Wavesight - World class remote visual monitoring solutions

Wavesight - World class remote visual monitoring solutions

Wavestore’s technology partnership with Wavesight, a market leading manufacturer of outdoor wireless network communication solutions, provides users with an alternative choice to transmitting live or recorded images over cable or fibre.

Images captured by any type of security camera, including megapixel and HD, can be transmitted with low latency over distances of up to 60Km by Wavesight to a remote monitoring centre where they can be viewed live or recorded for future analysis via Wavestore’s video management software (VMS).

The combination of Wavestore and Wavesight provides an ideal solution for remote visual monitoring projects where the engineering and civil costs of laying underground cabling is likely to be prohibitive. Town centre and urban area surveillance applications, as well as mission critical environments such as oil, gas and water utilities, are just a few examples of where a wireless network transmission system can provide a cost effective solution. It also offers a rapidly deployable option for construction sites, public events, traffic management and police ‘hotspot’ surveillance applications.

Designed for professional wireless CCTV surveillance and Ethernet bridging applications, Wavesight’s wireless network solutions utilise a range of technologies, with a choice of licenced or licence exempt frequencies, which deliver transmission bandwidths up to 4Gbps where there is clear line of sight over point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links.

What's inside?

  • Wavesight wireless networking
  • World class visual monitoring solutions
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Seamless integration
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