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In the last year, Quantum Secure has taken a leading role in promoting and providing predictive analysis capabilities
Quantum Secure saw remarkable growth in its customer base in 2015

A number of factors, including high-quality new products, a customer-centric approach to security, new customers and updates to its SAFE software suite, combined to make 2015 a very good year for Quantum Secure, now part of HID Global, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions.  

“2015 was the best year in our company’s history, spurred by the introduction of new technologies, record sales levels, strong partnerships and significant growth within a number of key vertical markets,” said Ajay Jain, Quantum Secure’s CEO. “Our SAFE software now manages more than 5.5 million identities globally, making Quantum the largest PIAM software vendor in the world.”

HID acquisition

Without question, the biggest development for Quantum Secure in 2015 was the company’s acquisition by HID Global in March. In acquiring Quantum Secure, HID took a significant step in enhancing its ability to create, use and manage secure identities from physical security to logical security domain. The combination of HID’s best-in-class technologies and global reach with Quantum Secure’s software suite helps end users – especially those in heavily-regulated industries such as finance, aviation and healthcare – streamline identity management, mitigate risk and ensure compliance. 

Customer acquisitions

Quantum Secure saw remarkable growth in its customer base in 2015, with more than 5.5 million identities managed by SAFE globally. This growth has been spurred by large numbers of new customers in the aviation, finance, government, high-tech, critical infrastructure markets, and a handful of Fortune 500 companies. Notable customer acquisitions in 2015 include Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Orlando International Airport, Richmond International Airport, Portsmouth International Airport, Bank of America, Capitol One, Credit Suisse, Shell, Florida Power and Light, Twitter, and Salesforce. 

SAFE Version 4.9

Reflecting the company’s commitment to delivering solutions with a customer-centric approach to security, Quantum Secure provided significant enhancements to the latest version of its SAFE Predictive Security Software. Among the many updates found in version 4.9 are:

  • Improved user interfaces designed to speed processing of visitors and provide self-service options to enhance customer convenience.
  • New predictive reports and dashboards for identifying behaviour anomalies to further strengthen SAFE’s predictive analytics and reporting ability.
  • SAFE Monitoring Agent, which tracks system performance and reports potentially critical issues and is used for detecting and/or monitoring system- or data-related issues and notifying appropriate individuals about critical errors that could impact the ability for SAFE to operate at optimal levels. 

Predictive security

In acquiring Quantum Secure, HID
took a significant step in
enhancing its ability to create, use
and manage secure identities from
physical security to logical security

In the last year, Quantum Secure has taken a leading role in promoting and providing predictive analysis capabilities within the security industry. Introduced at ISC West 2015, the software “connects the dots” by analysing data from a variety of security and non-security systems to generate actionable intelligence. With a clear understanding of security operations and risks, organisations can initiate preventive action to potentially thwart incidents before they can occur – moving security toward a proactive rather than reactive function. To further support analysis, the software includes automated, actionable responses which can help reduce costs, reduce insider threat and enhance compliance. 

Contractor management

To ease the traditionally challenging task of effectively managing contractor identities, Quantum Secure’s Contractor Management Portal enables facility administrators to streamline the physical access and provisioning activities of their contractors. The portal allows administrators to provide a self-service website for contractors. The portal also tracks approvals with the contractor’s customer for specific area access requests. This ensures faster access provisioning of identities enabling rapid changes in the access levels, and managing badging requirements in a cost-effective manner. 


Quantum Secure has continually sought to build relationships with leading security providers. In 2015 the company formed a partnership with Siemens Industry, Inc. Building Technologies Division. As an authorised value-added reseller of Quantum Secure’s SAFE software suite, Siemens is able to provide its global customer base with a high-performance enterprise-level physical security management solution that connects disparate security, IT and operational systems and reduces costs and risks by automating manual security processes. 

“We’re looking forward to carrying this momentum into the next year and beyond,” said Mr. Jain. We’re already working hard to ensure that 2016 will supplant 2015 as our best year ever.” 

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