24 Jun 2021 America/New_York

Machine vision systems ensure high reliability, quality and robustness in a wide variety of image-based inspection and manufacturing processes. But before software algorithms can analyse image data according to application-specific properties, a true-to-life digital image must be generated.

The topic session ‘Capture the light’ therefore focuses on precisely these components with three different presentations:

  • Lecture: "Inside sensor technology" (20 - 30 min)
    • Which technologies and functions support the image processing world today and in the future? In this session one will get an overview of the advantages of these innovations and IDS will answer the question why they are not all implemented in industrial cameras or when it is more advantageous to integrate them into the camera firmware or host software.
  • Lecture: "When clean is not enough" (20 - 30 min)
    • There are applications that reveal the physical limits of optical imaging, which are almost unavoidable even with perfectly clean cameras. For these cases that deviate from the high standard, a much closer look at the physical and economic requirements or possibilities is necessary. To achieve this, IDS gives an insight into their camera manufacturing process to learn about these critical use cases. Only by sharing knowledge, IDS can work on a common solution for a common goal to overcome the technical and economic challenges.
  • Lecture: "Would you like a lens with that?" (20 - 30 min)
    • A complete camera system for image processing consists of more than just an innovative image sensor, electronics and software. A suitable lens also plays a central role in imaging, especially in an industrial environment. In this lecture IDS will show what to consider when buying a lens.
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