Compare SNCDH110/W with SNC-ER550  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
1.3 MP
1280 x 720
Sensitivity lux
Dome Type
Continuous Rotation
Digital (DSP)
Mount Type
24 V AC, PoE
Focal length
2.34 mm
3.5 ~ 98
H.264, MPEG4, JPEG
H.264, MPEG-4, JPEG
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/2 ~ 1/10000 s
1/1 ~ 1/10,000 sec
Signal Mode
Pan Speed o/ sec
Tilt Speed o/ sec
Rotation Angleso
360 pan, -15 ~ +210 tilt

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Milestone surveillance solution helps monitor Jefferson County Waterway’s vessel traffic
Milestone surveillance solution helps monitor Jefferson County Waterway’s vessel traffic

The Sabine-Neches Waterway runs 55 miles through Jefferson County, Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico, and includes the number-one commercial and military out-load port in the United States. It is the fourth largest port in terms of processed tonnage. A vast waterway traffic-monitoring network has been deployed to ensure all vessels (civilian, military and commercial) can safely navigate the waters with minimal interference such as collisions or other traffic stoppage. A new surveillance system also monitors the many petroleum refineries that line the channel. Backed by a Verizon Wireless 4G connection, the county cameras reside along the Sabine-Neches Waterway, networked through Milestone XProtect Enterprise for managing high definition video, live vessel movements and incident reporting. “Milestone’s open platform IP software is truly the best on the market. It integrates with all of the cameras seamlessly. Milestone XProtect provides the sheriff’s department with more high definition screen images and significantly better views of the waterway than the previous system. Now our system’s design provides live video and pushes to tablets, smartphones, dispatchers, and personnel on watercraft, who are given access to the video.” Mark Nolan, Knight Security Systems The challenge Securing and monitoring 55 miles of waterway with traffic, including vessels ranging in size from small tugboats to huge tanker ships hauling hundreds of tons of oil and other commodities. When an incident is called into port security, the port authorities must assess the situation and respond immediately. Through the Milestone interface, reported incidents are checked on video to determine if the port must close or can continue operating. Closing the port for any amount of time is an expensive procedure, so having virtual eyes on the scene is imperative to operations. The previously installed system was only viewable and navigable in a control station building. The solution Knight Security Systems designed and installed a Milestone XProtect Enterprise IP video surveillance solution with AXIS Q1604 and Sony SNC-ER550 cameras and more than eight terabytes of storage to provide 24 hours of monitoring. With the Milestone Mobile client, the sheriff’s department and port authorities have instant access to video at a moment’s notice, from anywhere. A Verizon Wireless 4G network for reliable and redundant operation powers the entire system. The advantages The Milestone XProtect solution consolidates every one of the 24-hour monitored cameras into one centrally managed solution, viewable by all administrators in their respective offices, in the main monitoring station and on mobile devices. With high-level national security implications, live camera views and the ability to quickly check recorded video is essential to the port’s operational standards for efficiency. Every second between an incident report and confirmation of the validity of the report is crucial to the response process. A vital artery for US oil imports As the fourth largest port in the U.S., Port Arthur in Texas’ Jefferson County is the number-one crude oil destination for foreign tankers, as well as the number-one commercial and military out-load port. Hundreds of vessels are processed through the channel each day, making their way from other domestic ports and from all over the globe into the Gulf of Mexico and up the Sabine-Neches Waterway. With oil refineries and other critical infrastructure lining the 55 miles of river bank through Jefferson County, the sheriff’s department required a sophisticated security surveillance system to monitor waterway traffic and incidents. They need to ensure the safety of those working and traveling through the port, and to keep traffic flowing for the sake of commerce that relies on a clear waterway. With Milestone Mobile client, the sheriff’s department and port authorities have instant access to video from anywhere The problem Previously installed systems relied on T1 lines, leased communication lines and microwave communication methods. Jefferson County was relying on outside partners to host landing points and was constantly provided low definition video. The area is scattered with low-lying areas and swamps, which limited coverage for the low-capacity T1 lines which were easily corroded from damp conditions and salt corrosion. When monitoring the video during and after an incident, a command center was the only place where the sheriff, Coast Guard or port officials had access to the video. When looking to completely upgrade the county’s river surveillance, officials contracted Texas-based Knight Security for a better solution – one that would provide nearly lossless access to video at a moment’s notice, even for those stationed away from the central command center. “Our goal was to provide high-definition screen views and more efficient monitoring of the waterway,” stated Mark Nolan, Sales Engineer, Knight Security Systems, Gulf Coast Region. “The new video system was specifically designed to capitalise on the unique areas of the Port. We now have camera ‘eyes’ located on an array of tall locations in challenging environments. Coupled with Milestone XProtect, the system provides advanced coverage throughout the entire waterway. We are able to provide live video and push out to tablets and mobile devices to numerous dispatch stations, personnel on watercrafts and others to have immediate access to any incident.” Protecting the port The only way to access Jefferson County through the waterway is via Sabine Pass, TX or through two entry points on the Intracoastal Waterway. With an advanced communications system and screening process, no vessel is unaccounted for. The cameras act as verification to confirm radio transmissions. The Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) at Port Arthur acts as the “keepers of the gate” aided by the Milestone video management solution. VTS Port Arthur trained operators scan the waterways efficiently and effectively, 24 hours a day. VTS issues advisories and works to minimise blind spots utilising cameras and radar. Activities are monitored with the aid of the Milestone XProtect interface. Whether it’s a dredge, accident, or other incident; almost every vessel, regardless of size, is within a camera’s field of vision. “If we pick up a radar blip that’s not transmitting an identification signal, it is imperative to identify that blip before it enters the port,” explained Michael Measells, Director of Vessel Traffic Service. “The cameras can do what radar can’t achieve. We can put an eye on a vessel through the Milestone XProtect software, allowing us to know what’s moving from a marine safety and security standpoint. That’s the number-one mission.” Uniquely stationed surveillance points Cameras line the river and port entrance, placed in strategic locations from the roofs of buildings to the top of the Verizon Wireless 4G towers. A Jefferson County Sheriff helicopter also hosts a mounted camera ready to be called into action at any time, whether it’s monitoring an incident or making rounds. “Our cameras feed the entire system and with the added support of the 4G LTE, the chances that we’ll be blacked out are very low. Nearly all aspects of the system have a redundant counterpart,” stated Measells. “We’ve been up and running as a group for eight years and other than hurricanes we’ve never had a shut down due to the system.” Knight Security Systems can monitor the status of the sheriff’s cameras and immediately notify the client of a camera outage, which might not have been noticed by the authorities if they’ve not checked their mobile device. Downtime is completely minimised with the proactive monitoring and Milestone system alerts. “We’ve adapted to the ease of application, connectivity and versatility of the Milestone interface very quickly – it’s become so easy to use. It’s something we can just access without really putting too much extra work into it,” stated John Moore, Electronics Materials Officer, United States Coast Guard. “Milestone is always up and running and it loads extremely fast on any mobile operating system.” The system also includes a rapidly deployable camera system that can be connected to a generator and a camera on a portable frame to easily access the waterway. It can be deployed and launched live into the Milestone system via local cell towers within minutes of a reported incident. “The versatility of our Milestone setup also allows us to remotely provide access to our Sector Command Center in Houston so they can view any potential issue,” Moore continued. Incident confirmation and control "The versatility of our Milestone setup also allows us to remotely provide access to our Sector Command Center in Houston so they can view any potential issue" The port is a vital, active entity, responsible for millions of dollars in assets and manpower. If an incident is reported to the Sheriff’s Department or Coast Guard, which isn’t uncommon, there are established procedures to follow before any response is made. A response for any event, whether a boating accident, cargo spill or personal injury, has the potential to shut down the critical channel for an extended length of time. When an incident is reported, officials must immediately confirm the report. Once confirmed, the proper authorities are contacted and ground or water personnel deployed as needed. The sheriff’s department jurisdiction covers the entire 55 miles of critical infrastructure, so mobility is vital. “I’m not monitoring the lines 24 hours a day personally, but if I get a report of an incident, I’ll pull Milestone Mobile up on my tablet or phone to assess the situation,” stated Deputy Chief Mark Dubois, Jefferson County Sheriff. “XProtect helps us respond quickly, allowing us to pull up video from any particular time and cameras immediately, from any location, to confirm or deny an event.” “With our camera coverage, we can move from evaluation of a report to initiating a response in a matter of minutes, if not seconds,” Moore continued. “There’s time and money there. Once we confirm, all responders’ mindsets are immediately shifted into ‘response’.” The benefits of scalability and usability Quickly allowing access to live and recorded video, Milestone can handle a large number of cameras should the sheriff’s department decide to upgrade or add more hardware devices to the monitoring solution. “Overall, it used to take a lot more time before the sheriff could react to an incident, which could have been a life-or-death difference over a few minutes,” continued Nolan. “Milestone provides the open platform capability, allowing the end user to stay current on the latest and greatest software, and scaling up without changing the entire system from the ground level up.” Training was quick and efficient among the three user groups -- field users on the ground and water, and users in the office reporting on analytics, recording and searching archives. Knight Security Systems created different user profiles and tailored training sessions for each group, showing them exactly the views and functions they will regularly access, rather than diving into processes that would not be relevant to their specific duty. In total, 40 personnel were trained on Milestone, from ‘power users’ to those who use the system casually or view cameras sporadically. Screen images are used for numerous activities besides security, including studying tow configurations, training, and exporting photos and data to port partners. “This is a high-traffic waterway and with a limited width, there are bound to be close calls and incidents,” said Measells. “It’s just good to have more eyes on each vessel. The cameras are high resolution enough to read a football player’s jersey number from a mile away in low light! We’re sending photo-quality screenshots throughout our network, which is incredibly valuable for investigations”.

Sony networked video security solution protects people, buildings and valuable equipment at Serbian agricultural company Backa Sivac
Sony networked video security solution protects people, buildings and valuable equipment at Serbian agricultural company Backa Sivac

Sony SNC-VB600 and SNC-XM632 IP cameras as well as SCA-S30 outdoor speaker were installed Sony video security cameras maintain a watchful eye over efficient farming operations and employee safety at agricultural specialist company Backa Sivac in the Republic of Serbia. Controlled from a central network monitoring centre, SNC-VB600 and SNC-XM632 IP network cameras play a central role on the busy farm. Protecting people, buildings and valuable equipment, the cameras have also driven a significant increase in employees’ daily productivity. Background Located 165km from the Serbian capital Belgrade, specialist agricultural business Backa Sivac is a major food producer serving Serbia’s domestic market. Employing over 60 permanent members of staff, the company produces a wide range of crops including wheat, barley, beets, soybeans, sunflower and corn. Farm workers' safety Spread across 1450 hectares of privately-owned land, the extensive site features many warehouses, grain silos and mechanical workshops together with arable land and a pig farm. The safety of farm workers across such a large site is of prime concern for Backa Sivac. As is the security of the farm’s valuable inventory of mechanical equipment, fuel, fertiliser, seed and other materials that may be at risk in unattended buildings. Just as importantly, Backa Sivac needed to keep a close eye on the operational efficiency of farm processes to ensure that employees are performing adequately. Sony solution To help Backa Sivac streamline the efficiency and safety of its farming operations, Sony proposed a networked video security solution that provides round-the-clock monitoring of buildings, machinery and employees. Provided and installed by video security specialist and integration partner Star Master, the network of cameras gives farm management a detailed overview of activity across the extensive site – in all weathers and under any lighting conditions. HD video from each camera is transmitted wirelessly to Star Master’s centralised network monitoring and control centre in the Serbian town of Kula. Here, images from each camera are viewed on a large ‘video wall’ of 24 screens. This provides network operations staff with an at-a-glance overview of activity in all areas the Backa Sivac site, day and night. "With the help of our technology partners Sony and Star Master, we’ve been able to increase commercial efficiency in many areas, reducing illegal activities and also enjoying better visibility of assets and farming processes" A total of twenty SNC-VB600 cameras keep a watchful eye over employees and valuable equipment in warehouses, workshops and vehicle garages. The compact ‘all-in-one’ network camera delivers crisp 720p HD video coverage via its wide-angle lens. Its built-in movement sensor can trigger an alarm event or switch on the cameras’ integrated LED illuminator, a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves. With the addition of Sony´s SCA-S30 Outdoor Speaker, the camera’s built-in microphone allows two-way voice communication between employees in outbuildings and network operations centre staff. Four farm tractors have each been fitted with a pair of SNC-XM632 minidome IP cameras. Boosting employee safety, the compact cameras monitor activity in the cabin and at the rear of the vehicle. Developed specially for in-vehicle use, the rugged SNC-XM632 captures crisply detailed Full HD images via its wide-angle lens and sensitive, high-resolution Exmor™ CMOS sensor – even in low-light conditions where other cameras struggle to see clearly. Video is recorded directly onto removable SD memory card while the tractor’s in use. At the end of the working day, footage is automatically transferred back to base wirelessly for later analysis as required. Increased commercial productivity The arrival of Sony´s networked video solution has transformed commercial efficiency at Backa Sivac. The farm’s management team report better visibility of day-to-day operations, from accurate assessment of employees’ activities to monitoring of crop levels stored in warehouses. It’s estimated by the company that overall productivity has been increased by the equivalent of one hour’s additional labour per employee each day. More efficient deployment and monitoring of farm vehicles’ movements has also contributed to major savings in fuel costs. Further benefits include heightened safety and security for farm staff, with the discreet presence of cameras across the site helping safeguard valuable buildings, plant and machinery. In total, Backa Sivac estimates that its investment in networked video security across the farm estate has been repaid in just six months. Why was Sony selected? Sony network cameras offered an ideal solution for Backa Sivac, providing detail-packed video images with high sensitivity and low noise – an essential factor for efficient monitoring at dusk or in in dimly-lit conditions. Fitted in agricultural vehicles, specialist cameras like the SNC-XM632 offer the extra benefit of reliable operation in hostile outdoor environments where rain, extremes of temperature and mechanical vibration are encountered daily. Customer quote "Growth in our business has previously been impeded by problems like theft and poor productivity. With the help of our technology partners Sony and Star Master, we’ve been able to increase commercial efficiency in many areas, reducing illegal activities and also enjoying better visibility of assets and farming processes.” - Miladin Acanski, Director, Backa Sivac. Product list: 20x SNC-VB600 cameras 10x SCA-S30 Outdoor Speaker 8x SNC-XM632 minidome IP cameras

Sony video security solution monitors Loon Fung’s new Stratford shopping centre store
Sony video security solution monitors Loon Fung’s new Stratford shopping centre store

With over 40 years in the industry, Loon Fung has been providing oriental food to retailers, restaurants and cash and carry customers throughout London. In its new Stratford shopping centre store, opened in 2014, Loon Fung has installed a Sony video security solution to monitor its shop, warehouse and checkout area. Background When looking for a new video security solution for its Stratford store, Loon Fung made it clear that a robust video system was required which would offer the highest quality surveillance and monitor every angle of the premises. It was essential that the solution was discreet and non-obtrusive, but still capable of producing wide angle shots across the store to provide full coverage. The installation is a step forward for the wholesaler, which has migrated their video solution from analogue to IP to future-proof their security system, making it easier to use, whilst ensuring the safety and surveillance of the whole store. Challenges Retail environments require discreet security solutions, which offer the best quality images and coverage without intruding on customers and staff. Loon Fung also had to install a security solution which integrated seamlessly with the store’s existing fixtures, but captured activity across the full expanse of the two storey premises, covering areas including the shop floor, warehouse, office, kitchen and food production area. Sony solution Sony Clarity and Quality – 30 Full HD and HD Sony cameras were selected to monitor every aspect of the store, including indoor and outdoor mini-dome cameras. This included 12x SNC-XM632, 13x SNC-EM600, 2x SNC-EM602R, 1x SNC-VM600, 1x SNC-VM602R and also 1x SNC-HM662 360-degree hemispheric-view camera. Results A fully integrated, easy to operate system has delivered comprehensive security at Loon Fung. The separate streams by Sony’s cameras capture high definition recording without the need for a large powered server on the premises, meaning they can deliver multiple streams for monitoring whilst simultaneously carrying out motion detection throughout the premises. The IPELA ENGINE™ EX signal processing system and Exmor™ CMOS sensor used in Sony’s cameras mean that the images look clearer, sharper and more detailed. These technologies work together to provide easy to review, high quality video content in every lighting condition, whether in challenging low-light conditions or with harsh backlighting. Why Sony was selected "Loon Fung’s requirement for discretion and multi-area security made the combination of Sony’s mini-dome cameras the ideal option" Having established a longstanding relationship with Sound and Safe, an electronic security installation company, through prior work on other sites, Loon Fung trusted they would deliver not only the highest quality security solution, but one which would stand the test of time. Thanks to the depth of Sound and Safe’s industry expertise and knowledge of Sony’s video security products, the company was able to deliver a solution which perfectly fitted its customer’s requirements. This was achieved by implementing a system which integrated effectively into various parts of the premises, providing detailed video coverage of the entire site. The system not only secures the store and its contents, but also future-proofs the supermarket’s investment by delivering full-HD imagery at a competitive and affordable price. Quotes Derek Chan, Loon Fung commented: “When we were looking to upgrade our security solution, we wanted wide angle imagery covering every aspect of the store which did not intrude on our customer’s in store experience. Sound and Safe had recommended Sony’s cameras from the outset and helped navigate our move towards an IP-based future. Since installing the solution just over three months ago, we have been very impressed. The technology delivers outstanding image quality and brings with it a whole host of more flexible surveillance options that will support our drive for reliable 24 hour surveillance.” Jamie Merry, Sound and Safe says of the solution: “Having worked with Sony for many years, we remain impressed by the breadth and quality of its video security solutions which meet the high standards of a range of applications across various markets. Loon Fung’s requirement for discretion and multi-area security made the combination of Sony’s mini-dome cameras the ideal option. We have been working with Loon Fung across all of their sites, and Sony technology has been core to delivering the briefs and migrating the latest future-proofing surveillance systems.”