Compare IB8381-E with IP8151  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
5 MP
1280 x 1024
Digital (DSP)
Specialist Type
Sensitivity Lux
0.04 Lux @ F1.2
Auto Iris
12 V DC
12 V DC, 24 V AC, PoE
Motion Activated
Focal Length mm
3 ~ 9
3.1 ~ 8
Mount Type
Wall, Pole, Corner
Wide Dynamic Range
Picture Elements HxV
2560 x 1920
Image Frame Rate
25 fps
30 fps
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter Range
1/5 ~ 1/32,000s
1/5 ~ 1/40,000
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
Lens Mount
Signal Mode

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Latest IP camera case studies

VIVOTEK IP-based surveillance solution protects guests and assets at the Landis Taipei Hotel
VIVOTEK IP-based surveillance solution protects guests and assets at the Landis Taipei Hotel

VIVOTEK’s IP-based solution is comprised of FE8174V, FE8172, FD8134, and FD8363 fixed IP Dome Cameras Located in the busy central business and finance district in Taipei City, Taiwan, the Landis Taipei Hotel is immensely popular among domestic and foreign travellers. This luxurious 5-star hotel features a French Art Deco ambience, earth tone colours, and extravagant vintage decorations in each guest room to create a warm and cosy atmosphere for its guests. The hotel further offers a variety of high-quality services for both business and leisure, such as limousine services, express laundry, wedding planning, a health and fitness centre, exquisite Western and Chinese restaurants, and the Landis SPA, which enhances the perceived value of its guests. Despite all the explicit features of the Landis Taipei, the hotel has not forgotten the fundamental implicit element that constitutes to a world-class hotel - security. In addition to being a place of relaxation, the Landis Taipei Hotel has committed itself to the adoption of a stringent security policy to protect guests and their assets. Hence, the reliable and effective surveillance system is exceptionally important. Formulating a specific solution for the needs of the hotel The original surveillance solution employed by the hotel was an analogue-based system. Fully recognising the importance of keeping the quality and effectiveness of hotel security, the hotel adopted an IP-based security surveillance solution of VIVOTEK. Project specifications include enhanced resolution, clear image quality, wide coverage for the outdoor and parking areas. Based on these specifications, a perfect solution for the Landis Taipei was created. This solution comprised 5 camera models, including Fisheye Fixed Dome Network Camera, Fixed Dome Network Camera, and Fixed Network Camera. Moreover, VIVOTEK’s video management software, the ST7501, was adopted. Fisheye fixed dome network camera - FE8174V and FE8172 FE8174V and FE8172 are two latest fisheye cameras of VIVOTEK. Both models are equipped with a fisheye lens and a 5-megapixel resolution sensor, making these cameras perfect for monitoring open areas, such as parking lots, streets, and walkways, without blind spots. Four FE8174V models, with vandal-proof IK10-rated and weather-proof IP66-rated housing, are robust choices for outdoor application. They were mounted on the outer walls of the hotel to provide a complete 180º panoramic view of the outer perimeter. 3 FE8172 models were installed to the ceiling of the hotel lobby to achieve a 360 º surround view of the lobby. Fixed dome network camera - FD8134 and FD8363 3 FE8172 models were installed to the ceiling of the hotel lobby to achieve a 360 º surround view of the lobby Five FD8134 models were installed in separate communal areas in the hotel and 1 FD8363 model was mounted above the main entrance. The FD8134 features a 1-megapixel camera capable of achieving viewing resolutions of 1280X800 at 30fps, making this camera the all-in-one solution for the monitoring of designated areas. The FD8363 is a professional 2-megapixel outdoor camera that offers a viewing resolution of 1080p Full HD at 30 fps. More importantly, the camera is designed with a removable IR-cut filter, 15-meter IR illuminators and WDR Enhancement, providing clear image 24 hours a day and unparalleled visibility under high contrast environments. Fixed network camera - IP8151 Three IP8151 models were installed outside the elevators of the hotel. This camera features a 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor that achieves a viewing resolution of 1280X1024 at 30 fps. The highlight of this camera is its superb night visibility and support for WDR enhancement, making this model perfect for low-light environments and enclosed spaces. Reliable security increases the efficiency of hotel operation and management William Ku, Vice President of VIVOTEK’s International Sales Division, stated, “Hotel security is important to not only the operation and management efficiency of the hotel, but also the safety of customers. Hence, the reliable surveillance system is exceptionally important. Here at VIVOTEK, we endeavour to develop the best surveillance solutions for our clients and, ultimately, create a safe hotel.”

VIVOTEK IP cameras provide security surveillance at Melli Bank in Iran
VIVOTEK IP cameras provide security surveillance at Melli Bank in Iran

Background Melli Bank is among the largest banks in Islamic world. There are more than 200 branches in the province of Khorasan alone. Prior to August 2010, the management adopted mostly analogue cameras as their security solutions. As network and digital technology advanced over time, Kankash Niroo, the System integrator of PFN Technology on this case, began to look into IP-based solutions for the bank‘s infrastructure. VIVOTEK IP8161 and IP8151 were chosen as the key solution device. Solutions 186 pieces of IP8151 cameras (with enclosure), known for excellent image quality and unparalleled visibility under low-light conditions, were installed for outdoor surveillance. For indoor surveillance, the IP8151P remains favoured, particularly due to its ability to overcome different lighting conditions as well as noise disturbance. 162 IP8151P cameras were installed in areas where customers are hosted and seated. The IP8151P is equipped with WDR enhancement, which provides clear image in an extremely dark or bright environment. Other VIVOTEK cameras selected for indoor surveillance include the IP8161, in which 233 of them were installed for counters and teller areas. Meanwhile, the FD8161 was used for low-ceiling sections. Mr. Taleb, sales manager of Kankash Niroo, suggested the use of PINHOLE CCTV cameras on ATMs. The footage is then converted digitally via VIVOTEK VS8102, which ends up transferred through network cables to the server. in order to record the videos, the servers are given either 8 or 12 terabyte memory with ST7501, VIVOTEK‘s 32-channel software program. Customer’s feedback Management of Melli Bank was so satisfied with VIVOTEK‘s camera performances that once a few branches implemented them, about 150 fellow branches followed. "We are all looking forward to upgrading our branches with VIVOTEK‘s cameras," said Darvishi, project manager of Melli Bank of Khorasan. According to Mansour Farzaneh, president of PFN Technology "for a bank, facial recognition and currency differentiation are among the top priorities, and VIVOTEK‘s cameras chosen for this project definitely meet the requirements."PFN Technology also suggests the award-winning VIVOTEK FE8171V into the project. The FE8171V, launched in August 2011, is the company‘s latest, most-up-and-coming SUPREME product, equipped with a fisheye lens for 180° panoramic view (wall mount) or 360° surround view, assigned for Melli Bank‘s outdoor surveillance.

VIVOTEK delivers optimal security coverage at USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California
VIVOTEK delivers optimal security coverage at USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California

Decommissioned in San Diego, California, the USS Midway served from 1945 until 1992, as the longest-serving American aircraft carrier of the 20th century. The historic naval ship museum opened to the public for tours on June 10th, 2004, and receives 1,000,000 visitors annually. The USS Midway’s mission is to preserve, inspire, educate, and entertain visitors as well as serve as America’s living symbol of freedom. Video surveillance system Throughout USS Midway’s 47 years of service, the aircraft carrier played key roles in the Cold War, served with the Atlantic Fleet, was combat deployed in Vietnam as well as the Arabian Gulf for Desert Storm, and many other operations throughout the world. The aircraft carrier is home to flight simulators, a gift shop, café and a theatre, measures 1,001 feet long, and contains 18 decks. The large number of tourists, volunteers, and museum staff occupying the facility, along with the many events held on-board on any given day, make safety and surveillance a top concern for the museum’s Board of Directors. Earlier this year, Director of Safety and Security, Bill McClurg, with the full support of the CEO and the museum’s board, led a team of USS Midway department directors including information technology, finance, and operations, and launched a project designed to update and improve the museum’s existing video surveillance system. The process culminated in the selection of VIVOTEK’s valued partner, Layer3 Security Services, a systems integration company headquartered in San Diego that serves companies, government agencies and institutions throughout Southern California. Network cameras The new video surveillance system features dozens of VIVOTEK network cameras including fixed domes, box cameras, and Pan Tilt Zoom models. “There were many reasons for selecting VIVOTEK for this demanding application,” said Dario Santana, President of Layer3 Security Services. “These include the breadth of VIVOTEK’s product line, the high degree of integration with ExacqVision’s VMS platform, and the products’ superior price and performance. In the end, it only made sense to select VIVOTEK for the USS Midway upgrade,” concluded Dario. In the end, it only made sense to select VIVOTEK for the USS Midway upgrade" VIVOTEK’s FD8365HV and FD8338-HV fixed dome network cameras were also positioned in areas in need of surveillance. Both camera models are able to withstand inclement weather and the IP66 and IK10-rated housing protects the unit against acts of vandalism, making these units a great selection for installation aboard the aircraft carrier. A variety of camera models were chosen to monitor specific areas of the museum and surrounding areas. VIVOTEK’s FD8373-EHV fixed dome network cameras were installed throughout the premises due to the 3-megapixel wide dynamic range CMOS sensor’s excellent ability to adjust to challenging lighting conditions. The WDR Pro feature allows the camera to capture both the dark and bright areas of an image and combine the differences to generate a highly realistic representation of the original scene. Zooming capabilities Working closely with Layer3, Bill McClurg also chose SD8364E, speed dome network cameras for the zoom capabilities in parking lot as well as ship deck monitoring and IP8155HP, box network cameras. VIVOTEK’s SD8364E 1080p full HD resolution speed dome delivers superb image quality with its 30x optical zoom lens, perfect for monitoring wide open spaces. SD8364E’s IP67 and NEMA 4X-rated housing protects against rain, dust, and corrosion as well as operates under extreme weather conditions making it suitable for San Diego’s climate. The IP8155HP professional box network camera offers 1.3-megapixel resolution and WDR Pro II providing extreme visibility in high contrast environments. “Layer3 Security Services and VIVOTEK far exceeded our expectations with the installation of our new upgraded surveillance system. Layer3’s ability to translate our needs into a workable design and their recommendation of VIVOTEK’s superior yet efficient product line led to a successful deployment. Effective video surveillance on a museum, whose mission is to be, ‘America’s Living Symbol of Freedom,’ is an essential element in preserving it for generations to come,” said Bill McClurg, Safety Director.