Tamron launch INFRARED vari-focal and mono-focal lenses

Product Profile

Tamron have launched new INFRARED corrective Vari-Focal lens f=2.8-11mm F/1.4 and Mono Focal lenses f=2.8/4/6/8mm F/1.2.
Tamron's new line of near IR lenses opens a whole new world of imaging under low or non-existent light in today's day/night cameras.  World class optics and versatility of range are combined in the new 2.8-11mm F/1.4 Aspherical IR Vari-Focal.  And for the first time, superior IR imaging is delivered in a full line of IR Mono-Focal lenses.

Tamron's technology corrects the aberrations that occur in both visible and IR light delivering a clear image - the difference between the visible and IR focal planes can result in a blurry image with some standard lenses.

New 2.8-11mm F/1.4 Aspherical IR Vari-Focal - Wide Focal Range IR Lens
  • Extended focal length for a multitude of installation requirements
  • Functions in both visible and IR wavelength ranges
  • Dynamic aperture range from F/1.4-F/360 under visible light conditions
  • Compact profile for easy use in housings
  • Wideangle to telephoto coverage (97°-26°);approximately 26°more wideangle coverage than any other IR vari-focal lens
  • Available in DC Auto Iris and Manual Iris
  • Locking mechanisms for zoom, iris and focus

New 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm IR Mono-Focal - The Only InfraRed Mono-Focal Lenses
  • Broad range for a variety of application needs
  • Function in both visible and IR wavelength ranges
  • Dynamic aperture range from F/1.2-F/360 under visible light conditions
  • Lightweight and compact chassis
  • Available in DC Auto Iris and Manual Iris
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Technical Specification

Make Tamron
Manufacturer Tamron Co., Ltd.
Model code IR Lens V
Lens Format inches 1/3
Focal Length mm 2.8-11
Iris Type Manual Iris
IR Corrected (Aspherical) Yes
F-Stop 1.4
Direct Drive Yes
Angle (Field) of View o 97 - 26
Varifocal Yes
Additional info Infrared corrective vari-focal lens. Locking Mechanisms for Zoom, Iris and Focus.
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