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VIVOTEK INC., established in Taiwan in 2000, has quickly grown into a prestigious leading manufacturer in the network video surveillance industry. VIVOTEK's core competence lies in its strong R&D capability. Throughout the years, its R&D strength has been demonstrated by the development of video codec technology, networking protocol, and multimedia SoC, building up solid knowledge and experiences in developing reliable products in a challenging network environment.

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Intersec 2018 highlights solutions for retail, harsh environments

The Middle East security market provides a healthy opportunity for manufacturers who can capitalise on the region’s key verticals. Intersec’s 20th edition show focused more on solutions than on products, including solutions for the growing retail sector and an infrastructure market requiring ruggedised equipment to stand up to harsh environments. Intersec hosted security, safety and fire protection exhibitors from over fifty countries at Dubai’s spacious International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 21st - 23rd January. For the security market, the show was an opportunity to demonstrate how the industry’s latest technologies can benefit end-users in the UAE and globally. While the show hosted many impressively-sized stands from key security players, these tended to reflect the ongoing shift from a product-centric market to a focus on customer problems and solutions. Rather than filling the floorspace with an abundance of products, many brands chose to showcase how their flagship solutions could function in real-world applications. Retail surveillance delivers ROI Numerous companies opted to highlight their retail solutions – a key vertical for Dubai, which is known for its elaborate city shopping hubs. The Axis Communications stand allowed visitors to experience its network video offerings for the retail sector, including integrations with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and Point of Sale (POS) technologies. Solutions on show reflected how security systems are increasingly expected to provide a tangible return on investment: With options for queue management and people counting, Axis video technology can be used to provide business intelligence and improve the customer experience, as well as enhancing safety. IP video manufacturer Vivotek also showcased its latest retail offering, including fisheye cameras with built-in crowd detection and heatmap technology, which can help retail managers analyse customer traffic patterns and highly frequented areas. The panoramic nature of Vivotek’s IP cameras makes them ideal for collecting comprehensive data from retail stores.    MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten demonstrates how the company’s dual modular camera delivers high-quality images in extreme weather conditions IP video in extreme conditions The MOBOTIX stand was also less product-driven than at past shows. Instead, the focus was on how the manufacturer combines intelligent IoT technology and robust materials to address real end-user needs. CEO Thomas Lausten, who joined the company in June 2017, was on-hand to demonstrate how the company’s dual modular camera continues to deliver high-quality images in extreme weather conditions including ice, rain and sand. Rugged solutions were a big theme across the show floor. This is unsurprising given Intersec’s location in Dubai – the Middle East provides ample opportunity for the security market to capitalise on large outdoor projects, including the oil and gas industry. Video surveillance manufacturer Videotec showcased its latest HD PTZ cameras built to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The stand hosted an immersive ‘Experience Centre’, where the company’s flagship PTZ cameras moved in sync to a rolling video, demonstrating their use in vertical markets including oil and gas, marine surveillance, and critical infrastructure. Video surveillance manufacturer Videotec showcased its latest HD PTZ cameras built to withstand harsh outdoor environments MENA security market requirements Storage provider Promise Technology showcased its latest portfolio of surveillance solutions, including a cloud-based infrastructure optimised for growing IP video requirements. The manufacturer also introduced its new Vess A700 network video recorder series. This latest NVR offering specifically targets medium- to large-scale applications such as banking and industry. Such a solution is ideal for the growing Dubai market, where strict legislation requires a video retention time of 180 days. Intersec is set to return to Dubai from 20th - 22nd January 2019. Organisers expect over 1,300 exhibitors from across to globe to come together for a bigger, wider ranging and more innovative show.

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VIVOTEK and Trend Micro announce partnership to tackle cybersecurity

VIVOTEK, the IP surveillance solution provider, and Trend Micro Incorporated, cybersecurity solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to offer cutting-edge cyber-defence solutions. With VIVOTEK’s experience in IP surveillance and Trend Micro’s extensive expertise in cybersecurity, the partnership enables users to enjoy higher levels of network security when deploying VIVOTEK’s network cameras, and strengthen defences in response to the emerging security challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT). The brand new VIVOTEK cybersecurity-enhanced products will be launched by the end of January, and will be revealed in VIVOTEK’s booth (#SA-C41) at Intersec 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A vital step through joined forces Dr. Steve Ma, vice-president of VIVOTEK Brand Business Research & Development Division, commented, “Our approach requires a tight integration between hardware-based security features and software applications. Joining forces with Trend Micro is a vital step and together we are proud to roll out the first cybersecurity-enhanced network cameras in the IP surveillance industry. Thanks to Trend Micro IoT Security for Surveillance Cameras (TMIS-CAM) solution, these cameras are able to automatically detect and prevent credential attack and block suspicious events. Both parties are committed to reduce security vulnerabilities, and develop a safety net for the IoT ecosystem.” An effective partnership of cameras and network security “As more and more network cameras are connecting to Internet for cloud-related services,” said Dr. Terence Liu, vice-president of Network Threat Defence Technology Group at Trend Micro, “securing the cameras from network security perspective is getting vital. The cooperation with VIVOTEK demonstrates an effective and practical approach of IoT security by combining deep knowledge of cameras and network threats.”

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VIVOTEK's total surveillance solutions secures DHL distribution center, Sao Paula

DHL, a division of the German logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL, is recognised as an international company, employing more than 350,000 people from more than 220 countries and territories around the globe. It operates an extremely efficient and complex network of logistics solutions that link customers from Zurich to Zambia. With businesses including DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight and DHL Supply Chain, the company provides a vast array of logistical services with the highest level of precision. In 1978 DHL began providing logistical services to Brazil, and later established a key distribution center in Hortolandia, in the state of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo was a natural choice. Known as the “locomotive of Brazil,” Sao Paulo is the richest state in Brazil, and a major industrial center – it is responsible for a remarkable 33.9% of the Brazilian GDP and, if it were an independent country, would rank in the top 20 countries in the world for GDP. It is in the distribution center at Hortolandia, Sao Paulo, that this powerhouse of Brazil’s economy connects with the global logistical mastery of DHL. Total surveillance solution for complete control The challenge for the managers of the distribution center at Hortolandia, Sao Paulo, was to maintain complete control over the logistical process, it was an absolute necessity to be able to trace all parcels or documents as they passed through the center. From loading of inbound items, through storage, and to unloading of outbound items, no detail could be missed. Any blind spot in the observation of this process can represent a disappointed client – something DHL would never tolerate. What was required was a total surveillance solution that could keep watch on every movement of each parcel or document as it passed through the distribution center, ensuring that this center performed its job as central node in the enormous logistical network of DHL worldwide. Given the diverse range of spaces and lighting conditions at the center, the surveillance provider must be able to provide a range of solutions as varied as the logistical solutions offered by DHL. Finally, as the level of detail of coverage required was extremely high, any system must be able to optimise storage and bandwidth to ensure efficiency in data management costs. Management of the facility reached out to System Integrators, KTS and distributors AlphaDigi, who turned to the world leader for total surveillance solutions – VIVOTEK. Smart Stream II technology Across the distribution center in Hortolandia, 60 Bullet, Dome, Fisheye, and Speed Dome network cameras were deployed in strategic locations. The bulk of the security work went to VIVOTEK’s own “locomotive,” the C series IB8369A SNV Bullet Network Camera. Providing coverage of external and internal access ways for both people and vehicles, as well as of the high value packages, the IB8369A was selected as a highly adaptable camera capable of capturing high quality video at high resolutions of up to 2 Megapixel and 30-meters IR illuminators. Because of the depth of detail required at the DHL facility, that the IB8369A features VIVOTEK's sophisticated Smart Stream II technology was a great advantage, allowing the camera to optimise image quality for the most important regions in any scene, and thus ensuring maximum efficiency of bandwidth usage and savings of up to 50% on bandwidth and storage requirements. For inbound, outbound, and stage areas of the logistics process, 7 FE8180 Fisheye Network Cameras and one FE8181V were installed at strategic points. This high-performance, but low-profile camera is able to be mounted directly on the wall to capture 360° surround views of all processes, with zero blind-spots. Vastly expanded coverage means that a single FE8180 can easily do the job of three to four standard CCTV cameras, reducing the cost of installation and maintenance for the management of the DHL facility. The Fisheye de-warp function means that this wide view is coupled with striking clarity and detail, enabling omniscient viewing of live operations and review of any important event. 10 further FD8169A Fixed Dome Network Cameras provided security and reassurance for administrative staff, and two WDR enabled Speed Dome Network Cameras (SD9363-EHL and SD9364-EH) protected and monitored vast perimeter of the facility. Finally, sensors were fitted to every emergency door and a monitoring room was set up, from which the security of the center and the safety of all staff was managed, with any event immediately reported and responded to. Fisheye camera gives panoramic view Systems integrators KTS were extremely proud of the new system. “In the logistics segment it is essential to be able to track all processes of inbound (loading), outbound (unloading) and storage of the products. We have been able to solve this need with Fisheye cameras, where we have a panoramic view of all the processes. The dewarp feature that VIVOTEK cameras have, is extremely important and functional for live operation and investigations,” expressed Diego Kamimura from KTS. DHL themselves were no less impressed. “DHL Supply Chain, as a global leader in its segment, has always sought through its partners and suppliers the best solutions and technological innovations for property security, seeking a balance between cost benefit and quality. In Brazil’s safety operations it was no different. We always look for high performance and functional equipment to meet the most diverse operational needs in logistics. We found in VIVOTEK the ideal partner for CCTV solutions, especially due to its durability, which guaranteed cost reductions in maintenance and unplanned downtime, generating financial returns, as well as reliability in the security system,” quoted by Fábio Sá. Network surveillance and global logistics synergy Following the installation of the new surveillance system powered by VIVOTEK network cameras, the DHL distribution center in Hortolandia is now a shining example of synergy between the worlds of network surveillance and global logistics. With VIVOTEK’s intelligent cameras watching all aspects of the movement of packages and documents through the center, from arrival and storage to departure, this vital node in DHL’s worldwide network of logistics can now ensure efficiency and reliability of its service. In the rare event of a missing package or document, VIVOTEK’s intelligent and total surveillance solutions mean that the object can be traced, investigated, retrieved, and returned to the streamlined system of logistics for which DHL is known as a world leader.

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