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Pivot3's patent-pending technology, termed Pivot3 Serverless Computing™, allows customers to absorb computer-intensive workloads, now performed using stand-alone application servers, into Pivot3's X86-based storage nodes running the Xen open-source hypervisor.

Pivot3's unique approach to storage and server convergence introduces server consolidation benefits such as reduced power, cooling, rack space and cost to environments that have not typically been considered good candidates for conventional server virtualisation deployments.

This technology offers hard savings to customers with large-scale storage and server environments.  A typical customer with 500 cameras will realise real savings of 44 percent in power and cooling costs, 51 percent in rack-space usage and 22 percent in cost savings by eliminating 15 physical servers and five physical external failover storage chassis.  These real savings are meaningful to large-scale users in markets where power efficiency plays a major role in new product decision-making.

Serverless Computing™ represents a new class of emerging technology where I/O and compute resources are closely coupled together to serve the needs of I/O-intensive workloads, with less complexity, easier management, and higher availability than distributed solutions.

By layering server virtualisation on top of their high-performance, highly available, x86-based storage controllers, Pivot3 allows organizations to harness huge quantities of I/O without complex fabrics or complex management.

This infrastructure delivers a new level of consolidation that will reduce power, cooling, and space requirements when compared to traditional infrastructures.  For the right applications needing highly available access to high-bandwidth storage, Pivot3's Serverless Computing may be a game-changing innovation.

ViDiCore KG is the authorised and exclusive representative for Arecont Vision, Pivot 3, Mirasys and Veracity in Europe.

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Technical Specification

Make Pivot3
Manufacturer Pivot3, Inc.
Model code Serverless Computing
Accessories Serverless Computing Storage
Additional info Serverless Computing integrates both server virtualization and storage virtualization on to the RAIGE storage platform.  Uses advances in x86 CPU performance combined with hypervisor virtualization designed for servers.
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