KRX-3 video decoder - bringing flexibility into your IP solutions

Product Profile

The KRX-3 Video Decoder is a flexible solution for CCTV users who would prefer to exercise control via a traditional "matrix" method as well as being able to display video on analogue BNC, S- Video or VGA monitors, but who also wish to enjoy all the benefits of a networked digital video system.

Working in conjunction with Vicon's Virtual Matrix Controller and the powerful ViconNet ® 4.0 software platform, the KRX-3 provides:

  • Up to 3 outputs which can be a combination of BNC (coaxial), S- Video or VGA
  • Each output can provide a quad display 
  • Transmission at 25 frames a second per output
  • 24 v or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • An operator can route any camera on the network to any monitor connected to a KRX-3
  • In large control rooms, up to 8 KRX-3 Video Decoders can be mounted in a standard 19 inch rack 

A flexible, ultra user-friendly and highly effective CCTV solution from Vicon - the largest independent "one stop solution" CCTV manufacturer.

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Technical Specification

Make Vicon
Manufacturer Vicon Industries
Model code KRX-3
Transmission type UTP / CAT 5
Video Inputs 3
Telemetry Control Yes
Video Outputs 3
Network Properties Interface: 100/10 Mbps, TCP/IP Unicast
Image Frame Rate: <90 fps NTSC, <75 fps PAL
Digital Yes
Signal Mode PAL, NTSC
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 44 x 216 x 153
Electrical Specifications Power Consumption: < 13 W
Voltage: 24 V AC
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: 0 ~ 50
Operating Humidity %: 0 ~ 90
Additional info

With the KRX-3 Video Decoder, network data is converted from a digital IP source to an analogue output for display on any monitor with an S-Video, mini D-sub or coaxial input.  KRX-3 Decoders can be rack mounted in a standard 19-inch rack.

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