Compare HC60W35R2 with HD3MWIHX  (2)

Chip Inch Size
Colour Type
Colour / Monochrome
Colour / Monochrome
Resolution TVL
1280 × 720
Sensitivity lux
0 ~ 0.04
Digital (DSP)
12 V DC, 24 V AC, PoE
24 V AC
Focal length
2.7 ~ 13.5 mm
3.3 ~ 12
H.265, H.264, MJPEG
H.264, MPEG
Back Light Compensation
Auto Gain Control
White Balance
Electronic Shutter range
1/32000 ~ 1/30
1/30 ~ 1/87,000 sec
S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB
Signal Mode
Dome Type
Continuous Rotation
Rotation Angleso
360 pan, 180 tilt

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US Housing Authority increases operator productivity and reduces investigation with Honeywell IP-based video management
US Housing Authority increases operator productivity and reduces investigation with Honeywell IP-based video management

In existence since the late 1930s, the Trenton Housing Authority (THA) provides decent and affordable housing for low and moderate-income residents throughout the city of Trenton, New Jersey, USA. Its mission is to provide safe and sanitary housing for residents and to lead them toward self-sufficiency. For the past 30 years, the THA has served nearly 2,000 households. Today, the THA is an autonomous body that is chartered by the State of New Jersey, partially funded by the federal government and governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. The situation Previously, the THA relied on 11 unarmed officers patrolling various developments to maintain safety and security. Due to the prevalence of drugs and guns in the area, this was a dangerous situation for both the unarmed officers and the THA residents. As a result, THA officials sought to create a safer environment, where people could feel comfortable walking to and from their housing units, regardless of the time of day. Officials also wanted to provide officers with tools that could help them become more efficient and effective. To accomplish this, THA officials began by distributing an RFP to security companies with the goal of creating safer surroundings for THA residents and officers. After a careful ranking process based on a variety of factors, the THA selected integrator ComTec Systems, Inc. of Vineland, N.J. As ComTec employees began to address the needs and concerns of the authority, they realised the THA needed a full-scale security initiative, so they set about to design a unique solution. The solution Since the housing communities were spread across multiple locations throughout the city, THA officials sought complete convergence of all THA video. Officials also needed the video to be centralised so they could manage it more cost-effectively. "One of the challenges in our industry is gathering information from locations across an entire city and sending it back to one location. And how do you balance cost and technology effectively, so it works?" says Michael Vertolli, president of ComTec Systems. In response to these needs, ComTec designed a unique wireless network to transmit CCTV, access and other data to a command and control centre. The wireless solution proved to be especially economical, since it did not require putting fibre in the ground and trenching or digging up existing environments. A critical piece of the installation is Honeywell's MAXPRO® VMS - a unique video management system that bridges the gap between analogue and digital video systems. The benefits A critical piece of the installation is Honeywell's MAXPRO VMS - a unique video management system Using the facility’s existing video infrastructure, MAXPRO VMS collects, manages and presents video in a crystal-clear way. “MAXPRO VMS is ideal for a central command centre where multiple operators are required to view numerous cameras all at the same time,” explains Maureen Bruen, regional sales manager of Honeywell’s Video Systems. “For the THA, this solution enables the integration of all camera systems and provides a single user interface to manage the entire system.” Now, multiple operators can share incidents with other operators using simple drag-and-drop functionality. This increases operator productivity and, most importantly, reduces investigation time. The THA works closely with local police departments to solve any crimes that occur in their jurisdiction. With this technology in place, officials can make real-time decisions about investigations. Police can come to the THA command centre to view any criminal activity, and camera shots can also be sent to a desktop in a patrol car, further aiding investigations. The THA is extremely pleased with this powerful system. Since its implementation, crime has decreased, and illegal dumping and unauthorised use of certain areas has also been significantly reduced. Most importantly, the community feels secure, fulfilling the THA's mission to create safer communities for its residents. The products MAXPRO® VMS (video management system) Rapid Eye™ DVR ACUIX™ PTZ rugged dome HD4D true day/night mini dome WIN-PAK® SE access control UltraKey controller

Honeywell and Complete Security provide Wetrok with comprehensive loss prevention solutions
Honeywell and Complete Security provide Wetrok with comprehensive loss prevention solutions

  The Wetrok building which has now got the security services of Honeywell and Complete SecurityWetrok has been at the forefront of cleaning technology since 1948, providing customer satisfaction with a comprehensive range of products and services for professional cleaning. In March 1982, Industro-Clean and Wetrok signed an agreement which laid the foundation for Wetrok South Africa to become a significant player in the South African cleaning market. The head office is located in Honeydew, north-west of Johannesburg, and there are 11 branches across South Africa and a distributor in Namibia.The SituationThe business headquarters in Johannesburg comprises of offices, a training centre and warehouses; many of the products, including equipment, cleaning agents and consumables are stored both within the warehouse and externally at all times of the day. Cleaning products and consumables have an intrinsic value and a high resale value on the grey market.Until recently, to protect the facility and its valuable stock, Wetrok employed a basic CCTV system and contracted extra security guards for out of hour's surveillance at a cost of 7,000 rand per month. Wetrok experienced high levels of theft equivalent to one million rand, which increased every year and where the majority of theft was internal. Products were mainly being illegally smuggled out of the premises by passing the goods over the perimeter wall. In addition, the man-guarding service was not reliable. The incumbent CCTV cameras were either broken or the cables had been cut to prevent surveillance and detection, resulting in the monitoring company often consulting blank screens.A separate building used as a storage area was largely unmanned, which made it difficult to monitor activity and suspicious behaviour within this building. The facility does not have the capacity to house a security control room and there were no standard operating procedures in place for effective escalation of security incidents.The challenge for Complete Security was to provide a remotely monitored solution which encompassed state-of-the-art CCTV and access control, and would effectively reduce shrinkage, without compromising Wetrok's business operations.  Situations have become quite safe at Wetrok premises after being secured through Honeywell security systems The Solution Complete Security chose Honeywell Video Analytics software suite Active Alert as the basis of the loss prevention solution at Wetrok. "The Analytics suite was the key to Honeywell being chosen for this installation and it was easy to configure," said Sean Stirrat, Complete Security. "The ability to proactively deter theft from a remote location was critical in being able to satisfy the client's requirements."There are 12 channels of video analytics deployed through a dedicated server running Honeywell's Active Alert suite. A mix of analogue and IP cameras based around the perimeter and in key locations are connected to the analytics server. Honeywell EQUIP HD4DIPX and HCS544IPX IP cameras have been installed as part of the network enabled CCTV system. In addition, Honeywell HD4DX vandal resistant mini domes are deployed to maximise the hybrid functionality of the Fusion digital video recorder (DVR). In total, two 16 channel Fusion DVRs record 32 channels of video from across the site. Remote Client software has been installed at Complete Security's new control room to remotely monitor all analytics channels from the site.The Active Alert software greatly increases event detection accuracy while virtually eliminating false alarms and is used to full effect when monitoring suspicious behaviour. Complete Security's operators are alerted to suspicious behaviour along the perimeter before actual incidents occur. The individuals are initially challenged by audio warnings on-site, before the incident is escalated to a local security response team.  Video analytics software suite was the prime reason for induction of Honeywell in the Wetrok security projectThe Honeywell Fusion DVR enables security staff to monitor and record remote images using the Fusion Video Management Software (FVMS). This is particularly useful in the event of incidents requiring police intervention, such as theft. The Fusion DVR allows stills from a particular point in time to be easily downloaded and printed and these can then be used to aid the investigation of a crime or for evidence. FVMS allows multiple cameras from multiple sites to be viewed from a remote location on one screen at the same time. The operator can then digitally select any given camera view for closer inspection with the easy to use drag and drop functionality.In addition to the CCTV and Active Alert analytics systems, Complete Security also installed Honeywell NetAXS to control access to the warehouse. Again, eliminating the need for an on-site control room, NetAXS is comprehensively managed and monitored from Complete Security's own facility in a remote location. Thus, Wetrok does not have to worry about training and maintenance involved in locally managing the access control system and associated software. Complete Security maintains and administers the system using a web browser without having to visit the site.Honeywell OmniProx readers are used on the doors as part of the NetAXS access control system. OmniProx readers combine unique functionality, high-quality engineering and design - offering superb reliability and a consistent read range. Increased security functions like optical tamper and security fixings prevent unauthorised users from removing the reader from the wall or attempting to compromise the system.Importantly, Complete Security worked closely with Wetrok to define a set of standard operating procedures (SOP), based on the Honeywell technology installed. The SOP established a process for effective escalation of security incidents which was not previously in place. "The Analytics suite was the key to Honeywell being chosen for this installation and it was easy to configure," Sean Stirrat, Complete Security. Combined security solutions of Honeywell and Complete security have yielded positive results for WetrokThe BenefitsThe Honeywell camera and recording solutions, video analytics and NetAXS systems have combined to give Complete Security total remote management of Wetrok's on-site security. The client has saved the cost of having an on-site control room, plus the cost and training associated with having dedicated security personnel, particularly out-of-hours.Audio warnings following Active Alert alarms have enabled the majority of incidents to be prevented before they would occur. If the threat continues, then an appropriate security response is summoned via the standard operating procedure. A further benefit has been the use of the analytics system to check that security guards are conducting their patrols in a proper manner. Wetrok are able to verify that guards have been in certain locations at predetermined times. Wetrok has experienced a remarkable reduction in losses since the installation was completed. As a result, the initial investment in the security system was recouped within one year of its installation."The systems in place are working fabulously and the work done by Complete Security and Honeywell is excellent," stated Paul Wilde, Divisional Director, Wetrok. "Stock loss in now immeasurably smaller compared to our previous losses which were in excess of one million rand." "The systems in place are working fabulously and the work done by Complete Security and Honeywell is excellent," stated Paul Wilde, Divisional Director, Wetrok. "Stock loss in now immeasurably smaller compared to our previous losses which were in excess of one million rand."

Honeywell and BAM Techniek provide Ziekenhuis Amstelland Hospital with a safe and secure environment
Honeywell and BAM Techniek provide Ziekenhuis Amstelland Hospital with a safe and secure environment

Ziekenhuis Amstelland is a general hospital in the Netherlands that provides high quality medical care in a friendly environment and on a small scale, primarily to the residents of the Amstelveen region and to the Jewish community in particular. Following a large-scale new construction project that took place in 2009-2010, and with a major renovation of the old building during 2011, Amstelveen Hospital has transformed itself into a brand new hospital. In conjunction with this comprehensive project, security aspects were re-examined in great detail.  Even though the security already in place was good, the renovation and the newly built buildings created the need to reassess the entire security system. Additional areas had been added for short-term treatments, day patients and policlinic treatments. The number of operation rooms was expanded and more beds were added for intensive care and heart monitoring, as well as a specially designed acute emergency help area. This resulted not only in a significantly enlarged area that needed to be made secure, but also required security solutions to manage the expansion in the capacity to treat patients and the magnitude of the daily flow of people throughout the hospital. This resulted in the need for an optimised security system to safeguard personnel, patients, medicine supplies and the medical equipment becoming of vital importance. In designing the new security system, Amstelland Hospital called upon the expertise of BAM Techniek (Region Northwest in Benningbroek) - a Dutch installation firm that through years of good experience has become the preferred security installer for the Amstelland Hospital. "Why we chose BAM Techniek is actually very simple - they give good advice, taking into account future requirements" said Peter Karsman, Head of Facility Operations, Amstelland Hospital.  "As an example, they equipped the entire hospital with an IP infrastructure in 2003, which simplified the implementation of the new IP security solution." In this large-scale renovation, the primary need was the expansion of the camera system, as well as switching to an integrated IP security solution for inside the buildings and surrounding premises. The requirement was to register incoming traffic and to provide the most cost-effective way of monitoring medical areas, medical storage areas and expensive medical equipment. The importance of having a security surveillance system in place was already acknowledged in 2009 when an X-ray monitor valued at €30,000 went missing. The Solution For the selection of the right supplier, a tender was issued. "There are a lot of changes in the market, technology moves fast and we wanted to let our customer experience the differences in image quality" said Arjan Kleuver, Project Manager at BAM Techniek. "To do this, IP cameras from different suppliers were tested on location for a few weeks. The primary criteria in the selection of the right supplier were the transition from day to night, but the price-quality ratio also played an important role." For the test, Honeywell supplied the latest models of the Honeywell EQUIP® IP product range, namely the HD3MDIPX and the HD4MDIPX. These high definition True Day/Night mini-dome network cameras for indoor and outdoor usage are designed to deliver extremely sharp images with minimal bandwidth. "Not long after the trials had started it became clear that the Honeywell cameras were superior in the transition from day to night, delivered crisp high quality images, and exceeded their competition in price-performance ratio" added Karsman. In addition to the 90 Honeywell cameras, six Honeywell Fusion IV Network Video Recorders (NVRs)were installed with FVMS software. The powerful Fusion IV has the capacity to support up to 32 IP cameras and when combined, multiple Fusion IV NVRs can support hundreds of cameras, meeting the requirements of large-scale integrated IP systems like the one installed in Amstelland Hospital. "Honeywell cameras were superior in the transition from day to night, delivered crisp high quality images, and exceeded their competition in price-performance ratio" To complete the security system, the decision was taken to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition software (ANPR), which enables monitoring and number plate registration of all cars entering and leaving the building. By automatically logging the entrance time along with the car number plate, potential security risks can be managed with early warning alerts. The Benefits By installing the Honeywell high definition True Day/Night cameras for indoor and outdoor usage, ANPR software and Fusion IV NVRs with FVMS, Amstelland Hospital now has a robust integrated IP surveillance solution in place. This complete IP system is rarely seen in Dutch hospitals where analogue is often still deployed, despite the obvious advantages that IP offers such as cost savings, ease of installation and maintenance. For Amstelland Hospital the new IP system brought a significant improvement in efficiency gains. Thanks to the pre-installed motion detection settings, the cameras are only activated to record when motion occurs.  With the video management software, a site map can be preloaded, pinpointing the exact location where the incident is occurring. The Honeywell solution improves safety and enhances the quality of the information provided to security and reception personnel. In addition, the video management software makes it possible to preset a variety of user rights. This functionality is of crucial importance with regard to the Law for the Protection of Personal Data, and makes it possible to define who has viewer or data recapture rights for the recordings which ultimately are required to protect against illegal use of the images and guarantee the privacy of employees and patients. Choosing the Honeywell high definition cameras that require minimal bandwidth also enables substantial financial savings. The clear image quality and the problem-free transition from day to night registration ensure the continuity of reliable data collection and a good situational overview at all times. In the weeks following the installation of the Honeywell IP security solution, the system proved itself by capturing and preventing numerous break-in attempts and in solving a theft.