New: HD lenses with p-iris from Fujifilm

Product Profile

Fujifilm Europe announced the launch of new high resolution day/night Fujinon lenses with p-iris function for Security and Machine Vision applications.

Within the wide range of existing megapixel Varifocal lenses, 5 models are now available with p-iris: YV2.8x2.8SR4A-JA2L (f=2.8~8mm, F1.3) and YV3.3x15SR4A-JA2L (f=15~50mm, F1.5) for 1/2.7” cameras with 3 megapixel resolution as well as DV3.8x4SR4A-JA1L (f=4~12.5mm, F1.5), DV4x12.5SR4A-JA1L (f=12.5~50mm, F1.6) and DV10x8SR4A-JA1L (f=8~80mm, F1.6) for 1/1.8” cameras with 3 and 5 megapixel resolution. Thanks to high resolution and IR correction these lenses are best suited for day/night HD CCTV solutions, industrial imaging and traffic applications.

Especially suggested for traffic applications are two fixed focal length lenses for 2/3” cameras with up to 5 megapixel resolution. Both models HF35SR4A-JA1L and HF50SR4A-JA1L offer focal lengths of f=35mm and f=50mm as well as IR correction and p-iris control. Due to the high resolution of 5 megapixels and low distortion figures they are recommended for traffic control or number plate recognition.

About p-iris function: The p-iris (precise iris) is a type of automatic iris, that doesn´t offer just automatic adjustment of the iris, but also precise control of the aperture. The incorporated stepper motor allows positioning of the iris opening to avoid image defects that appear when the iris opening is very small (blurring due to diffraction) or very large (spherical aberration). In combination with the camera and the software the p-iris automatically provides the best iris position in all lighting conditions. The result is an increase in image quality: sharper images from the centre to the edges and a stable depth of field.

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Technical Specification

Make Fujinon
Manufacturer FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH
Model code HF35SR4A-JA1L / HF50SR4A-JA1L
Lens Type Fixed
Lens Format inches 2/3 inch
Focal Length mm 35 / 50 mm focal length
Lens Mount C mount
F-Stop F2.0/ F2.8 F-stop
IR Corrected (Aspherical) Yes
Direct Drive Yes
Additional info HF35SR4A-JA1L / HF50SR4A-JA1L is compatible with 5 megapixel P-iris cameras and is best suited for traffic applications. Iris type: P-iris.
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