City of Westminster College, London goes Keyless with SALTO Virtual Network Wire-Free Access Control System

City of Westminster College in the heart of London is working towards an ambitious programme that will see the campus become a totally keyless environment. To achieve this, the college has selected a SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) wire-free system.

The SALTO system was selected because of its unique ability to distribute card holder and system information to access controlled doors that are not cabled to any controller. This is made possible by using the card to upload and download information between on-line and off-line door. It provides an access control system that is not only effective and efficient but also considerably reduces the cost of ownership per door when compared with standard on-line systems.

Management of students, staff and visitors is crucial for the College. This would be the key application for the new access control system. The College’s vision is to have a true multi-application smart card environment, totally removing the need for traditional keys. As required cards can then be enabled for photo ID, cashless vending, canteen, library, on demand printing, use of lockers and more. If security is breached due to the loss of a key card, it can be instantly deleted from the system without the need or cost of rekeying or changing locks, saving the College time and money.