Fujinon has developed compact and lightweight 32x zoom lens for day and night mega-pixel cameras

Product Profile

With the recent advent of mega-pixel cameras for day and night surveillance, there has been a growing need to capture more remote objects in higher resolution for better identification, as well as to conduct round-the-clock surveillance in high image quality with the combined use of a higher performance lens and a surveillance camera.  With 32x high optical magnification and the highest level of image quality in the industry, "D32x10HR" will play an important role in monitoring a harbour or an airport at a long distance or for disaster preventing surveillance at a dam or a river.

Functions and features

  • The world's first 32x high magnification zoom lens for mega-pixel cameras
    With our highly advanced optical technologies for high-definition broadcasting incorporated, it has achieved a breakthrough in high image quality as well as in high optical magnification of 32 times.  It is the first in the world for mega-pixel cameras among the zoom lenses with a high optical magnification over 20 times.
  • The highest image quality in the industry that allows easy identification of minute image details
    The highest image quality in the industry achieved with the lens allows you to clearly identify minute image details.  Combined use of the 32x optical magnification and the 2x digital magnification provides for 64x magnification and allows for easy identification of details of telescopic images.
  • The round-the-clock surveillance with sharp and high-quality images by day and night cameras
    Use of special optical glass coupled with our high-level optical designing technology brings an extreme reduction in axial chromatic aberration.  This feature offers sharp and high-quality images even on unexpected entry of visible light during near-infrared illumination. 
  • Bright images captured even in a dark place by the lens with special wide-band coating
    Fujinon's proprietary special wide-band coating applied on the lens assures sufficient light transmission even in the near-infrared area.  Bright images can be captured even in a dark place by combined use of a near-infrared projector and the lens, and sharp images can be provided at long range where the projector light can hardly be carried.
  • Small size and light weight allows for installation of a compact, long-range surveillance system
    The lens with 32x high optical magnification has been designed to have the same size as our conventional 22x zoom lens.  It can be installed in an existing compact housing, and helps build a compact, long-range, wide-area surveillance system for monitoring a harbour or an airport at a long distance or for disaster-preventing surveillance at a dam or a river.
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Technical Specification

Make Fujinon
Manufacturer FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH
Model code D32x10HR4D-V41
Lens Type Zoom
Zoom type Zoom
Lens Format inches 1/2
Focal Length mm 10 ~ 320
Iris Type Direct drive
Lens Mount C
F-Stop F2.5
Zoom Ratio x32
Direct Drive Yes
Angle (Field) of View o 35 x 26
Minimum Object Distance m 3
Physical Specifications Weight g: 2,500
Varifocal Yes
Additional info

Optically corrected 32x telephoto zoom lens best suited for day & night cameras.  For 1/2" ~ 1/4" cameras.  High resolution design, supporting up to 1.3 megapixel camera resolution.  Video auto iris. Iris override function allows manual iris adjustment.  Preset type available. 

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