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ASSA ABLOY - Aperio Overview:

Available on the global marketplace, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio® Technology enables a wide range of access control providers to cost effectively integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into new and existing access control systems.

Doors will merely need to be equipped with battery-powered Aperio® locks with RFID readers and linked to the access control system via a communications hub for online integration, or via update on card for offline integration.

As a result, security and facility managers now have greater control, can easily respond to organisational changes and will only need to monitor a single security system, while users will only require a single RFID access control card.

ASSA ABLOY - Aperio news

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions introduces Aperio E100 Wireless Escutcheon to secure access control door wirelessly

Flexibility and a trusted record of reliable security in real-world environments: these are critical features when choosing any new electronic locks. With the Aperio E100 Wireless Escutcheon from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions, one can get both. A robust device suited to almost any medium- to high-traffic door, the E100 is easy to install wire-free - an ideal choice for both retrofit projects and new buildings. With Aperio’s open platform, it is straightforward to then integrate the escutcheons with almost any new or existing security system. One can integrate Aperio E100 escutcheons online or offline - or combine both online and offline doors within the same access control system. The E100 escutcheon offers a convenient combination of free exit from the inside with automatic locking on closure from outside. One can also lock securely from the inside, if they wish, with the Privacy Function. Door security levels A new InHolland campus in Amsterdam will require access control to integrate with a smart building system It comes in a variety of specifications to fit different door security levels or everyday usage. Supplementing a Standard version, the E100 Premium offers upgraded security that is also certified (DIN/EN) for use at fire and escape doors. “Available for EURO, DIN, Scandinavian and Finnish door profiles, the Aperio escutcheon provides trusted security at a range of sensitive locations, including many universities, offices, stadiums, public buildings and hospitals across Europe,” says Lars Angelin, Aperio Business Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA. Smart building system At the Centre Hospitalier Métropole Savoie (CHMS) in France, for example, around 1,300 E100 escutcheons integrate natively with a central access system. The hospital’s wired and wireless doors are managed together with real-time logs and remote opening. CHMS door credentials are tailored for compatibility with the government’s electronic Health Professional Card, so staff only carry one, dual-use RFID-enabled badge. At the Netherlands’ InHolland University of Applied Sciences, Aperio escutcheons seamlessly integrate with a Nedap AEOS system. A single credential enables users to unlock all authorised openings managed by AEOS - whether wired or Aperio-secured doors. Looking to the future, a new InHolland campus in Amsterdam will require access control to integrate with a smart building system. Battery-operated wireless locks Because all Aperio locking devices are wireless and battery powered, they are installed quickly Aperio is designed for interoperability, so is a natural fit: “I am very satisfied with the implementation and operation of the Aperio solution,” says Frans Bruggeman, Facility Services Consultant at InHolland. Because all Aperio locking devices are wireless and battery powered, they are installed quickly and with minimal building disruption. A recent ASSA ABLOY benchmarking study measured installer labour costs at over 80% lower for these wireless locks versus standard wired locks. “The same study confirms improved energy efficiency with Aperio, too,” adds Angelin. “The ongoing cost of running these battery-operated wireless locks is much lower than for equivalent wired electronic locks, which require an ‘always on’ mains electricity connection to retain secure status. Potential cost savings are significant over every lock’s life-cycle.” Comprehensive RFID compatibility Alongside comprehensive high and low frequency RFID compatibility, the Aperio escutcheon allows convenient mobile access powered by Bluetooth Low Energy. The user’s identity is stored and protected using native, on-device security and strong end-to-end encryption. For door entry, a user presents their smartphone or mobile device to the escutcheon’s inbuilt reader, which communicates securely with the access system to generate a fast decision. The Aperio E100 wireless escutcheon completes a comprehensive range of Aperio wireless locking devices which includes electronic handles (H100), cylinders (C100), locks (L100) and a wireless lock for server cabinets (KS100).

Aperio Wireless Access Control Solution provides integrated security at Inholland University of Applied Sciences

At the Inholland University of Applied Sciences, a rolling project to upgrade access control at all locations has been ongoing for several years. Typical of any large educational setting, the tension between remaining open and accessible on the one hand — and securing people, equipment and data on the other — is a critical factor. More than 500 Aperio wireless door locking devices have now been deployed at 7 separate Inholland campus sites. These battery-powered locks provide tested and trusted protection for the university’s most important areas and rooms, including offices and exam storage spaces. Aperio devices fit all kinds of interior openings, including wooden and glass doors, as well as fire doors. Aperio cylinders, escutcheons, handles and security locks have in-built RFID readers for installer and user convenience. Integration with Nedap AEOS access control system All Inholland’s new Aperio devices are fully and seamlessly integrated with the university’s Nedap AEOS access control system. A single credential allows users to unlock all authorised openings managed by the AEOS system — whether wired or Aperio-protected doors. Because Aperio locking devices are wireless, they were installed and initiated quickly — without disruption to Inholland buildings or their students’ working day. And choosing Aperio saved more than just time. A recent ASSA ABLOY benchmarking study finds installer labour costs are over 80% lower for wireless versus wired locks. The ongoing cost of running battery-operated wireless locks is also much lower than for equivalent wired electronic locks, which require an “always on” connection to mains electricity to maintain secure status. In addition, choosing Aperio gives Inholland the ability to roll out enhancements over time, as needs, budgets and priorities evolved. Aperio devices can be added and integrated gradually, with no need to replace existing systems. Inholland’s investment remains totally future-proofed. Programmable RFID credential Fitting Aperio wireless escutcheons and locks to critical doors ensures university staff, students, visitors and confidential information are safe without impacting site accessibility. Authorised users open relevant secure doors conveniently with a programmable RFID credential. Aperio’s inherent flexibility makes it easy to adjust any space’s level of protection at any time. So, locking status is regularly reconfigured as needs and usage evolves around the multi-site campus and university facilities. Smart building systems Based on their experience to date with Aperio, Inholland are already planning for the future. A new university in Amsterdam will become a smart building and will require access control able to integrate with smart building systems. Aperio is built on an open platform, designed for interoperability, so this is a natural fit. Inholland will enter pilot stage for their new smart building soon. “I am very satisfied with the implementation and operation of the Aperio solution and I have every confidence in ASSA ABLOY as a manufacturer,” concludes Frans Bruggeman, Facility Services Consultant at Inholland.

TDSi launches new version of its powerful GARDiS integrated security software, Version 2.0

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the launch of the new and enhanced version of its GARDiS security software, Version 2.0. Amongst the upgrades, GARDiS 2.0 features new Fire Door release and Site Lock Down functions, along with integration with ASSA ABLOY Aperio and SimonsVoss SmartIntego wireless locks.  GARDiS 2.0 software TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies commented, “We are excited to unveil the new version of our Software as a Service (SaaS) GARDiS software. GARDiS 2.0 software builds upon the foundations of the original version that was enhanced last year, but now features a single-installation web browser-based application that is fully modular and scalable.” “It is also simple to commission and use, with a highly intuitive GUI which reduces training, support and installation time, all of which make it perfect for the new normal world we now live in.” Compatible with TDSi controllers GARDiS 2.0 is designed for use when an end user is moving from a single site using individual GARDiS controllers GARDiS 2.0 is designed for use when an end user is moving from a single site using individual GARDiS controllers (with embedded Web Server software) to upgrade to a project of over 44 doors and/or for multiple sites. It is also fully compatible with all TDSi’s controllers (including the newest GARDiS controllers, along with MG and EX series), ensuring these hardware elements can be fully integrated after the software upgrade. Versions and licencing options There are two versions and licencing options for the GARDiS 2.0 software, Express and PRO. The Express option is free of charge and enables the inclusion of 20 doors at one site for one organisation. The PRO option starts with the same basis as the Express version but enables the end user to add as many additional door licences as required. Additional site and organisation licences are also available, along with an IP Lock Service licence (then a licence for each individual ASSA ABLOY Aperio or SimonsVoss SmartIntego lock/device). Fire Door Release and Door Lockdown features Additionally, GARDiS 2.0 PRO features two options designed to deal with emergencies. Fire Door Release enables the end user to configure an instant input to unlock configured doors, whilst Door Lockdown instantly locks selected doors to prevent entry (which is particularly useful in protecting people and property in schools, colleges and universities). For even greater flexibility, GARDiS 2.0 PRO also features a REST API (‘Fusion’) option and full Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling it to be fully integrated with a wide variety of Video Management (VMS), Time & Attendance or third party control systems. Flexibility of deployment and pricing John adds, “GARDiS 2.0 is a game-changer in terms of complete flexibility of deployment and pricing. End users can purchase fully integrated security for as big or small a project as they need, with rapid scaling to suit quickly evolving and changing circumstances.” He further stated, “It is also perfect for security integrators looking to offer their customers a highly bespoke solution with minimal installation time to do so. By taking a SaaS approach we are offering a complete choice of options, enabling security operators to buy exactly the solution they require, from single doors on one site, to hundreds or thousands of doors over multiple sites.”