Compare IQB93NI-A6-ME with V814B-IR/V814B-312MIR  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
True Day / Night
True Day / Night
3.1 MP
Sensitivity Lux
<0.05 ~ 0.2
0.0 ~ 0.01
Auto Iris
Direct Drive
12 V DC, 24 V AC, PoE
12 V DC, PoE
Focal Length mm
2.8 ~ 8.5
2.8 ~ 12 mm
Wide Dynamic Range
Image Frame Rate
20 fps
25 ~ 30 fps
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Digital (DSP)
Specialist Type
Picture Elements HxV
2592 x 1520
Electronic Shutter Range
1 ~ 1/10,000 s
Signal Mode

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Latest IP camera case studies

IQinVision’s HD cameras to monitor and improve manufacturing processes at Ellwood Group
IQinVision’s HD cameras to monitor and improve manufacturing processes at Ellwood Group

Ellwood Group, Inc. is deploying over 250 IQeye HD megapixel cameras and growing Headquartered in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Ellwood Group, Inc. (EGI) produces engineered, heavy metal sections for capital specialty equipment manufacturers in the United States and around the world. The company’s nine operating business units—encompassing multiple plants in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Canada—are dedicated to solving customers’ needs for specially engineered forging steels, iron castings, forgings, and other alloy parts. The challenge When making a single speciality steel product that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, it is essential to have the capability to monitor the manufacturing processes and if a problem is experienced downstream, to then have the ability to go back and find the root cause. If a manufacturer can implement process monitoring technology that quickly, accurately solves manufacturing problems, the system pays for itself in short order. The solution Ellwood Group, Inc. is deploying over 250 IQeye HD megapixel cameras and growing, in order to monitor and improve manufacturing processes, in addition to meeting security needs. “We have moved from a test environment over five years ago to now having megapixel cameras deployed at about 20 different locations in our various plants,” said Eugene Spadafore, Senior Network Administrator, EGI. “We started out asking, ‘How can we improve quality for process X?’ Rather quickly we saw the value of closely monitoring manufacturing with the IQeye cameras and now it’s a standard in our environment, we use the cameras at every facility.” EGI stores video at each location anywhere from three days to three months, depending on the manufacturing process being recorded. The majority of the cameras are 2.1 MP IQeye Sentinel and 700-series cameras, the newest utilising H.264 compression. “Our growth is typically through acquisition,” said Spadafore, “once a new company is acquired, the next question is, ‘When can we get cameras installed?’ We are quite satisfied with how the IQeye cameras have performed in meeting our sophisticated needs. As a result of using megapixel technology for process control, we have seen improvements in efficiency and productivity and that translates into real money.” The highlights Ellwood Group has installed over 250 HD megapixel cameras to improve manufacturing processes and overall security at 10 of its locations. Rather quickly EGI saw the value of closely monitoring manufacturing with IQeye HD megapixel cameras, and now they use cameras at every facility that comes on line. In what is a growing trend, EGI uses its megapixel technology 75% for process control and only 25% for physical security. As a result of using megapixel technology for process control, EGI has seen measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity, resulting in substantial savings. As one EGI location or division discovers the benefits of this kind of manufacturing process monitoring—both live and post-event—inevitably they, too, request cameras. To successfully manage the expansion of the use of IQinVision technology, Spadafore’s division has developed a de facto standard, scope of work, and set of specifications for how to successfully deploy the IQeye cameras in each new location. “To maintain consistency and best practices, we elected to be the overall project manager for camera deployment.”

Aimetis CCTV software selected for optimised security surveillance at Whitby Mental Health Centre
Aimetis CCTV software selected for optimised security surveillance at Whitby Mental Health Centre

Customer profile Whitby Mental Health Centre (WMHC) is a specialty psychiatric hospital which is focused on providing specialised mental health programmes for inpatients and outpatients for a population of 2.8 million residents in an area extending from the east of the City of Toronto, Canada. WMHC employs 1100 staff and has an annual operating budget of approximately $88 million.Technology & integration Aimetis Symphony™ Client & Server Axis 241Q encoders IQinVision 703 network cameras Analogue Panasonic WV-CW864 PTZ Panasonic WV-NF284 network camera  Results Increased scalability of security personnel Improved image quality Greater value extracted from PTZ cameras through auto-tracking capability SummaryWhitby Mental Health Centre selects Aimetis Symphony™ Integrated Intelligent Video Management Software as its video platform for analogue and network cameras while leveraging video analytics to automatically control PTZ cameras, increasing the scalability of security personnel.Business challenge Aimetis Symphony was selected due to its ability to support Axis, Panasonic and IQinVision network cameras concurrently  Whitby Mental Health Centre (WMHC) includes a forensic programme, an 85 bed medium and minimum security programme for persons subject to detention under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Mental Health Act. Skyrocketing occupancy, from 70% in 2006 to 95%, had left the facility with the need to expand its video coverage. WMHC wanted to slowly migrate to an IP based deployment while still making use of their existing analogue cameras. The need to have an intelligent video system with auto PTZ tracking capability was required as timely manual control of the PTZ cameras was not always guaranteed.SolutionAimetis Symphony™ Intelligent Video Management Software was selected due to its open architecture and ability to support Axis, Panasonic and IQinVision network cameras concurrently. To achieve control of the analogue pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, an Axis 241Q encoder was used to interface with the analogue camera and IP network, allowing Symphony™ to send commands across the network and automatically control the cameras as needed. Symphony™ was configured to automatically zoom in when people were detected in areas which were designated as off-limits, such as around the garbage bins outside the hospital. Megapixel cameras were also deployed which gave superior image quality in strategic parts of the hospital where high image detail was a must. These are especially useful in aiding security personnel in the detection and prevention of violent behaviour or persons going missing. "Aimetis allowed is to leverage our analogue investment while adding high value features such as auto-PTZ control and megapixel cameras," says John Premzell, Fire and Safety Officer, WMHC.

Full Throttle Saloon intensifies surveillance measures with installation of IQeye megapixel IP cameras
Full Throttle Saloon intensifies surveillance measures with installation of IQeye megapixel IP cameras

10 IQeye megapixel cameras with Milestone's IP software ensure that the Saloon runs smoothly during the RallyIQinVision, market leader in high-performance HD megapixel network cameras, smart IP cameras, and network video recording systems, announced that Michael Ballard's Full Throttle Saloon, the epicentre of the world-famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, has deployed a mix of IQeye cameras for security and surveillance at this high-volume cash operation. The integrator for the unique installation is Spearfish, South Dakota-based Clearwater Security and Investigations.With over 30,000 visitors daily, the Full Throttle Saloon is the place to be during the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota each year. This year's 70th Sturgis Rally will be held August 9-15, and the Full Throttle's 300 employees, including 100+ bartenders, can focus on keeping their thousands of customers happy while Clearwater and IQinVision take care of minding the cash and recording any patrons that might want to celebrate a bit too much.Jeff Haasb, owner of Clearwater Security and Investigations, and his team of security experts have an arsenal of tools deployed at the Full Throttle that are more powerful than some of the casinos in Las Vegas: "Using cutting-edge surveillance cameras from IQinVision has made our daunting task much easier. Imagine trying to keep an eye on 30,000 visitors and 100 bartenders. You have got to follow the cash, each transaction, and make sure that Ballard's money stays where it's supposed to stay."Amazingly, 10 IQeyes - six Mini Domes, three Alliance domes, and a single Sentinel - are all that are needed to do the job of protecting people, cash, and all other assets during the week-long celebration and for the rest of the year. Managing high-performance HD megapixel network cameras can be a challenge without the right software, so Haasb chose Milestone Open Platform IP management software to ensure he gets the best from the IQeye cameras. IQeye HD megapixel cameras help to keep an eye on 30,000 visitors and 100 bartenders during the RallyHaasb's been impressed with the system's functionality: "With IQinVision's Alliance Series megapixel cameras, we are able to digitally pan, tilt, and zoom in so close that we can literally count each bill that is placed in the cash register." In addition to closely monitoring the saloon's high-volume cash transaction areas, this year Haasb has added cameras to other sensitive areas like the Full Throttle Saloon Bank, which allows his team to monitor the cash as it makes its way through thousands of bar patrons, to the teller, and into the vault."The new cameras we have deployed this year in the bank will allow us to count each bill, track what the teller is entering into the bank's computer system, and observe the teller place each cash register's net deposit in the vault," Haasb explained. The Full Throttle Saloon stores over 10 terabytes of video, and it can be recalled as necessary for law enforcement, internal documentation, and/or insurance purposes. Full Throttle's owner has been pleased with the increased level of protection his system provides. "Four out of five businesses go out of business because of theft, and bars are close to the top of the list. This system is well worth the investment - it has paid for itself each year," commented Michael Ballard. Managing the massive crowds at the Full Throttle Saloon is also an important security system objective. "With our IQeye cameras, we are able to detect problems a lot of times before they even start," said Haasb. This critical addition to standard bar security enables ground security staff to respond faster and make necessary interventions before problems erupt, leading to a safer, more enjoyable, rally experience for all."I remember my first Sturgis Rally in 1978," recalled Mark Nazarenus, IQinVision Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. "It's amazing to see how much this event has grown. In 1978, we were just hoping there would be enough outhouses. Now, the Full Throttle Saloon is utilising our leading-edge surveillance technology to keep watch over all the festivities. We are pleased that IQinVision is central to the security solution that helps makes this event safer for everyone."