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Mirasys Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS). Mirasys develops and provides intelligent video management solutions to solve not only customers’ safety and security but also productivity and performance challenges in many businesses. In the same way as Mirasys video management software utilizes video image data from surveillance cameras it utilizes data produced by e.g. thermal cameras, IoT sensors or AI devices.

Mirasys video management solutions are marketed in over 40 countries. Mirasys solutions can be used by SMEs as well as big companies, communities and corporations. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company operates through sales offices and Mirasys representatives in cooperation with leading distributors, system integrators, security service providers and system manufacturers.


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Mirasys Video Management System ensures transportation operations run smoothly

Mirasys Video Management Solutions are being utilised in a number of transport projects which include ports, motorways, airports, trains and logistic centres. Each project needs a highly adaptive solution which adapts to changing requirements, technologies and regulations, and provides unlimited scalability and high reliability. Mirasys VMS increases efficiency The transportation sector provides a great example of how an intelligent video management system can increase the efficiency of activities, safety, and ensure smooth-running operations. Mirasys offers the possibility to increase productivity and savings with powerful connectivity to other systems. Mirasys VMS includes a number of intelligent features. Playback and powerful search tools identify incidents quickly and efficiently. The intuitive storyboard function helps in reporting events and incidents and high quality images can be used for evidence. Advanced motion detection and alarm event settings let you decide what you want to track; reducing operational costs and the number of false alarms.  The ingenious use of cameras and analytics increases the flow of cargo, luggage and passenger traffic Mirasys Video Content Analytics Mirasys VCA (Video Content Analytics) provides full VCA functionality with object classification and enter / exit, direction, vehicle speed, stopping, dwell time, etc. filtering. The setup is versatile and supports, for example, different type of vehicle classification, zone definitions, entering directions and vehicle speed. You have plenty of different analytic alternatives available per camera. The object that is being analysed can have several different analysis rules active simultaneously. The ingenious use of cameras and analytics increases the flow of cargo, luggage and passenger traffic. You can, for example: Tighten platform security Improve crowd management Identify people and any unusual behaviour such as running Identify abandoned objects Manage queues and staffing level Control the number of vehicles in the area Vast integration possibilities With Mirasys and its endless integration possibilities, you can speed up the logistic centre’s functions, transport management efficiency, and ensure the undisturbed flow of cargo operations. The use of Mirasys integrations will increase the value of visual information captured by the system, and bring significant cost savings. The information from video images can be linked to the information received from other sensors, also enabling the utilisation of IoT (Internet of Things). Different organisations can use the same Mirasys system to manage their part of the surveillance and security, but each party has its own rights With Mirasys and its endless integration possibilities, you can speed up the logistic centre’s functionsWhen integrating a bar code reader with the video management system in a warehouse, the movements of each package can be searched and visualised. The images from cameras can be found immediately, which helps to determine the condition of the package at the time of entering and leaving the warehouse, and on which vehicle it is located. For each and every event, the system provides the exact time, visual information from a number of different cameras, and delivers event reports to specified recipients. This results in a clear decrease in the time spent in resolving customer complaints. Automatic number plate recognition With the Mirasys ANPR+ (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) application you can automate the management and guidance of the vehicles in a certain area. For example, based on the number plate information the system can advise:  Which loading bridge the vehicle is assigned to, Which driving lane the vehicle is assigned to, Driving through automatic weight-in-motion (WIM) is needed, etc. The system can monitor the vehicle on its way in and out, film it from the side, top, front and back and is therefore a great solution for vehicle damage control. Using integration to the automatic weight-in-motion (WIM) function you can also ensure automatically that the amount and type of product loaded on the vehicle is correct. Automate operations with the ANPR+ Different organisations can use the same Mirasys system to manage their part of the surveillance and securityA forwarding company can book a space for its truck from a shipping company’s ticket selling system. When the truck arrives at the shipping company’s area, for example in a harbour, it is automatically measured, and if the measurements match the ticket, the truck is guided to the green lane. If the measurements deviate from the ticket data then the truck is guided to the ticket window lane. The measurement information will be sent automatically to the system optimising the ship loading. If a vehicle exceeds its allowed time to stay in one place, or deviation from the planned route of the vehicle is detected, the system will report an event. In harbours and airports different entities, such as Security, Police and Customs, need different information from the same system. Different organisations can use the same Mirasys system to manage their part of the surveillance and security, but each party has its own rights; simultaneous users are no problem. Information from different sources flows automatically between organisations, resulting in faster response times on investigations, and increasing the performance level considerably in handling the joint security issues. Decreased total cost of ownership Mirasys is an industry-recognised Video Management System provider. Limitless integration possibilities of the Mirasys VMS offer the freedom to build the system that serves your needs. Mirasys also gives you the freedom and possibility to connect several sites into one logical entity. The centrally managed Mirasys system allows you to add or remove cameras and servers, set users’ rights, manage live and recorded video and export evidence with a few simple clicks. The system can have centralised, de-centralised or mixed topology configurations.

GJD exhibits detection and LED illumination solutions at Security TWENTY 18 Scotland

GJD, a manufacturer and designer of smart electronic perimeter detection and high-performance LED illumination equipment, is exhibiting at Security TWENTY 18 Scotland on Tuesday 1st May 2018 at the Hilton Hotel on Willian St, Glasgow. Delegates will get the chance to talk to the GJD team, as well as watch interactive product demonstrations of the company’s innovative detection and LED illumination solutions. Ana Maria Sagra-Smith, GJD’s Sales and Marketing Director commented: “Following a successful ST18 Midlands event, we are looking forward to exhibiting at ST18 Scotland and showing visitors our latest technology.”There are many advantages of using GJD’s IP enabled devices including convenient and cost-effective compatibility with most VMS, CCTV and smart home platforms Motion detectors to IP solutions GJD will be showcasing its full range of products including external motion detectors, infrared and white-light LED illuminators, laser sensors and IP technology. The company’s external IP range offers versatile solutions for quick and easy installation, making it ideal for those who are thinking about moving from analogue to IP, as well as experienced IP installers. There are many advantages of using GJD’s IP enabled devices including convenient and cost-effective compatibility with most major VMS, CCTV and smart home platforms including Hikvision, Dahua, LILIN Surveillance, Network Optix, Mirasys Carbon, Milestone XProtect, Wavestore, Control4, Crestron, Lutron, URC and RTI. These are just to name a few, others are constantly being added. Efficient incident response On the day of the exhibition, GJD is hosting a business card raffle for a chance to win a bottle of bubbly. GJD's security solutions rapidly identify genuine alerts, reduce false alarms and optimise the callout of responders, making our products a truly valuable asset to both people and properties in all industry sectors across the world.

Mirasys Video Management System meets banks and financial institutions’ requirements

Banks and financial institutions have more complex and diverse requirements for video surveillance technology than most other organisations. From corporate buildings, to branch offices, data centres, ATMs and cash depots. Several European Banks benefit from using Mirasys Video Management Software (VMS), which provides high privacy protection and robust technology. Networking the video management system of the bank’s branch offices provides users a single logical system that can be used from any site or from an external service provider's service centre. Hence, VMS services are produced in the most cost-effective way whether it be locally, centrally or outsourced.The unique, non-fragmenting storage file system provided by Mirasys protects against hard disk failure The Mirasys VMS checks the system performance in real time and helps to prevent system failure. Enhanced multi-disk recording minimises data loss and maximises recording continuity. The unique, non-fragmenting storage file system protects against hard disk failure. Benefits to financial sector Perimeter and motion detection monitors sensitive and restricted areas, such us bank vaults or safety deposit boxes, and alerts personnel only if an important event occurs, saving time and operational costs. People counting and other data reporting enables reduction of business inefficiencies and enhances customer service. Advanced alarm management tools enable the creation of specific alarm lists based on the motion, sound or text data triggers; reducing the number of false alarms. Dwell time and stopping detects people loitering at the ATM. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) alerts on potential threats and suspicious vehicle movement and reports on car parking utilisation.Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) alerts on potential threats and suspicious vehicle movement and reports on car parking utilisation Recorded video watermarking guarantees the integrity and authenticity of recorded and exported video data for court evidence. User authentication and setting specific user rights ensures control of system access and protects sensitive data. Also, product features such as audit trail and versatile material management and search functionality support, e.g., the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. The purpose of the audit trail events is both to show what the user has done, and also to track other (programmatic) changes that change the user interface. Key to data security is operational policies for: account security (e.g., personal user accounts, instead of shared accounts, rename default administration accounts, etc.); password security (don't leave systems with default passwords, don't permit too short passwords, use passphrases instead, etc.), and; software and device firmware updating. Mirasys recommends that systems are kept up to date with the latest software versions. In a networked, multi-server or multi-site environment, all Mirasys VMS servers and client applications can be centrally upgraded from the Mirasys management server. Manage easily various event sources in multiple locations with the flexible Mirasys Smart Event Management platform How to protect your surveillance online For deployments, Mirasys recommends that surveillance cameras are installed, when possible, in a private camera network, where the direct camera communications take place only inside the camera network to VMS servers, and is separate from the client access (“viewing”) network (and from the public Internet, in particular). This also prevents the camera streaming and signalling from being forwarded inadvertently to any external systems not part of the VMS solution. In addition, camera access from outside the private network is thus not possible. It is also recommended to protect wide area network links with VPN (Virtual Private Networking), or other secured, connections.Integrated systems such as access control, intruder detection and fire alarm systems serve as sensors for the video management system For server-to-server and client-to-server signalling, the data communication is in Mirasys VMS both compressed and encrypted by default for sensitive data (such as usernames and passwords and other details). Integration and Internet of Things in VMS With larger video management solutions, the integration of different systems is valuable because it allows automated functionalities that eliminate human errors and delays. Integrated systems such as access control, intruder detection and fire alarm systems serve as sensors for the video management system. IoT (Internet of Things) is increasingly applied in the video management. The sensors continuously provide information and, if necessary, based on this information, the predefined decision chains automatically open a video connection to the event place without any delay or error. The resulting snapshot may be one image or a set of several images that supports decision making in a problem situation. All the information is also stored for later processing. The event picture is routed either automatically or manually for people and organisations needing the information. Also, related Standard Operating Procedures can be automatically opened.Mirasys VMS is the answer to the scalability and performance needs of new camera technologies from any manufacturer Mirasys VMS is quick and easy to install, and especially effective in networked, IP-based CCTV systems and their operational and management needs, such as centralised management and upgrading/updating of servers, drivers and client applications without requiring on-site travel to remote locations. User profiles are easy to create and change. Servers can be pre-installed and pre-configured before delivering to the deployment location. Easy-to-use user interface The Mirasys VMS user interface can be adapted to individual and specific needs and preferences and provides more visual space for videos without sacrificing any functionality. A HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language, Version 5) based user interface in Version 8.4 offers easy access to the Mirasys system from anywhere; PCs, tablets or smartphones. Video surveillance camera features are consistently improving. Image quality can be exceptionally good compared to what it used to be only a few years ago. The newest cameras also require much less network bandwidth due to more effective encoding formats, such as H.265/HEVC (from 40% up to 60% of bandwidth and storage space savings, depending on the footage and device without any loss of quality, or increased quality at the same level with the H.264/AVC encoding) that many IP camera manufacturers have started to support. Individual servers can handle more simultaneously connected cameras than before, and the entire system has no actual upper limit. Mirasys VMS is the answer to the scalability and performance needs of new camera technologies from any manufacturer, and the Mirasys based video management system can be designed freely using the best equipment for the customer-specific requirements and can support also all future needs.