eight companies making up the Aviance Alliance, which operates at more than 100 airport locations across 4 continents. At Kotoka, the ground services include managing all the passenger concourse facilities in Terminal 2, plus passenger check-in and baggage handling, the loading and unloading of cargo from freight flights and a cargo warehouse operation for all import and export needs. Overriding security objectives Given that today’s security concerns require the aviation industry to maintain very high levels of protection measures, close scrutiny of the 650 hectare site that the airport occupies and protecting passengers, aircraft and cargo were the twin key objectives for Aviance when deciding to upgrade the Airport’s CCTV system. The company also recognised that intelligently deploying the camera infrastructure would be necessary to maximise cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The new Skylink CCTV system design uses four different types of Hikvision IP camera Aviance Ghana turned to Skylinks Technical Services Ltd and tasked them with designing a solution that would enable it to meet the EU’s ACC3 accreditation, the highest accreditation in the aviation industry. In turn, Skylinks turned to Hikvision for the design of an all-IP CCTV system capable of not only meeting the current challenges facing Aviance in its operation at Kotoka International Airport, but also providing an expandable base that could rise to meet future developments. The new Skylink CCTV system design uses four different types of Hikvision IP cameras connected to a 32-channel, RAID 5 NVR over an entirely new Gigabit network infrastructure. According to Haim Atanelov, Skylinks General Manager, “The final brief for the CCTV upgrade included installation of new cameras in Aviance’s import and export cargo warehouses, both entry and exit vehicle gates, within the terminal public areas, at the biometric log-in area and associated turnstiles, and within the VIP lounge areas. “In all of these disparate areas, we were challenged by Aviance to deliver high resolution images at all times and in all lighting conditions. It is these pressures that helped us in choosing Hikvision components, with their robust build quality, excellent video quality, and quick and simple installation and operation due to the user-friendly software. It also helped that the products offer very competitive prices and are accompanied by after-sales service and technical support from a first-class team.” Clear images in poor lighting conditions Aviance is committed to phasing out the old system in favour of a totally Hikvision IP system as soon as possible" The CCTV system uses a combination of IP66-rated dome and bullet cameras with either 1.3 or 3MP resolution. A total of four DS-2CD2312-I 1.3MP Outdoor Network Mini Dome cameras were installed, two in the public areas of the terminal and two at the main gates where passengers complete the biometric log-in process and enter through the turnstiles. To complement the dome cameras, nine EXIR bullet cameras were used: five DS-2CD2212-I5 1.3 MP units for general surveillance in the warehouses together with a pair of DS-2CD2232-I5 3MP units where greater resolution was required, and two DS-2CD2632F-I 3MP Vari-focal EXIR cameras for the main vehicle entry and exit gates. “All of the cameras offer great resolution, with 3D DNR and Digital WDR as standard, together with a full complement of alarm triggers, including line crossing and motion and intrusion detection” says Haim Atanelov. “But, the true day/night capability of the EXIR infrared technology meant that they always delivered clear images, even in the warehouses where lighting conditions are not good. Both the 1.3MP and 3MP bullet cameras employed in the warehouses live up to the 50-metre IR range quoted. What’s more, the 30-metre EXIR range of the mini dome cameras deployed in the terminal building is also very useful during night time hours when the building lighting is partially shut down.The new system has already proved its worth, helping to completely seal the export warehouse in particular “We also paid particular attention to the vehicle entry and exit points, in each case choosing the 3MP Vari-focal bullet cameras for their IP66 environmental protection, high resolution, advanced night viewing capabilities and zoom.” Into the future The new system has already proved its worth, helping to completely seal the export warehouse in particular and enabling Kotoka to meet ACC3 accreditation. Together with securing the import warehouse, which serves global airline and cargo brands such as British Airways, South African Airways, Alitalia, KLM, Virgin, DHL, Cargolux, etc., it means that the airport is well-placed to continue to attract business. “Aviance is especially pleased with the smooth integration of the Hikvision IP system with the access control system at the 4 turnstiles,” says Haim Atanelov, “something which was also carefully noted by the EU ACC3 validators. Aviance was also pleased with the integration of the new system with the existing analogue CCTV system, although it did show up the difference in video quality immediately. "We have already agreed to add further IP cameras to the site and Aviance is committed to phasing out the old system in favour of a totally Hikvision IP system as soon as possible.”