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Climax Technology Co., Ltd. Overview:

Climax is a security, telecare, and smart home complete-solutions provider that integrate wireless security, senior care, home automation, energy management, emergency monitoring, and live visual monitoring into innovative all-in-one solutions. For over three decades, Climax has applied its expertise in telecommunications and wireless radio frequency (RF) technologies to develop security features, such as world-leading 2-km RF range, VOIP, and reliable communications, into their security, senior care, and smart home solutions. They have relentlessly pursued perfection in technology, production, value and service with the objective of providing the best protection and care for every home and individual.

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Climax Technology Co., Ltd. news

Climax Technology set to showcase their smart home security system at ISC West 2020

Climax will once again be exhibiting at 2020 International Security Conference & Exposition, ISC West, in Las Vegas on October 5th-8th, 2020. The company sincerely invites all their customers to visit the company’s booth #10117 at the show. They will be demonstrating X1, the Alexa built-in voice-controlled smart home solution, for the delightful experiences and possibilities it brings on home automation. In addition, the company’s brand-new Mobile Mates Series realises complete in-home & on-the-go protection by combining standalone medical alarm panel and GPS locator, with GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking as well as fall detection built-in. What’s more, their LTE-enabled medical alarm panels are now VoLTE-supported, providing quality voice experience. Smart home sensors There will be more new and latest portfolio of smart home security solutions, sensors, and accessories including: Voice-controlled Smart Home Security System & Smart Care Solution Globally renowned 2KM Reliable Communication Range RF/ZigBee/Z-Wave/DECT ULE Multi-functional Security & Environmental Smart Home Sensors Home Automation & Energy Management Accessories

Climax Technology introduces SPDC-23 sensor pad door contact as an ideal choice to guard entrances and exits

SPDC-23 is a multifunctional door contact that designed to monitor openings/closings of the door and the activation of the floor pressure mat connected to it. The extension terminal in SPDC-23 allows itself to be connected with the floor pressure mat. Functioning in conjunction with the mat, SPDC-23 will trigger alarms and transmit signals to the control panel. The caregiver will be notified and this mechanism is capable of protecting users from potential risks, especially those who are suffering from dementia and prone to wander. The floor pressure mat can be placed near the exit of a room or a house, sensing the changes of pressure to detect users’ movements. For caregivers, the activations from SPDC-23 help them be aware of users’ needs timely. Prevent unauthorised removal With its long battery life and reliability, SPDC-23 secures the comprehensive care for users and provides great assistance to caregiving. Features Monitors openings/closings of the door and activations of the floor pressure mat connected to SPDC-23 Powerful magnet allows for an overall side-to-side gap at a distance of 28 mm Mounted on the door frame Extension terminal for connection to a floor pressure mat Randomised supervision signals to check system integrity Tamper protection to prevent unauthorised removal or sabotage LED indicator Sleek, modern design Low battery detection Compliant with CE requirement Specifications - SPDC-23-F1 Frequency - 433 MHz / 869 MHz Power Source - 3V, CR123 Lithium battery Battery Life - 10 years Operating Temperature - -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F) Operating Humidity - Up to 85% non-condensing Dimensions - 87 mm x 31 mm x 23 mm

Climax Technology announces the launch of OPDC-1-ZW optical door and window contact

OPDC-1-ZW is an optical door/window contact that monitors the opening/closing of doors or windows and alerts users of any irregular activities. Requiring no magnet contact, the optical sensor OPDC-1-ZW significantly reduces the mounting effort and increases the installation flexibility. It also comes with a reflecting sticker for users to fix on the opposite side of the infrared sensor to enhance infrared detection. The sleek and slim housing of OPDC-1-ZW features compact design that allows it to blend seamlessly into any home decor, making a residence a more secure place without compromise in aesthetics. Additionally, its tamper protection prevents unauthorised removal or sabotage. Deliver quality detection OPDC-1-ZW is compatible with other manufactures’ Z-Wave systems and can be conveniently integrated into new or existing Z-Wave systems to deliver quality detection, allowing users to stay in touch, in control, and have peace of mind. Features Integrated infrared sensor to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows Easy and flexible installation due to no magnet contact required Randomised supervisory signals to check system integrity Simple and flexible installation by using adhesive tape OTA firmware update capability Includes a reflecting sticker to enhance infrared detection Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized removal LED status indicator Highly extensive and reliable communication range Low battery detection Suitable for residential and commercial premises Specifications Communication Protocol - Z-Wave Plus 500 series module Frequencies - 868.40 MHz (EU) / 908.40 MHz (US) Power Source - 1.5V, AAA Alkaline battery x 1 Battery Life - 1 year Operating Temperature - -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F) Operating Humidity - Up to 85% non-condensing Dimensions - 100 mm x 15 mm x 18 mm