Advanced PDA edition of NetVu ObserVer from Dedicated Micros

Product Profile

Dedicated Micros' NetVu ObserVer PDA Edition - which can be used on a Windows mobile platform - is designed to expand the range of CCTV viewing options available to customers of Dedicated Micros, particularly if they are on the move.

In operation, the NetVu ObserVer PDA Edition allows users, such as lone workers and first responders, to seamlessly connect to and view images, via compatible NetVu Connected DVRs, from any available cameras at any location where wireless coverage is available.  Combined with SMS Alert, it enables a faster response to incidents by mobile patrols.

Key features of the NetVu ObserVer PDA Edition include: MJPEG viewing of NetVu Connected DVRs and servers over wireless networks; live and replay viewing (including 'GOTO time/date') of images streamed from a DVR and PTZ and pre-set telemetry control of cameras.

Pauline Norstrom, Worldwide Head of Marketing at Dedicated Micros, comments, "The introduction of this version of NetVu ObserVer means that a range of personnel - using PDAs with suitable Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G network connections - security guards, caretakers and facilities managers will be able to safely monitor premises, wherever they are on a site, and assess potentially hazardous situations before deciding on the appropriate course of action."

A wide range of NetVu Connected DVRs from Dedicated Micros can be viewed and telemetry cameras controlled via the new PDA Edition of NetVu ObserVer, including - at the noted software versions and above - Digital Sprite 2 v 4.4 (015), BX2 v 4.4 (023), ECO 9/16 v 4.4 (036) and DV-IP v4.4 (015).

In addition to the PDA Edition of NetVu ObserVer working on a Windows Mobile platform, as a Java based software package it can operate in a Java Runtime Environment - such as that available from Esmertec - when this is installed on a PDA prior to NetVu ObserVer PDA.

Release 1.0.22 of the NetVu Connected PDA viewer is now available as a free download at

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Technical Specification

Make Dedicated Micros
Manufacturer Dedicated Micros
Model code NetVu ObserVer PDA
Software Type Management Software
Additional info Dedicated Micros NetVu ObserVer video management software allows users to seamlessly view distributed images from any "NetVu Connected" product, such as the New DS2 or DV-IP Server, from any moment in time, anywhere in the world.  Developed using DM's innovative SDK (Software Development Kit), NetVu ObserVer offers flexible site management from a single server to a large multi-site installation such as a town centre, hospital or campus environment.  Built-in MPEG-4 support provides simultaneous viewing of both JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams, allowing the user to optimise bandwidth usage on constrained networks.  The PDA version will run on any Windows mobile platform.
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