Mirasys digital video solutions for alarm centres

Product Profile

The Mirasys DINA RMC (Remote Monitoring Centre) offers new business opportunities for security service providers.  This IP-based CCTV solution facilitates cost-effective centralized video surveillance services through:
  • remote real-time video monitoring
  • playback of remote video and audio
  • alarm database management
  • visual verification of alarms
  • virtual camera guarding tours

Visual verification of alarms
With DINA RMC, it is now possible to easily open a connection to the remote site and see from recorded footage what has triggered the alarm.  Playback of remotely recorded audio files is also possible.  Simultaneously, a real-time camera window tells the current situation at the site.  This helps the operator to choose the right response to the alarm - e.g. to send a guard to the site or to contact the police. 
Remote camera guarding tours
Many on-site guarding inspections could be substituted by remote camera guarding tours utilizing DINA RMC.  This means substantial cost savings for end-user customers and new business for providers of security services.  The Virtual Camera Tours feature
  • pre-programmed remote camera tours
  • unlimited number of cameras
  • dome camera prepositions
  • automatic or manual operation

Integration with alarm receiving software
The alarm response process can be significantly enhanced and accelerated by integrating the alarm receiving software with digital CCTV.  The Mirasys Camera Component inserted into the alarm receiving software enables the operator to open a real-time camera window from the remote site as well as to retrieve the recorded footage showing the cause of the alarm - with just one click of the mouse!
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Technical Specification

Make Mirasys
Manufacturer Mirasys Ltd
Model code DINA RMC
Series DINA Series
Accessories Remote Monitoring Center
Additional info The DINA RMC is a solution for centralised monitoring and control of several remote surveillance sites. The DINA RMC can receive CCTV images and alarms to a surveillance centre from remote sites, thus enabling the offerings of new video surveillance services, like visual verification of alarms and virtual camera guarding tours. The RMC system is easily scalable according to user requirements from a single monitoring PC to a system of up to eight parallel workstations with access to 100 video recorders and up to 1600 remote cameras. The clear and intuitive user interface makes DINA RMC easy to get acquainted with.
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