Viper Perimeter Protection from Honeywell Security

Product Profile

When it comes to Perimeter Protection, Viper is the brand that has become the generic term, accepted by all as the market leader - with over 2,000,000 units having being fitted worldwide.  The latest offerings are based on extremely successful predecessors and have a number of user requested upgrade features incorporated.  These include removable electronics and dual stage sensitivity settings, enabling a much more accurate set up even in the most testing circumstances.

The Viper range of perimeter products are the most extensive that you will find from any one manufacturer and are tailored to the need of the installer / end user.  The range includes a Calibration Tool that allows for regular and repeated accurate sensitivity set up, the V Box, a purpose designed heavy duty enclosure for wall mounted Viper detectors in high security areas and a cleverly designed shock sensor with integral door contact facility.

Immediate indication of attack at point of attempted entry
The intruder will be detected as soon as they attempt entry - you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of attack.  This is indicated by a flashing LED on the activated detector.

Detection before entry is gained
The potential intruder can be alerted to their detection prior to gaining entry.  This may cause the intruder to flee and so preventing the opportunity for a crime to take place.

Minimal damage
Due to early detection and alert, the damage caused should be limited in scope and cost.

24-hour protection
The alarm system can be left permanently SET, protecting the perimeter at all times.

Occupants and pets
Throughout the night your freedom of movement and that of your animals will not be hampered, as might be the case with purely internal PIR detection.

Features include:

  • First to alarm option (Viper GLX only)
  • Integral door contact (Viper GLX with contacts only)
  • Non gravity dependent
  • Walk test facility
  • Remote reset
  • White or brown option
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Patented "commando boot" base
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Technical Specification

Make Honeywell Security
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model code Viper-GLX
Coverage/ Range m 2.5 m coverage
Shock Sensor Yes
Pet Tolerance Yes
Dual Element Sensor Yes
Physical Specifications Dimensions mm: 85 x 25 x 23
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -10 ~ +50
Additional info

Viper GLX ASIC controlled Shock Sensor, Switch selectable patented Double Knock and Remote LED reset options.

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