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VIVOTEK INC., established in Taiwan in 2000, has quickly grown into a prestigious leading manufacturer in the network video surveillance industry. VIVOTEK's core competence lies in its strong R&D capability. Throughout the years, its R&D strength has been demonstrated by the development of video codec technology, networking protocol, and multimedia SoC, building up solid knowledge and experiences in developing reliable products in a challenging network environment.

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VIVOTEK and Technet Informatics develop onboard monitoring system for ocean-going vessels

A maritime nation since antiquity, today Greece is one of the centres of the world shipping industry. At over 250 billion euros annually, shipping accounts for more than six percent of the country’s GDP and employs nearly three-hundred thousand people. In an industry of this immense scale, onboard security is a primary concern. The challenge: to install a shipside surveillance system able to withstand all weather conditions at sea. Seaborne surveillance systems The demands on a seaborne surveillance system for today’s shipping industry are as complex as they are challenging. Technet Informatics needed a system that could help ensure crew safety and security, continuously monitor a vessel’s condition, ensure that proper procedures were being followed at all times, guarantee live monitoring of vessel alarm and loading procedures, and provide evidence in the event of emergencies, accidents, or piracy incidents. Of particular difficulty was the need for a camera to be installed above the main engine, where extreme heat and steam would destroy most camera systems. The Solution: VIVOTEK collaborates with Technet Informatics, Ltd. to develop a robust shipboard system. Shipboard safety and security A bulk vessel is a challenging environment in which to install a surveillance system. The construction of such vessels makes complete coverage difficult and working conditions can be severe. Any number of issues can impact system operations, whether onboard or due to salt air and weather conditions. Despite these challenges, shipboard safety and security are of paramount importance, and the utilisation of advanced technology is vital to ensure that correct procedures are being followed and that a safe working environment is maintained, as well as to provide evidence in the event of any accident or incident. The demands on a seaborne surveillance system for today’s shipping industry are as complex as they are challenging" Facing this challenge, a bulk vessel in Greece recently installed a complete shipboard system of IP-based security cameras in order to monitor the safety and adherence to procedure of onboard employees, as well as to secure the cargo. The security system had to be robust enough to work reliably over the course of months spent at sea. Technet Informatics has been working in information and communications technologies since 2010 in conjunction with software developers and hardware distributors from around the globe. For this job, completed in February 2017, they turned to VIVOTEK, a leader in surveillance solutions, to take advantage of VIVOTEK’s deep experience and broad range of camera types and to fulfil their need for specialised models to deal with a variety of shipboard conditions. VIVOTEK fisheye cameras Chief among these was VIVOTEK’s FE8181V fisheye camera with hard casing, installed above the main engine. Also included were two IP9171-HP and two IP8162 Full HD fixed network cameras for exterior views, an FE8181 on the bridge, and six high-performance, low-profile FE8180s to monitor the decks, all linked together by two ND8422P sixteen-channel embedded plug-and-play network video recorders in the ship’s office for easy monitoring. VIVOTEK’s FE8181V is the latest fisheye fixed dome network camera from VIVOTEK. It features a detailed 5-Megapixel resolution sensor which produces superb image quality. Equipped with a fisheye lens, this camera is ideal for placement above the main engine because it is encased in a weatherproof, IP66-rated housing, and is further strengthened by the adoption of a rugged, IK10-design housing, enabling it to handle a wide range of operating temperatures and rendering it both weather- and vandal-proof. The FE8181V true day/night camera features a removable IR-cut filter, maintains clear images 24 hours a day with built-in IR LEDs enabling the camera to provide uniform 360° surround illumination for clear and bright viewing at up to 10 metres, even in completely dark environments. A single FE8180 can easily do the job of three to four standard CCTV cameras" VIVOTEK’s FE8180, a tiny fisheye camera, is not only extremely low-profile, with a diameter of only 90mm, but is also able to be mounted directly on the wall to capture 180° panoramic views, or on the ceiling for a 360° surround view, with zero blind-spots. A single FE8180 can easily do the job of three to four standard CCTV cameras, dramatically reducing costs while blending in with any interior or exterior. It was an ideal solution for the wide-open spaces of a ship’s decks – seeing everything, but remaining unobtrusive. VIVOTEK ND8422P Network Video Recorder Because of the large number and wide variety of cameras used in and around the ship, two ND8422P sixteen-channel NVRs were installed. The plug-and-play functionality of these NVRs frees security staff to concentrate on their jobs, not installation or maintenance, and allows them to monitor ship conditions on-the-go via their EZConnect Mobile APP. With two NVRs installed for a total of seventeen cameras, the ship’s operators will be able to readily upgrade their system at any point in the future. In sum, the combination of simplicity of design, intelligent technology, and rugged protection from all elements makes VIVOTEK’s surveillance systems the only choice for the most demanding conditions on earth, or at sea.

Security and Safety Things GmbH reshapes video analytics and computer vision with IP cameras

Security & Safety Things GmbH (S&ST) is set to reshape innovation in video analytics and computer vision with the commercial availability of a number of new smart IP security cameras, from a variety of vendors, that leverage the Security & Safety Things open and secure IoT platform. This new generation of security cameras will operate using the free S&ST camera operating system, which enables the cameras to run multiple AI-enabled applications in parallel. The apps automate the analysis of video data to produce valuable operational intelligence for business optimisation as well as provide easy to deploy tools that can aid in re-opening measures from the COVID-19 pandemic. Pandemic health and safety mandates “Organisations of all sizes around the world need flexible, easy to deploy solutions that enable compliance with constantly changing pandemic health and safety mandates and provide future value to ramp up and optimise their ongoing business operations,” says Hartmut Schaper, chief executive officer, Security & Safety Things. Companies can now deploy cameras, running the S&ST OS and using a selection of apps" “Companies can now deploy cameras, running the S&ST OS and using a selection of apps from our Application Store, to detect the absence of facial coverings in a retail environment. Tomorrow, the same camera can help that same retailer to optimise merchandise placement based on store foot traffic, in one store or throughout the enterprise, along with further optimisations.” IP-based surveillance footage Qisda/Topview will be the first camera manufacturer to launch a camera running the S&ST OS in May, followed in quick succession by AndroVideo, who will also start shipping their S&ST enabled cameras in Q2. Bosch is making their INTEOX camera line available as of July followed by camera firms Vivotek and BSTsecurity who plan to ship a bit later in Q3. The first devices from Hanwha Techwin that run the S&ST OS are expected to be commercially available in Q4. Security & Safety Things, Hanwha, Vivotek, Bosch, Qisda/Topview, and AndroVideo are also all proud members of the OpenSecurity and Safety Alliance (OSSA). The free Security & Safety Things OS is built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It leverages the expanding processing and analytic power of modern IP cameras to exponentially increase the amount of operational intelligence that can be mined from traditional IP-based surveillance footage. Drone threat detection It already features more than 50 applications from more than 35 developer partners The applications that can be installed on these cameras, both in an on-premise as well as a remote setting, are created by highly specialised third-party developers and are available through the platform’s open Application Store. It already features more than 50 applications from more than 35 developer partners, with more than 30 additional apps expected to hit the store soon. In addition to pandemic applications, use cases include detection of weapons, behavioural analysis, payment systems for parking garages, drone threat detection and even identifying objects presented for purchase in a cash register transaction for cashier-free retail environments. Security & Safety Things, together with some of its camera and system integration partners are already running projects in a live setting. These projects use, for example, heat mapping and queue analysis in retail stores and automated payment processing and license plate recognition for barrier free traffic. These types of applications are running in pilots with the parking management solutions provider Peter Park as well as with the mobility provider SIXT.

VIVOTEK launches crowd control solution to comply with social distancing regulations during COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a standard public health intervention around the world. It is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak. Retail sectors have adopted several practices such as limiting the number of in-store customers, in-store social distancing markers, investing in protective equipment, and increasing upper-limits on contactless payments. At the same time, an increasing number of retail, healthcare, banking, and hospitality industries have adopted AI-based IP surveillance solutions to reduce the load on manual management while also mitigating the risk of both employee and customer infection on their premises. Maintaining maximum occupancy “VIVOTEK is one of the few IP surveillance companies that has implemented AI technology into its Crowd Control Solution. This solution includes an edge-computing stereo counting camera, PoE switch, and network video recorder. The solution is designed to enable businesses to comply with social distancing regulations and maintain maximum occupancy as well as a safer and healthier environment during COVID-19,” said Alex Liao, President of VIVOTEK. Until then we will continue to stand together with and serve our customers" “This intelligent solution can be deployed at points of entry to areas with a higher likelihood of social interaction such as shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and restaurants. In a post COVID-19 world, the solution can be expanded as a Business Intelligence Solution to optimise operations. Until then we will continue to stand together with and serve our customers, while providing AI-based solutions in our fight against COVID-19.” Effective management of crowd Below are the benefits of VIVOTEK’s Crowd Control Solutions. Social Distancing Compliance - Putting safety first by implementing VIVOTEK’s Crowd Control Solution enables effective management of crowds in places where social distancing must be upheld. High Accuracy - When business owner recruit security staff or part-time employees to manually count traffic this leads to a less than satisfactory result. VIVOTEK’s 3D stereo counting camera provides precise tracking and a counting accuracy up to 98%. This accuracy is further increased by the ability to transfer large datasets. Real-time Analytics - Combining AI with deep-learning analytics, video data can be gathered, analysed, and applied in real-time, enabling staffs to respond promptly to any change. Lowered Risk of Infection - The deployment of VIVOTEK’s Crowd Control Solution also means a minimisation of physical contact, providing both customers and employees a safer working and shopping environment.