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Tamron has developed a multitude of Vari-Focal lenses to meet a host of security needs.  Each Vari-Focal uses an Aspherical design to ensure centre to edge sharpness.  They cover a wide range from 2.8mm to 100mm in four popular focal lengths.  Tamron's 3.0-8mm offers superb image quality, a 91° angle of view, a fast maximum F/1.0 aperture, and a minimum F/360, making it quite versatile in a variety of lighting conditions.  The 2.8-12mm gives a wide range of focal length choices from wide to tele for a perfect all-in-one type lens.  The new 20-100mm and the 5-50mm both provide installers with excellent options for telephoto surveillance.

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Tamron Co., Ltd. news

Tamron releases MP2030M-GS camera module for video surveillance

Camera modules, aka block cameras, are devices with an integrated image sensor, lens optics, video output and control electronics. With their easy integration in imaging systems, camera modules are widely used in a range of photography and video applications globally, e.g. in video surveillance and industrial automation. With the MP2030M-GS, Tamron Co. Ltd is advancing this product species to an unseen level so as to improve existing and enable new applications, featuring an industrial grade CMOS Global Shutter image sensor, Full-HD resolution at 60 fps, 30x optical zoom, and compatibility to the interface of many other camera modules in the market. Whenever a camera and its captured objects are moving relative to each other, the resulting video images are subject to motion blur. Typical scenarios are video captures of cars on a highway or recordings of cameras mounted on flying drones. This motion blur is especially severe at CMOS sensors with rolling shutter, where the pixels are read-out line by line. As automatic image processing algorithms can hardly cope with such artifacts, true machine vision applications require blur-free frames of CMOS sensors with global shutter technology, where exposures are started and stopped at the same time for all pixels of the sensor.Thanks to its high dynamic range, the video images bring out rich details of dark and bright image areas in the same scene Low-light surveillance Tamron’s 'newest eye for industry', the MP2030M-GS, is the first camera module with a CMOS Global Shutter sensor and integrated optical zoom going into series production. Its industrial grade color image sensor provides Full HD (1920 x 1080) video at 60 fps. Thanks to its high dynamic range, the video images bring out rich details of dark and bright image areas in the same scene. A low readout-noise combined with near-infrared sensitivity enable clear captures even under low-light conditions. Traffic surveillance to research Above all, the MP2030M-GS, features a Tamron signature lens with electronically controllable 30x optical zoom and a field of view between 60° and 2.5°. Comfort functions like auto-focus, auto-iris, auto-white balance, noise reduction, digital defogging, and digital vibration compensation are also included. This camera module is 56 x 61 x 124 mm small, weighs approx. 360 g, and its digital control/video-output interface is compatible with many other camera modules on the market. Thus, the MP2030M-GS is both, a value-adding drop-in replacement of discontinued camera modules in existing installations and an enabler of all-new applications in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), manufacturing automation, airborne aerial surveillance, entertainment, and research.

Tamron announces new shutterless thermal camera module

Tamron Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of optics for diverse applications, has announced the development of a thermal camera module. Stable thermal images In general, a thermal camera module needs to periodically acquire reference data by actuating a mechanical shutter approximately every 2-3 minutes to achieve accurate temperature and stable thermal images. However, when the shutter closes some noise is generated by the shutter and the video will momentarily stop; and furthermore, there is a concern for the mechanical shutter's durability. Now Tamron has developed a "Shutterless Thermal Camera Module" by adopting an amorphous silicon thermal sensor that has excellent temperature reproducibility during temperature changes. Product features Since thermal camera modules can measure temperature and capture image in complete darkness, it enables "Observation" of patients and provide nursing care without disturbing sleep, "Human Detection" without requiring any illumination for security applications, and "Abnormal Temperature Detection" for equipment monitoring, and such applications. Since it is shutterless, it is possible to realise "Observation", "Human Detection", and "Abnormal Temperature Detection" without any shutter noise or stoppage in video.

Tamron’s M13VG2713IR 3MP vari-focal lens supports high resolution throughout visual light and near-IR spectrum

Tamron Co., Ltd., an integrated optics manufacturer in the security/surveillance equipment industry, announces the release of a 3-mega-pixel 1/2.7” 2.7-13mm F/1.4 vari-focal lens (Model: M13VG2713IR) that supports high resolution throughout the visual and the near-IR spectrum. Imagers are migrating toward higher resolution as high-quality images are required for security applications; high-end mega-pixel cameras are increasingly put to night-time surveillance use. Addressing the growing need in the market, Tamron developed an industry-leading high-resolution vari-focal lens that supports ultra-high resolution compatible with 3-mega-pixels throughout the visual light and the near-IR spectrum. The new lens has the following features: Distinguished optical performance Leading technologies such as aspherical lens and extraordinary LD (Low Dispersion) lens are employed together with state-of-the-art optical design to achieve high-fidelity imaging compatible with 3-mega-pixel cameras, exceeding full HD1080P resolution. The lens boasts the fastest F-number; F/1.4, which effectively assures mega-pixel image quality even in low lighting conditions. Mega-pixel imaging sustainable under IR lighting The imaging quality of conventional lenses is often compromised under a near-IR light compared with that of a visual light. Image-quality degradation in the “night-time mode” devalues the advantage of mega-pixel cameras. The new lens maintains high-quality 3-mega-pixel imaging throughout the visual and near-IR spectrum, without quality degradation when a camera is switched to “night-mode”. All lens components are designed with the highest precision and producedusing the most advanced manufacturing technology Wide-utility focal length and wide-angle horizontal FOV angle Mega-pixel image-quality is assured over the most widely-utilised focal-length range of 2.7 – 13mm. The focal length of 2.7mm at the wide-angle (FOV angle of 125.1°) is especially useful to obtain the view of an entire room from a corner point. Reduction of colour blur by elimination of chromatic aberration A new optical design eliminates chromatic aberration to the limit, resulting in images without annoying colour blur. Incoming light reflection on the lens surface is thoroughly suppressed by means of state-of-the-art lens design to prevent its incursion into output images. Employing multi-coating technology also assures flare-free and ghost-free imaging. Highest-precision and highest-quality lens construction All lens components are designed with the highest precision and produced using the most advanced manufacturing technology. In-house manufacturing know-hows are extensively employed to eliminate image degradation such as image shifts and unbalanced blurs in order to maximise optical performance. Improved lens integration Obtrusion of the lens element at the lens mount surface is eliminated to improve lens compatibility with general cameras.