New motion detector with dual technology

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Honeywell announced the dual Viewguard motion detector that uses two detection principles combining infrared and microwave and provides maximum protection against false alarms. 
Standard motion detectors often give false alarms due to temperature and environmental influences.    The new pioneering Viewguard motion detector from Honeywell Security reduces this risk to a minimum, as it makes use of two detection principles, combining infrared sensors with a microwave unit.  An alarm is only activated when both components together detect a movement. 
While conventional motion detectors detect changes in the temperature pattern of the monitored zone simply by measuring infrared radiation in connection with dynamic changes, Viewguard also emits high frequency electromagnetic waves, which detect movement by reflection.  When the microwaves strike an object, the reflected pulse is registered by a sensor causing an alarm to be activated if changes have occurred in the monitored zone.

Regular self-tests and the diagnostic function reduce the risk of false alarms being caused by temperature and environmental influences, and effectively prevent malfunctions.  The high security standard predestines the system to be used in sensitive monitoring zones such as banks, jewellers, casinos and chemist’s shops.

The combined front-field and film monitoring system (VdS-C) reacts immediately to sabotage attempts, e.g. with a spray or adhesive masking.  Moreover, the double detection strategy covers a wide area and uses extremely low power consumption in VdS class C.

Another special feature of the new detector is its ambitious design.  The compact housing can be perfectly optically integrated into the monitored zone.  Excellent performance and design are combined with exemplary ease of handling.  The BUS-2 interface and simple direct control from a laptop via the WINFEM software mean that cabling and installation require very little time and effort.  The individual functional units can be controlled independently of each other.  For instance, it’s possible to deactivate the microwave unit or change the area of coverage.

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Technical Specification

Make Honeywell Security
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model code Viewguard
PIR Detectors Yes
Dual/ Quad Technology Dual Technology Detectors
Microwave Yes
Pet Tolerance Yes
Dual Element Sensor Yes
Temperature Compensation Yes
Wall/Ceiling Mount Wall / Ceiling
Additional info Viewguard motion detector uses two detection principles combining infrared and microwave and provides maximum protection against false alarms.
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