Vision-Eye H.264 video server package (with PC-DVR) from Kane Computing
Vision-Eye H.264 video server package (with PC-DVR) from Kane Computing

Powerful, state-of-the-art hardware-based H.264 video encoding, with OggVorbis audio resulting in smaller file sizes, lower network bandwidth usage and better-quality footage. Fully-configurable motion-detect recording with multiple detection zones, adjustable sensitivity and day/night motion compensation. Fully configurable recording and streaming properties.  Choose from QCIF (176x288) up to full D1 (704x576) quality video.  All cameras can be configured to record at one rate, stream across a network at another, and provide motion-jpeg images simultaneously. Flexible event-management system allows you to configure any number of actions to take place whenever a pre-determined event occurs.  Send e-mail containing JPEG snapshots or video/audio footage, play sounds or music files, or run programs whenever a given event occurs. Integrated biometric support.  Log on to the server using fingerprint authentication.  Devices from Digent and Suprema are currently supported. Integrated web-server.  Manage your DVR Server remotely from any computer with a web-browser. Unique Video-over-HTTP facility.  Using ActiveX control for Internet Explorer, live video can be streamed over a standard HTTP connection Integrated CD/DVD burning engine.  A CD/DVD can be created from within the server application for playback on any Windows PC. Full computer-controlled support for PTZ cameras using standard RS232, RS422 or RS485 protocols. Control HD consumption and storage across up to 8 HD partitions or network drives.

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