Wavestore EVIS - A modular and user configurable application framework to manage integrated security systems

Product Profile

EVIS is an integrated security management software suite, designed to ease the workload on control room and security staff.  A single screen provides the ability to interface with a wide range of security systems, access control and building management systems.  It presents all of the controls in a friendly format to manage security applications in an efficient and effective manner.

Wavestore EVIS - Setup demo instructions

Seamless Integration

Designed to provide the operator with icon driven menus within an easily managed & responsive format, regardless of the size of the system being monitored

Design Simplicity

The user-friendly macro system is based on an open architecture (under password control) enabling the powerful and flexible configuration, event logging and alert sequences to be easily changed using low level programming.

Total System Flexibility

True flexibility is provided to enable the installer or system administrator to provide the correct level of access to all elements for each specific installation.

Multiple Network Bridging

Although designed to support the Wavestore DVR, hybrid and NVR product ranges, EVIS will network to legacy or third party recording systems, in addition to supporting a wide range of building management systems, access control and alarm interfaces.

Minimal Cost of Ownership

The installer or system administrator can quickly and easily change the configurations to support changing priorities for new or short-term requirements.

Multiple Platforms

EVIS can be installed and operated on a Windows, Linux or Mac platform.

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Technical Specification

Make Wavestore
Manufacturer Wavestore Global Ltd
Model code EVIS
Software Type Management Software
Additional info

The Wavestore EVIS software suite is an application framework to manage integrated security systems that use the Wavestore DVR with access control, building management and alarm management systems.  Its main objective is to provide a custom software solution for the end user which is totally flexible to meet all custom requests.  This is achieved by the use of a modular system and an intuitive macro system.

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