Precision seismic detection through advanced digital signal analysis...

Product Profile

Showcased at IFSEC 07 by Siemens as part of its innovative products and technologies, the range of programmable seismic detectors is specifically designed for round-the-clock monitoring of safes, cash dispensers, night deposits, strong rooms and modular vaults.  Easy to set up on-site or remotely thanks to pre-programmed - yet customisable - application specific operating parameters, the detectors offer one of the highest detection ranges on the market, and are optimized for installation on steel, concrete and synthetic composite materials.

The combination of advanced digital signal processing and the patented SENSTEC™ bimorph sensor technology enables the structure-borne signals caused by mechanical and thermal attacks to be analysed and evaluated against a narrow frequency band, encompassing "threat profiles" of known attacks.

As a result, routine "noises" such as traffic or electromagnetic interferences are safely ignored, whilst real threats are reliably detected.  The alarm is triggered repeatedly during the attack, giving ample time for intervention before any intruder has managed to gain access to the valuables or serious structural damage is done to the safe or wall.  


  • Patented SenstecTM Bimorph Sensor
  • Digital signal processing for reliable attack detection    
  • Remote Sensitivity Control ensures functional noises (e.g. ATMs) will not cause false alarms
  • Mounting & Function Test for a safe installation
  • Continuous full-system self-test for high system reliability
  • SensTool software for customised settings and current detector information
  • Disturbance and clock filter
  • Event Memory
  • Tamper and back tamper contact for ultimate protection against sabotage

A full range of accessories is available to make installation even easier, which includes swivel mounting plates, floor and wall recess boxes, as well as anti-drilling foils and watertight housings for extra environmental protection.

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Technical Specification

Make Vanderbilt
Manufacturer Vanderbilt Industries
Model code GM770
Accessories Seismic detector
Electrical Specifications Power Supply: 8 ~ 16
Environmental Specifications Operating Temp oC: -40 ~ +70
Power Consumption 5 mA
Additional info

The low-profile design makes it easy to install. Predefined settings allow to be quickly set for all common applications.  Optional SensTool software enables modification of default operating parameters and monitoring of current detector performance.


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