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Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
Sensitivity lux
Dome Type
Continuous Rotation
Continuous Rotation
24 V AC
19.2 ~ 28.4 VAC
Focal length
3.8 ~ 45.6
3.5 ~ 91
Rotation Angleso
360 pan, 0 ~ 180 tilt
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1 ~ 1/10,000 sec
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
Internal / Line Lock
Signal Mode

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Oversight of illegal activity in parking garages successfully averted with Siqura’s surveillance equipment
Oversight of illegal activity in parking garages successfully averted with Siqura’s surveillance equipment

Rapid deploymentWith just over 600,000 people, Rotterdam might not be the largest city in the world but it certainly is well known. Home to one of the largest ports in the world, the illustrious Erasmus Bridge, and the starting place of the 2010 Tour de France, Rotterdam has caught the same amount of attention as many other cosmopolitan cities. It's no wonder then that the Dutch systems integrator, Alphatron Security Systems, recently received a European grant to set up new or replacement video surveillance systems in nine major parking garages around the city. Responsible for supervising the implementation of these networks was Paul Jungschläger, Project Manager for the Municipality of Rotterdam (Stadstoezicht Rotterdam)."After Alphatron Security Systems received the grant in the fall of 2009, they had the complete system up and running by mid-February 2010," said Mr. Jungschläger. "We are just putting the final touches on the centralised aspects of the network. Now you can see everything in all the garages, so any problems that arise can be swiftly dealt with by the control room staff or, if need be, the police."Setting up the systemAlphatron Security Systems designed a customised IP video surveillance system for each of the nine parking garages, including the Erasmusbrug and Schouwburgplein parking garages. The garages range from just a few metres under the ground to nearly nine metres down. The network uses the city's existing fibre optic cabling infrastructure and C2000 microcontrollers to connect and extend the range of the networks. Recognition cameras are installed at each of the entrances and Siqura PTZ IP and fixed dome cameras (from Siqura) are installed throughout the interior of the garages. Siqura is the manufacturer of Siqura® advanced surveillance solutions and its cameras were chosen for installation in the garages in order to get the best quality images for each system."Siqura is very critical about who it works with," said Remko Bischhoff from Alphatron Security Systems. "Like Alphatron Security Systems, Siqura wants to be sure that the system it deploys works exactly as the customer wants it to, so we knew we could count on the Siqura cameras to provide quality images and carry out the required tasks, such as ensuring the availability of images through an integrated tampering alarm."Collectively, hundreds of cameras and contact closure equipment stream to local control rooms from which operators can watch live video footage via Alphatron's video management system (VMS), the Alphatron Visual Control Application (AVCA) Expert. Each garage is equipped with a network video recorder (NVR) that saves and authenticates all the footage transmitted from the cameras for a period of seven days. Managers are able to review this recorded footage and use it, as required, to counter vandalism."Since the new system was installed, we have been able to just hand over the video recordings of illegal activity to the police, like when a driver intentionally destroyed freshly painted lines on the garage floor or one who drove through the barriers," said Mr. Jungschläger. "However, the systems were primarily set up to help the people who park in the garages and that's really who benefits the most from having all these cameras installed. Issues can be handled quickly and effectively due to the complete oversight offered by the CCTV network." Operators using the surveillance system throughout the city have an overview of the entire situation Looking forward The video surveillance systems in each of the parking garages are designed to grow with the city's needs, for example, eventually configuring the cameras to detect smoke or fires in the garages. Currently, Mr. Jungschläger, on behalf of the Rotterdam municipality, and Remko Bischhoff from Alphatron are centralising the system so that operators positioned at three work stations throughout the city will have an overview of the entire situation and exchange images from the separate garages as necessary."Some of the garages are so close together that if something happens at one, it's nice to have a team just down the road to back you up," explains Mr. Jungschläger. "Although some additional training was needed for the operators and managers, everyone working directly with the system is really happy about it."Fewer cars on the streetAfter just a few weeks of productive daily operation, the network proved that it could effectively help operators to facilitate the use and security of the parking garage. This ultimately leads to fewer cars parked on the busy streets of this relatively small but renowned city. Consequently, through the help of Alphatron Security Systems and Siqura, Rotterdam and its municipality are guaranteed of safer and quieter streets, distinguishing this world city from so many other growing metropolises.The Siqura Area Manager for the Netherlands, Arthur Huijskens, comments: "It's inspiring to see how a manufacturer, a systems integrator, and an end-user can work together the way Siqura, Alphatron Security Systems, and the City of Rotterdam have to make a project like this a real success."

Sony HD network cameras enhance security at Bank of China’s Shanxi branch
Sony HD network cameras enhance security at Bank of China’s Shanxi branch

SNC-RH124 Network HD Rapid Dome Cameras are installed at the entrances Background: The Shanxi branch is headquartered in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province. Opened in 1977, the branch has expanded to include 10 second-level branch offices and five sub-branches, with a total of 305 locations serving 11 Shanxi cities. It currently employs about 9,000 people. Services may be accessed in person at branch locations, or by using self-service facilities, telephonic banking, and online banking. Challenges With its business base expanding, the branch moved its headquarters into a newly constructed building in 2011. To support its growing business, the branch deployed an advanced security system that is superior to conventional analog systems, as it offers better image quality, centralised management and maintenance, and superior scalability. This system uses HD network cameras on a broad scale to achieve high-quality surveillance. Sony’s solutions The network at the new office incorporates 500 HD network cameras, 200 SD network cameras, and Sony’s analog cameras deployed in elevators and other small spaces. Sony’s SNC-CH140 Network HD Fixed Cameras, featuring wide dynamic range, are deployed at counters and in the consumer credit area, overseas services area, and ATM and safety deposit box areas. SNC-RH124 Network HD Rapid Dome Cameras are installed at the entrances, and SNC-DH140 Network HD Mini Dome cameras – featuring wide dynamic range and high sensitivity – are installed in offices and underground parking areas. Low-cost, compact SSC-N11 cameras are installed in elevators. Results Sony’s HD network cameras equipped with View-DR technology, featuring wide dynamic range and backlight compensation, deliver clear images in low-light and high-contrast areas. These cameras are equipped with a DEPA™ Advanced intelligent video and audio analytics capability, and include two-way audio, advanced audio detection, and voice alert – they quickly generate an alarm when detecting use of a forged bank card. Criminals may commit various illegal acts at ATM sites: stealing money; making money transfers; and damaging or destroying machines by hitting them, breaking them in half, or even digging them up. Sony’s cameras are very helpful in recording the details of these offenses both visually and audibly, in real time.

Bosch Security Systems AutoDome cameras enhance security for Netherlands police force
Bosch Security Systems AutoDome cameras enhance security for Netherlands police force

The last day of April 2013 was a historical date in the Netherlands. Following his mother’s abdication, Prince Willem-Alexander’s swearing-in as the new king means the country once again has a male monarch for the first time in 123 years. As a result, the program for the festivities on this Queen’s Day in Amsterdam was particularly comprehensive. However, this also posed a large challenge for Amsterdam’s police force, who had to monitor the large crowds expected around the castle on the Dam, as well as alongside the route of the celebrations. Another task, of course, was to shield the royal couple and the visitors from any attack. These concerns were justified not only because of the scale of the event, but also because of tragic incidents that occurred on Queen’s Day in the past.     For these reasons, Amsterdam’s police looked for a partner who was able to support them in terms of video surveillance as well as monitoring the streams of visitors. They decided on the Dutch company, Connection Systems, which specializes in the video surveillance of large-scale events and freely moving crowds. Connection Systems was founded in 2000 and has been utilising Bosch Security Systems solutions from the very beginning.    In order to reinforce the police’s own monitoring network, 75 additional Bosch AutoDome cameras were installed in Amsterdam. These were integrated within the existing security network, and positioned six metres above ground level. In addition, the cameras were connected to 35 UPS boxes that would have maintained operations in the event of a power blackout. The installation of the surveillance system took three weeks and was ready in time for all the rehearsals necessary prior to April 30. This was to ensure that all likely risks during the event were covered, and that the police would always be in full control of the situation.    Connection Systems decided to use Bosch cameras for two major reasons: their robust construction makes them easy to mount and dismount, and the permanent availability of Bosch’s technical support service. Frank Wagemans, Director at Connection Systems, pointed out after the ceremonies that not one event had failed in the company’s history when using this camera solution. Thus, everyone involved in the investiture on April 30 will remember the event as having been run perfectly.     For more information on Bosch AutoDome products, visit