ASIS 2012 to have demonstrations from companies, such as Honeywell, Kastle Systems and Arecont, among others
Nine use cases will be demonstrated at ASIS 2012, including automatic discovery of equipment and systems

Leading security vendors will demonstrate the interoperability of their PSIA-compliant systems, including access control, intrusion detection, video, analytics and storage and physical security information management (PSIM), at ASIS 2012.

At least nine use cases based on new and existing PSIA specifications will be demonstrated at ASIS 2012, including automatic discovery of equipment and systems and a range of PSIM-supported functions that address access and intrusion edge devices.

In particular, the demonstrations will showcase PSIA's newest system-level specification, for Area Control. "Integrating the data from all of the systems under the umbrella of area control, from access control to intrusion detection and allowing easy integration with other security systems, provides users with much more powerful and intelligent security management," said David Bunzel, executive director, PSIA.

"The demonstrations will show how security is strengthened when the disparate systems found within the security ecosystem are able to easily exchange critical data and intelligence," said Bunzel

The following companies are scheduled to have systems and products in the PSIA demonstration:

Access Control: Honeywell, Kastle Systems, Lenel, Mercury Security and UTC

Video and Video Storage: Arecont Vision, Hikvision and IQinVision

PSIM: NICE, Proximex

Intrusion: Inovonics

This event will take place on September 11, 2012 at 3:00PM, Salon Room B at the Marriott Hotel, adjacent to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the main venue for ASIS 2012.

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